A/N: Welcome everyone to my latest KP story. I'm quite excited to be doing this one as it's been an idea I've had for quite some time. I hope everyone enjoys it. And don't worry. I haven't forgotten about my other works in progress. They're just taking a little longer to do. The usual disclaimer, I don't own KP no matter how much I'd love to. Now let's get on with the story!


There were two guards on duty at Zeon Chemicals. The pair kept their eyes on the security screens diligently. However, despite their keen eyes glued to the monitors, the pair was quite bored.

"Anything on the screens?" one guard asked as he took a bite of a donut.

"Nothin'" the other guard replied before sighing "Sometimes I think this job is too dull".

"Tell me about it" the first guard agreed "Where's the excitement that comes with guarding dangerous chemicals like what they've got here?"

Unbeknownst to the two guards, a small orb rolled into the room. A second later, it released a cloud of gas that filled the room, knocking the two guards out instantly. The moment the cloud dissipated, a group of figures appeared out of nowhere, half of them at least seven feet tall and burly and the other half four feet and skinny.

One of the smaller figures approached the console of the security monitors and began pushing buttons. In an instant, the cameras were deactivated, leaving the plant in the dark. With no eyes on them, the figure gave an okay motion to one of the large figures, who picked up one of the unconscious guards, carried him over to the large steel door and placed his hand on the security scanner, unlocking the door.

Behind the door was a hallway with a McHenry laser grid that reached from one side of the corridor to the other. With incredible speed, agility, and reflexes, the figures jumped and ducked the beams without being touched. Upon reaching the other end, one of the figures discovered the control panel for the grid next to the doorway and pressed the emergency shut off button for the beams so that getting back through the corridor would be easy.

The figures were now in the main vault which housed the plant's most dangerous chemicals. Searching the room, they soon spotted their objective: a large crate labeled Experimental Substances. Walking over to the crate, one of the large figures demonstrated incredible strength by hoisting the box upward. With their target in hand, the figures went back through the corridor; the last one activating the twenty second reactivation delay on the laser grid before running like crazy down the hallway. It made it back to the other side with the others just before the beams reignited.

Only a few things left to do before their mission was completed. The figures closed and relocked the door to the vault while the one that had turned off the cameras reactivated them. Finally, they placed the guards back in their chairs. All in all, it looked as if there was never a break in, and it would be awhile until anyone noticed the crate was missing. Before the guards woke up to even notice the figures were there, they were long gone.


At Bueno Nacho, Kim and Ron were eating their usual order, back from their day of college in London. It helped that they were able to drive there in a flash and back thanks to Kim's car.

"I gotta say, KP" Ron was saying as he ate his naco "It's amazing how far one came come in such a short time".

"Really?" Kim asked with a smirk as she dug into her salad.

"Yeah" Ron said with an enthusiastic nod "I mean, here I am, a young man on the cusp of entering the real world, going to a prestigious school with my dream girl, and I'm actually doing good in my classes".

"Well, it helps that you're actually doing work in them" Kim commented "But you're right. You have come a long way since high school".

"Yeah, and I gotta say, I'm very lucky that it happened this way" Ron went on "I'm just thankful that London had sent a scout to that last football game I had in high school and they liked what they saw".

"Yeah, good thing we found out about that at the last minute" Kim added "Otherwise, I was worried I'd be going to college without you".

"Likewise, KP" Ron said "It would've tanked to go through this part of life not at your side".

"Very sweet, Captain Ronmance" Kim replied fondly.

"It comes with being the Monkey Master".

"Well, Monkey Master" Kim said smirking "What are your plans for tonight?"


"Well, looks like I'm going on a mission" Ron commented dryly as the Kimmunicator beeped.

"Uh huh" Rufus agreed as he continued snacking on nachos while Kim answered.

"What's the sitch, Wade?" the redhead said her almost catchphrase.

"We got a hit on the site" the tech guru replied "There's been a break-in at a lab".


A few hours later, Kim and Ron were standing in the center of the main vault of Zeon Chemicals with its head scientist.

"So, there's no way of knowing who broke into the vault?" Kim asked the scientist.

"I'm afraid so" the scientist said "The thieves deactivated the cameras so there was no way of seeing what happened. If not for the stolen crate being missing from the inventory list, we wouldn't have even known there was a robbery".

"Whoa. A perfect heist" Ron commented "That's a rare occurrence".

"Looks that way" Kim said as she did a sweep with the Kimmunicator "I'm not picking up any clues. Whoever did this was smart about it" she turned back to the head scientist "Do you know what exactly was stolen?"

"Some experimental chemicals that deal with brain fluids" the scientist explained "They could be quite dangerous in the wrong hands".

"Well, that's obvious" Ron pointed out.

"We'll keep an eye out" Kim said "If we find out what happened to them, we'll let you know".

With that, Kim and Ron were on their way out of the plant, while at the same time, contemplating their latest mission.

"There's no telling how many of our enemies would love to get their mitts on those chemicals" Kim was saying "But this heist seems too complex for any of their henchmen to pull off. Not even Shego is this subtle".

"You don't suppose HenchCo is starting to make henchmen smarter, do ya?" Ron asked.

"I hope not" Kim said "It would take away the easiness of beating them up if they were a combination of brawn and brains. However, it's a lead worth tracking". She then called up Wade. "Wade, we've got a major mystery here. Seems the goons have taken a competence boost. Do some digging and see if any villain we know has traded up their henchmen. Also, see what you can learn about uses for chemicals that effect brain fluids".

"That might take some time, Kim" Wade responded "Still, I'll let you know when I have the results". With that, he signed off.

"KP" Ron sighed as he and Kim reached the Sloth "I don't know why, but something tells me that this mission is going to be a doozy".

"You know what the freakiest thing is, Ron?" Kim asked as they got into the Sloth and drove off "I think you're right".


"A job well done, my minions" the shadowy figure said to its henchmen as they presented it with the box of chemicals "It won't be long before our objective is in hand".

From deep within the lair, laughter that sounded like hooting and screeching could be heard.