Hello again everyone. Here again with Chapter 4. This time it is in first-person format from Stoick's point of view. I hope this chapter will be fun for you guys. So.. on to the story.

Chapter 4: I Knew Something Is Up Between Them.

Ever since I gave my son, Hiccup, and his friends the Dragon Training Academy, my work had started to become even better. Stocking up the village main storage with a month supply of fishes no longer take three or four months. My son was very smart to use our dragons hunting ability to help us find and trap more fishes in the ocean. He even made it easy to round up the horde of yak and boar into their house. I had to say my daily work schedule had improved a lot. I even got more free time nowadays. Relaxing times.

Of course, Hiccup doesn't always get the time to help us as he needs to train more dragons in Berk. Otherwise, the dragons might bring unexpected trouble instead of helping us. At night, I always saw him adding new information to their Book Of Dragons. I am very proud of my son. I really hope that he will someday can take over my position and be a far better chief than me. I am pretty sure that he also had that quality of leadership. If only his mother can witness her son growing up as well…

It was not long since Berk had its Thawfest yesterday. Even though my son lost in that game, he put on quite a fight to the Jogerson boy. In fact I'm not even disappointed with his lost. Somehow I felt that Hiccup purposely lose that final race.. Tonight Hiccup also went to make more revision on the book.

Tok. Tok. Tok.

Ahh.. Of course. That must be Astrid. She always stops by our house at this hour. I open the door and greet her. "Hi, Chief. Is Hiccup inside?" said Astrid.

"Yes, he's up in his room. You can come and see him. Get inside," I invited her. She thanked me and went straight to Hiccup's room upstairs. Ever since I saw her kissing my son after he woke up from his battle with the Red Death, I realized that there is something 'fishy' going on about the two of them. Even before that while Hiccup was still unconscious and recovering, Astrid always came to visit him. I clearly remember that I saw them both kissing again in some occasions before. Like during the Snoggletog or that Thawfest. They must be in love with each other.

Astrid told to me that she wants to study or revise their academy's previous lesson about dragons with Hiccup every night. Hiccup mentioned to me before that Astrid was very competitive and also smart as well among the teens. So I guess I can believe her. It seems to me that Astrid is his right-hand woman in the academy. I admit that Astrid sometimes does proven to be very helpful and reliable to handle any dragon-related problems around Berk. Hiccup do agreed to help Astrid with their revision like tonight. But I doubt if that is all there is to it.

When she's in his room, I usually took chance to eavesdrop in their conversation. I swear that sometimes they talked in low voice as if trying to avoid me hearing their talk. That tone of their voice.. they're too gentle for a normal talk. Kind of like the tone of voice between two lovers and not just friends. Just like when I was talking to Hiccup's mother in our.. Ehm, sweet moment, hehe. Sometimes I could hear them giggling. And sometimes what seems to me like a sound of smooching. Ooooh. They did it again. They have a lot of nerve to make out while I am still in the house. Revision, eh? Yeah, right.

The next day, my son went outside to meet Astrid at her house. He was grinning like an idiot. God knows what is in his mind. There is not much to do this morning, so I just peek out from my window and watch my son. I saw him holding something like a box as he went to the direction of her house. He takes a deep breath before he knock at her door. Hmm.. I guess my son must be trying to give something to her for him to be this nervous. I remember how nervous I am when I tried to give Valhallarama a present. We were both young back then and I always tried to impress her. I guess Hiccup is the same.

Wait.. where is Hiccup? Did he get inside already? Damn, I was too lost in memories. Oh, Valhallarama, if only you could see our son growing up.. You used to play and took care of Hiccup. You gave him your mother's love. You are a much better parent for Hiccup than me. It was difficult for me find out what Hiccup really need before. However, I still tried my best to give what is best for him. Now another trouble comes in.. He is in love. What advice do I have for my boy?

I remember that I am a little bit.. pervert when I was young. When me and you, Valhallarama, had our first kiss together, I couldn't stop thinking about you. Every little detail of you started to catch my attention. Your hair, the way your hips swaying, your voice, smiles, your eyes, your… breasts.. and the list could go on. I imagined so many scenario of the two of us together in a very.. perverted way. Now, as a parent I shouldn't encourage my son to be a pervert, should I? No, I should teach him to be a gentleman Viking. That's it.


Whoa. Did I just heard Astrid shouting? Wait, now I see Hiccup burst open the front of Astrid's door and start running away quickly like his life depends on it. His run look poorly clumsy with that prosthetic leg. Poor Hiccup. What the Hel just happened? Soon after, I see Astrid now shot forth from the house. Damn, that girl can really run fast. Hiccup is gonna be in trouble.


"IT'S NOT WHAT YOU'RE THINKING, ASTRID… I SWEAR." Hiccup answered between his ragged breath. Poor Hiccup. I should have give him some counseling first before.. and training as well. Then Hiccup do that weird dragon call that I recently heard about, "AWOOOOO". As if by magic, I see Toothless from God-knows-where-he-have-been-to-all-this-time ran down towards Hiccup. Quickly, Hiccup rides Toothless and fly away. Wow. That dragon call is pretty cool.

"I CAN DO THAT AS WELL," Astrid screamed. "AWWOOOOO". By Thor thunder, now I see a horde of deadly nadder going after Hiccup and Toothless. THAT WAS TOTALLY AMAZING. I should learn this dragon call next time. Damn, this girl is really something. She can do so much more than Hiccup. Better than Hiccup in some way and.. scary. Valhallarama, I remember how you used to be so scary back then.

Now this really looks like an epic fight. Astrid's nadders shoots countless volley of fire at Hiccup and Toothless but they manage to evade every single one of them perfectly. That amazing skill at flying maneuvers and that speed, it was a spectacular show. Even the villagers down below is now cheering for my son including myself. Astrid ride with Stormfly and closing in fast on her target. So that was her plan, her nadders volley of fire were not to harm Hiccup but to disrupt their speed and slow them down. She then uses this chance to catch up to Toothless speed. Wow, that girl really is very smart and formidable. Hiccup told me before that recently her Stormfly is gradually gaining more top speed in the academy almost catching up to Toothless.

She is now flying very close behind Hiccup, I mean VERY CLOSE. Then she… WOAH..DID ANYBODY ELSE SEE THAT AS WELL? She just JUMPED off from Stormfly and SNATCHES Hiccup from Toothless and both are now falling together into the forest below. She really can be a stuntman, er, stuntwoman. Boy, looks like Hiccup got himself one psychopath girl. Stormfly immediately grab Toothless by his tail as he can't fly without Hiccup. While falling Astrid makes another dragon calls and her nadders fly fast towards both her and Hiccup to save them. DAMN, that was a really spectacular show. All the villagers down below are now applauding to them and cheers for them. Hahaha.

Damn, girl when they are losing their mind can give you nightmares. That Astrid must be in her period. I wonder what is inside that box that my son was trying to give her. Or should I leave it to their privacy? I remember experiencing Valhallarama's wrath before. She chased me around the island at a speed that I never saw before while she was holding an axe in each hand. She caught me peeping into the girls' lake. I thought she was there taking a bath but she on the other hand thought that I was cheating on her. It took me a very longest repeated apology and explanation to keep myself alive. Not to mention lots of promises with her that I have to think of to soothe her wrath. I was scared shitless. By now, Hiccup must be having a real trouble with Astrid now.

After like an hour, I see Astrid came out from the forest with Hiccup holding each other's hand. Wait.. what? What just happened? She is now snuggling to Hiccup's side and they act lovey-dovey. All the villagers looked confused and surprised by this. Again they give the couple a big round of applause and cheer them. I can even hear some of them teasing my son; "Hey, she is smiling wide. Did you just show her your thing?", "What just happened? Did you two do it?" and much more dirty jokes that leaves my son blushing. Ignoring the audience, they both once again enters back Astrid's house. Even until now, I still don't understand women and their swinging mood. I wonder if my son feels the same.

At night, Hiccup came home with Toothless. Boy, he looked too beat up. Strange thing that he looks happy. I can see his face smiling and dazes off to his room. Not even a greet to me, I must be just a stone or a doll in this house to him now. I can hear him talking happily with Toothless about Astrid and laughing alone like idiot. Did I look like that when I was in love with Valhallarama before? Bah, whatever. As long as my son is okay. Sigh, I missed my younger days with Valhallarama.

How's that? Just take a guess of what is inside that box that Hiccup gave to Astrid. Not that I will tell you anyway... for now. Maybe I will give you guys the hint by the next chapter.

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