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Chapter 3: All about us

"Good job, Bud"

"Toothless. You okay, Bud?"

"I miss you too Bud"

These words keep replaying in her mind. Apparently, Toothless always won Hiccup's attention without even trying and Astrid began to wonder if Hiccup loves Toothless more than her. Astrid was alone in the forest as usual. She was currently venting her frustration by throwing her axe on the tree in front of her. Day by day her jealousy on Toothless grows more and more.

"GRRAAGH," shouted Astrid as she throws her axe again on the tree at the same spot. Her battle cry can surely scares all the animals away from her. The spot of her target can be seen getting worse by the destruction from the force of her axe's blade. She walk towards her axe while mocking Hiccup's, "Are you hungry bud?" She really hates it that Hiccup seemed more affectionate to Toothless more than to her. "Are you kidding me? I'm the one who's 'hungry' right now"

"What is so good about that giant, black scaly beast anyway?" instead of going for her usual distance away from the tree to throw her axe, she just stand in front of it, holds the axe with both hands and began rapidly hacking the tree with such a strong force.







"What makes him so SPECIAL anyway?" Astrid screamed to no one. As if all her frustration had been vent out of her mind, she drop herself and sit on the ground. She was now quiet and taking the time to observe the fallen tree, chopped down by her. She was thinking deeply at her question.

.Of course. Of course Toothless was the most special to him. That dragon changed Hiccup's purpose in life. He acknowledges Hiccup's friendship first before I do, long before ANY of us do. Astrid began reflecting her past. Her fault. She had always liked Hiccupbefore but she just brushed off that feeling for she saw him as failure for a Viking. But she does like him before. He was such a gracious loser. It's just that she was ashamed to acknowledge her feelings. I only began to admit myself wrong about him being a failure of a Viking when I saw his eyes. When he insists to keep everything about the dragons' nest and Toothless secret from their tribe. That green eyes filled with determination to protect Toothless. Yes, Toothless. When he boldly choose to show all of us the truth about the dragons in that arena.

..What am I being jealous about? I'm like an idiot. Astrid, you're only bold enough to admit your feeling after he won against the Red Death. At this painful truth, Astrid really felt disgusted with herself. Looks like I don't really deserve him after all. Astrid smiles sadly at this thought. She brought herself up and began walking away from the forest. Even though it is painful, she admitted it and regret it that she was acting like a jerk to Hiccup.

Suddenly, Astrid felt dizzy. Her vision felt like spinning and her head hurts. She wondered if it was because of the sun's heat or her activity today. Tired? or ..the sadness of the truth between her and Hiccup. Before she can pull herself together, her vision blackened.

Astrid slowly opened her eyes and look up at the ceiling. Her body felt comfortable and she realized that she was lying on… a bed. Someone else bed. Last known place she was in was the forest and ..fading to black. Right, she was unconscious. She looked around to see herself in a room that seemed familiar. She remembered this room. It was Hiccup's room. Last time she was here was to stay over for six days and night after the Heather incident. She smiles at the memory of Hiccup sleeping happily beside her. Speaking of Hiccup…

"You're awake?" asked a voice that was unmistakably belonged to Hiccup. Astrid turned to the said boy and saw him coming up to her. Hiccup sat on the chair beside the bed to keep her company. "Toothless saw you lying in the forest unconscious. What happened?" Hiccup looked worried. Astrid looked at the corner of the room and saw Toothless sleeping. ..Thank you, Toothless. Thank you.

"…Ugh. It is nothing. Just a mild nausea, that's all" said Astrid trying to hide what just happened from him.

"Are you sure? This never happened to you before"

Hiccup looked really concerned on her state. Astrid gave him a gentle smmile. You are so kind. It was one of these about Hiccup that Astrid really liked. So much different from the other Viking. So unique. For once, she felt like telling him everything but she couldn't bring herself. She was still scared of losing him. She just looked back at his worried face and stay like that for like an hour. Looking into each other's eyes.

Astrid really enjoyed getting lost in those eyes of his. She put her hand on the other side of his face to caress it, "I'm sorry, Hiccup". Hiccup was confused by this. "I'm sorry," she repeated. He could see Astrid smiling but it was a different one from when she was usually happy. This one looked… sad. Hiccup grab her hand on his cheek with both hands and gave her his look that shows how much he cared for her.

As if understanding what Astrid had been thinking all this time, he began, "Astrid, please.. don't leave me" They just keep on looking in each other's eyes. "I know that I don't deserve you before. In the past I've always liked you for your beauty. You are so beautiful than the others." Astrid remained quiet and kept on listening intently. "I was always trying to get your attention. I want to show the others that I can get myself a girlfriend like you."

"It was foolish of me. I felt like a jerk to be blinded by your beauty alone. I never looked carefully at the other side of you. All of your qualities. All that makes you… Astrid. All that makes you special to me," Hiccup continued. "When I lost my father. My tribe. And my best friend…. When I go back to being useless..," at this memory, tears began to well in his eyes. Hiccup bit his bottom lip to hold himself together. "You came to me. You gave me courage. You help me find myself. You help me get the others back. And you help me defeat the Red Death. You bring back everything to me. You gave me so much more."

"Astrid, it was then that I realized that there's more to you than just your look. All about you. What makes you special. And it was important to me. It makes me acknowledge this feeling that…" Hiccup stopped for a moment and took a deep breath. "I love you, Astrid". At these words, Astrid sprang from the bed and pull Hiccup close to a hug. Astrid was crying. Crying from happiness. She holds Hiccup tight, never wanting to let go. Hiccup brought his arms around her to hold her close as well. He buried his face on her shoulder before kissing her neck.

"Thank you, Hiccup. I love you too." Astrid pulls back herself and put both hands on either side of his face. Astrid pulls Hiccup into a deep kiss. A very passionate kiss. She was truly happy that she had a very special place in Hiccup's life. She is his love.

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