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Chapter 2: The Secret

Going for a 'date' with Hiccup nowadays are getting more and more difficult for Astrid. In the morning they were going for dragon training. In the afternoon comes the mission from his father for the academy. Even if there is no mission Hiccup will always find one for them. Astrid swears that life on Berk was getting more and more adventurous nowadays. Not that she hate it but she had been looking forward to spend some time alone with Hiccup. Just the two of them.

All Hiccup's attention was always towards what he deemed as more important and serious for Berk. Yeah, just keep on ignoring OUR matters. I will show you which one will be more critical for you. Astrid thought quietly to herself.

This morning she was on house duty to carry some bucket of water from the well near her house. On the way home from her last trip, she heard a woman talking with her child. The woman was handing to her daughter a plushie doll. "Here sweetie, I've finished your gift," said the mother.

"Wow, it's a bunny. Yay, thanks mom," her child was clearly happy for the gift she was given. Wow, her mother is really good at knitting, I guess. Astrid couldn't help but smile at such peaceful and harmony scene playing in front of her. It was times like this that she appreciated what Hiccup had done to changed the life on Berk. Speaking of Hiccup. Astrid was still trying to find a free time for both of them. This afternoon Hiccup had already planned on taking Toothless for a flight.

The next time I get him to myself, I'm not going to let anything getting in our way. Thought Astrid while carrying the last bucket of water to her home. Alright, duty is done. Anything else? … Nope. Let's go to the forge then. With that, she went straight to the forge, where Hiccup was doing his work.

Hiccup is concentrating hammering/modifying a new connecting rod for Toothless' saddle. The previous one had worn out the leather and fell off during the flight. Toothless speed had seemed to be really pushing the saddle skin too far. That's why Hiccup had to find a way to make them a new one, a better one.

When Astrid arrived at the forge, Hiccup barely noticed her presence. Oh, he's still working…let's just wait here then. Astrid was standing still at the forge entrance hoping that Hiccup will notice her soon. Unfortunately, Hiccup's back was facing her right now and he was still focusing in his work, hammering the metal rod.





C'mon Hiccup. I'm standing behind you..


Can't you at least feel my presence? Don't you feel my love behind you right now..?


Haven't you already bask in my essence in your bed already? Is it still not enough? Do you want more than that? Oh, Hiccup you horny. Astrid chuckles to herself at this thought. Anyone who might seen her must think she was crazy.




You must really like that metal rod more than me, huh. Even me standing close behind you like this failed to get your attention. Maybe I should stick that metal rod in your ass next time..

Out of nowhere Hiccup suddenly felt something cold and sinister behind him. Considering he was working in the forge right now, it was weird to feel anything cold here. But this cold air is choking and uncomfortable. Hiccup turn around and jumped, freaked out to see Astrid glaring at him. "Waagh, Holy God, A..Astrid. Hey, Hi.. Hi Astrid," 'greet' Hiccup to Astrid. "Wha..What are you doing here?"

"What?! Can't I come here to see you? You must be really having fun with that metal rod to consider me a nuisance," Astrid was still glaring.

"Me.. metal rod. Oh.. Yeah. It is a new connecting rod that I was making for Toothless' saddle," Hiccup's eyes lightened up, his face brightened mentioning this. Astrid knew that Hiccup is always happy inventing something new. It has always been his hobby. "This one will be lighter and shorter. It can help to make more flexible maneuver," he continued. As much as angry Astrid was, her mood softened at his adorable eyes now. This idiot.. How can I really be angry at him right now. He always looked adorable when he was talking to Astrid about his new invention.

"So you're making him a new saddle after this?" asked Astrid. She knew that she wasn't going to like this. It was going to take more of their time together now. But she knew it needs to be done so that Hiccup can fly with Toothless. She don't really want him to fall again.. just like from the last battle with the Red Death.

"Yeah, but I need to get some wire from the shop to knit them together properly"

Knit.. At this word, Astrid suddenly had an idea. "How about I get them for you?" she offered. Hiccup was surprised at this yet happy for her being helpful. "Just teach me how to knit in return." Now Hiccup was really, really surprised. He thought he heard this wrong. Astrid never do something girly like knitting before but he still agreed nonetheless. It was much better if he avoid teasing her about her new interest. He wouldn't want any broken ribs right now. With that Astrid was off to get him a wire from the shop.

Astrid was in a really good mood. Her planned worked perfectly and everything was going well. Even though she didn't get to have a date with Hiccup, they are still spending their time alone together, sitting close, enjoying each other company more often nowadays. Hiccup spends a lot of time teaching Astrid everything he knows about knitting. He felt happy to see that Astrid took his teaching well and with full interest. Both of them are enjoying this lesson for weeks.

Hiccup thought that Astrid was preparing something for their future, maybe. Maybe to make clothes for their baby.. or maybe a scarf for him in the winter. Hiccup blushes at the thought and smiles to himself. He was really starting to get so full of himself. He noticed that Astrid kept staring at him every chance she could get. From top to bottom. Day and night. But Astrid just remained quiet. He thought, pretty sure of himself that he was going to get a new clothes from Astrid and it was going to be a big surprised.

Remembering all of Hiccup features and adapting them into a smaller version was no easy task for Astrid. She was always dazed and caught dreaming every time she was staring at Hiccup. Forgetting the reason she was studying him in the first place. Hiccup, you're just so adorable and handsome. But she won't stop and will not let anything ruined her work. She made numerous trial and error in her secret little project. She wants to make a perfect version of this, she will not settle at a third-rate result. For weeks, she was making this in her room. Finally it was now finished. Everything was perfect. She doesn't care if people change their impression on her if they find out… Maybe she will just keep this to herself. There, laying on her table is her finished project.

A plushie of Hiccup.

Maybe I should learn some voodoo magic as well next time. Astrid thought to herself, smiling. She won't be so lonely anymore.

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