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Sorry for the late update. I really need to revised the story again and again. Sometimes my idea could be so lame and make the character too OUT. There's some glitch in the previous chapter. The story is intended to take place after the Thawfest, Hiccup and Astrid wouldn't have learned the dragon call yet. ...Nah, who cares. This is just a fan-fiction anyway.

This next story takes place around the previous chapter as well but with more explanation on Hiccup's side. I will divide the story into two chapters, part 1 and 2.

Chapter 5: What she wants part 1

Ever since the kiss that they both shared at the end of the Thawfest game, Hiccup couldn't stop thinking about repaying Astrid a favor. Any favor. Anything. It is time for him to do something for Astrid as well. If only Astrid was the one to 'spice up' their relationship, she might start to think that Hiccup was too boring for her. Hiccup couldn't risk letting that possibility to occur. He loves Astrid. The only problem was that he didn't know what he can do to make her happy. After all, girl can be too unpredictable. But at least he thought that there might be something that he can help her with.

So when Hiccup goes on a date with Astrid the night after the Thawfest game, he took the chance to find out anything that can make her happy. Unfortunately for him, girl's way of communication can end up in riddles. The answer that he got was too vague. His question was simple, "Is there anything that you might want to achieve but find it difficult for you?" Astrid gave a hard thought for a moment before she answers it. What Hiccup expects from Astrid was one or two phrase or even a sentence but clear. Yet..

"…I think that what a Viking girl wants to have. You know, I always thought that my size and looks had yet to develop for a proper battle." Size? Looks? "If I can achieve them, I might kill two birds with one stone as well" Okay, I'm totally lost now. Astrid can see the look of confusion on her boyfriend's face. "Does the Bog-Burglars story ring any bell?"

"Eerm, no"

"…Okay. Forget it"

And so her hint just ended like that. Astrid had told Hiccup to forget it however he wouldn't give up that easily. He really, really wants to do something for her this time. As soon as Hiccup went home from his date, he kept replaying her words in his mind and tried hard to figure out her 'riddles'. Size? Look? Bog-Burglars? He kept pacing along his room and it got Toothless attention. He saw his rider seems to be troubled about something. If only they could speak the same language, Toothless would gladly help his best friend. Unfortunately, they couldn't. Hiccup slept late that night.

In the next morning, Hiccup asked his father, Stoick, about the Bog-Burglars. Though puzzled by his son's sudden question, he told him a little about them nonetheless. His father explained that his years of dealing with several Viking tribes as the chief of Berk had helped him to know a lot of people. He learned that Bog-Burglars was a group of all-female Viking lead by their chief the Big-Boobied Bertha. At the mentioned of the name Big-Boobied Bertha, Hiccup raised an eyebrow. Big-Boobied? What a weird name. The weirdest fact from his father about this woman was that she was known for her boobies that had killed before and many smaller animals had suffered in their depth. How's that possible? That's crazy.

Size? Look?..! Then it finally hit him. He finally figure out the hint that Astrid was trying to tell him.. or so he thought. Hiccup ran out of the house to the forge with Toothless following him from behind. "I've finally found it, bud. I know now what Astrid really wants," Hiccup said to his dragon while holding a small piece of cloth. It was a cloth traded from Trader Johann. The cloth was made from the silk of caterpillars. The reason why Hiccup had them was he wanted to make a new dress or a new piece of cloth for Astrid for her birthday in the future. But now, his priority was to help Astrid to achieve 'that'.

"What a Viking girl wants. Size and look. Of course, it is 'that'. I heard about it before, bud" Toothless just kept on listening to his friend with no clue to whatever it was that he talked about. "Girls care about their look a lot. Heheh, I don't really care about it actually. Even if she doesn't has 'that' I still love her " But then again, if she has 'that', she would look absolutely gorgeous. Hiccup was blushing from the thought. He was actually chuckling to himself that Toothless find it weird he thought Hiccup was sick. "Even if this doesn't work, there is still that 'method'," Hiccup said smiling wide and blushing even more now at the same time. Toothless tilt his head looking confused with his friend's expression. Giving up, Toothless just moved to find comfortable places to sleep in the forge.

It was the first time for Hiccup to work on something like this. He felt like some kind of stupid pervert. If the entire village heard about this, his father would be ashamed of him and cast him off the island. Or maybe Astrid might kill me before that. No, no it can't be. She's the one who want this, right? Now Hiccup was fighting with doubts and fear that fill his head. There might be a slight possibility that he was figuring it out the wrong way. Only slightly but the possibility is there and that itself can already shook him trembling for the worst. Nah, I'm overthinking this too much. Didn't I manage to solve Hamish's riddle before? Yeah, I'm absolutely right.

That night, Astrid came alone to Hiccup's house as usual to study with him about that earlier day's lesson from the dragon training. Fishlegs had always been a bookworm so he can always study by himself. Ruffnut and Tuffnut had always hated reading. The same goes for Snotlout especially if it involves Hiccup. That, however, were all the reasons that Astrid came with when Hiccup ask her why the others didn't come as well to study together. Whether they are true or Astrid just wants Hiccup all to herself, no one knows.

"Snaptrapper. Just like the Zippleback, it's a dragon with more than one head. Four, actually." Astrid try to recollect the information that she had read about the dragon as she answered every questions that Hiccup throw at her.

"Correct. So what do they like?" asked Hiccup.

"They love rain and enjoy splashing iiin.. the mud. Just like a… like a…." Astrid hate this moment when she forgot another fact that she had just read.

"Just like a plant, Astrid. Like a plant. Plants need water to live and damp areas"

"Yea..yeah. Like a flower. Oh god, I hate forgetting things I've just read."

"Hey, no worries. You did very well actually. You answered every question correctly." Hiccup stands and walks towards Astrid. "Actually, even I couldn't get a perfect score. Not even Fishlegs." Astrid smiled at his compliment on her and gave a light punch on his arm.

"You know, we learn a lot about most dragons from Bork's Dragon Manual. Yet we haven't met most of them," said Astrid trying to change the topic.

"You know what. That could be a good idea. We can go to find the dragons in this book next time for our training."

"Just be careful with their honey trap," Astrid smirked. "You know that Snaptrapper could attract you with its sweet smell"

''I wouldn't worry about that. After all, I have Toothless," his arm gesturing to the direction of his dragon that was currently sleeping on his(Toothless') bed. "Plus I have your help as well," said Hiccup while looking at Astrid, "Speaking of which, I can't help but noticed that you smell kind of sweet. What is that?"

"Oh, you noticed. It was this something called 'oil perfume' that I got from Trader Johann," Astrid explained. She was really glad that Hiccup finally took notice. It was one of her effort to get more of Hiccup's attention. Although, she kind of worried of how girly she had become. She really needs to check on herself next time to make sure of her Viking qualities. "What do you think?" asked Astrid with low voice almost pleading to Hiccup.

"Well, it's sweet. It smells really good," Hiccup simply compliment on Astrid and still remain oblivious of her intention. Hiccup really had a hard time to figure out a girl's train of thought generally, Viking or not. Invention and dragons might be his only forte, maybe for now.

"And?" asked Astrid hoping to pull out something from the back of Hiccup's mind.

"What?" Astrid sighs at her oblivious lover.

"Between me and the Snaptrapper, who do you think will be more sweet," Astrid looked teasingly at Hiccup. He was now flushing red with her bold question. How would I KNOW that? As much as Hiccup preferred with a logical answer, Astrid was not letting him the situation for that.

"I..uh.. You. Of course, it would be you" he answered awkwardly. He looked nervous and didn't looked too convincing to Astrid. So she decided to push him further.

"Why?" she asked while moving closer to Hiccup. Oh no. Think Hiccup. Think. Astrid was holding her arm around Hiccup's neck while looking at his green eyes innocently. Although Astrid cheek was flushing red from her bold action, she hides it really well. Hiccup looked away awkwardly and tried his best to think fast. She likes to tease him this way and enjoy his adorable eyes when he was acting awkward.

"Uumm.. well.. there was once people said, that the one you love most is the sweetest for you," Hiccup just randomly made that up in hopes that Astrid would buy it. "And not just by her smell, she can give you the sweetest memory or life as well," Great, what kind of Viking would said that, Hiccup? He knew that he was going overboard now.

However, Astrid's eyes brightened and she was clearly blushing because of his words, "You..you mean it?"

"Yeah, of course."

"You love me?"

"Of course. I love you, Astrid." Hiccup was blushing profusely now by his confession, not that he hate it though. With this confession, Astrid lock her lips with his and kiss him passionately. Hiccup was surprised, he didn't expect Astrid to do this in his house while his father was STILL downstairs. "Mmngh.. my father.." Hiccup trying to warn her, his lips trapped between Astrid rapidly attacking kisses.

"I don't care. Now kiss me," said Astrid desperately between his lips and goes back to kissing him. They moan quietly not wanting to alert anyone in the house during their make out. They really do enjoy each other's kisses so much that night.

The next day, Hiccup readied himself to bring the gift to Astrid in her home. Alright, here goes nothing. You can do it Hiccup. It's time to pay her back the favor. It's your turn now. "What do you think, bud? I didn't look to beat up, am I?" asked Hiccup at Toothless. Toothless simply gave him his gummy intending to laugh at his look but Hiccup takes it the wrong way. "I looked fine? Really? Thanks bud. You gave me the confidence that I need." Sometimes Hiccup just interprets his message the wrong way and it really annoys him sometimes. Watching his rider now leaving the house, Toothless goes out by the window and into the roof to watch over his friend who was walking towards Astrid's house. He took a deep breath before knocking at her door.

Tok. Tok. Tok.

The door was opened and Astrid came into his view. "Hiccup?" she looked surprised at his sudden visit. "What brings you here?"

"Hi, Astrid. Umm.. you know I bring you something today," Hiccup's heart was beating fast. Astrid looked happy that Hiccup suddenly wants to bring her something. "Can I come in?"

"Yeah sure, of course." Hiccup gets inside as he got her permission. "What is that box?" her eyes were now looking at the box in his hands which she assumed to be that 'something' that Hiccup mentioned.

"Do you remember that time when I asked you if there is something that you would like to achieve but difficult?" he tried to bring back the memories of their previous date. "And you mentioned something along the line about ..size, the Bog-Burglars.."

"Yeah," Astrid's eyes now brightened with hope. She imagined that Hiccup had gotten for her what she needs. But one question remained in her mind, what is in that box?

"So I got you this," All right, here you go. Hiccup's heart was now beating fast as he gave her the box. Astrid carefully took it from him and opened it. She always knew in her heart that Hiccup was one intelligent boy and deep down he was gentle and innocent as well. But right now as she opened the box, her image of that Hiccup was.. SHATTERED.. as she find that 'something' inside was…

..a BRA.

to be continued…

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I've read original book series of HTTYD. Only book 1, 2 and 3 so far though. It really was different but very interesting as well. Though I still preferred the cartoon Hiccup 'cause he has different way of being smart and likes to invent something (like Tony Stark). I really loved his new improvement on Toothless' saddles. That lever look like the gear brake used to lock Toothless tail fin, the stirrup now on the right foot and I really love his new flight suit as well. So.. yeah I like the cartoon Hiccup more. But the book is good too. I planned to buy book 4 and so on..

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