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"You're stressing again."

Derek rose from where his head was smashed on the desk, eyes locking with the menacing gaze of his sister's.

Fucking Laura.

He wanted to ignore her- wanted to ignore her so bad, but she had an incessantly annoying way of still existing when he didn't want her to. He lowered his head back to the desk to wallow in his despair, desperately trying to will the woman standing in front of him into a parallel universe. Or, better yet, will himself into a world where he didn't make the horrible decision to take the helm of his family's business.

"C'mon Der-bear, cheer up."

Derek rolled his eyes even thought she couldn't see them. It was an eye-roll of epic proportions, probably one of his best, and he willed her to at least feel how intense it was. He heard her steps coming closer to her desk and he clenched his teeth.

"Do you need me to make a little call for you like I did last time?" She asked. Derek could hear the evil seeping from her tone. The last time he had agreed to let her help him relax he found an inebriated prostitute in his office that had knocked over everything on his desk.

"Fuck you," he muttered, voice muffled by the cherry oak.

"Now see little bro, that's called incest, and I'm not entirely into that. But I could find someone that looks like me if it helps."

Derek groaned and raised his head to take in her appearance. She had done her hair nicely today, soft, loose curls that danced around her shoulder. She wore that tight red blouse that was supposed to show off some of her best attributes, and a knee length black pencil skirt. She had a smirk that could rival the Cheshire Cat on her lips, chocolate eyes twinkling.

"Still trying to get the new intern's dick I see." Derek stated, face stoic as he tried to rile her up. He should've known better than to expect an immediate reaction- through their entire life Laura had been working on her bitch routine, and she had it down pat by now.

"At least I'm getting dick, Derek. C'mon, you're gay, aren't you supposed to be bending over every boy you see?"

"Now you're stereotyping."

"Stereotypes exist for people to live up to them! And Derek I gotta say you're doing a horrible job for the gay community."

Derek scowled.

There were three light knocks at the door. "Did I hear someone speaking of bending over boys?"

Derek and Laura groaned in unison as they watched Peter waltz in slyly from his position by the door. He gave a lecherous smile, shooting a glance at both of them.

"Are you not happy to see me?" He asked in faux-hurt. "And here I thought I was making your day."

"Your creepy ass knows better than that." Laura stated frankly. Peter pouted, stormy eyes twinkling.

"Is that any way to talk to your favorite uncle, Laura? You know, I changed your diapers, you should really be more grateful."

"Yeah and you probably got off on it you sick bast-"

"What do you want, Peter." Derek said it more as a statement than a question, effectively cutting off Laura with a glare. She rolled her eyes. Peter smiled and sat on the edge of the desk, turned to Derek.

"Well, your most trusted financial advisor is here to say that quarterly reports are due soon, and the Alpha's from the board want to come in and check in on how everything is running with the Hale's."

"You mean they're gonna try to make Derek their bitch again?" Laura asked, lips twisted into an annoyed snarl.

"Oh, well, I would have never put it in such crude terms," Peter said, an evil glint in his eyes. "But yes. They're coming to try and… bend you over, so to say."

Derek sighed. He had inherited Haltech Industries from his parents- they ran a successful business of supplying specialized computer components, software, hardware and a few other items to export to various factories across the nation and even some global. His father had built the business from the ground up, started as a computer programmer and eventually began a business in trading, mixing his two passions to create Haltech in 1957. Since then it had grown an incredible amount and continued to thrive. It wasn't one of the superpower in the technology market, but it could most definitely make its way up there with the big boys with time. He inherited the business when his father died a few years ago, following their mother who had died of lung cancer. His father had been training him since he was young to not only take over the business, but the pack also. Now he stood not only as CEO of Haltech industries, but the Alpha of the Hale pack. And the other, significantly older Alpha's accepted Derek's authority with reluctant observation. Which was why they intended on checking up on him so often- waiting for him to screw everything up so they could dive in like vultures for the leftovers.

"You're stressing," Peter said in a sing-song voice.

"At least we agree on something." Laura added.

"Laura, did you specifically come into my office to annoy me? Don't you have, oh I don't know, a job to do?"

Laura crossed her arms. "You think just because I'm your assistant you can boss me around?"

"No, I think I can boss you around because I'm not only CEO and your boss, but I'm your Alpha as well." He flashed the Alpha red of his eyes in a tactic of intimidation. Laura only scoffed. "Go back to trying to suck Barry's dick, or he might find someone else to."

Laura scoffed and turned around dramatically, strutting out into the hallway muttering something about ungrateful little brothers. Peter's eyes trailed her departure before he turned to Derek, a mischievous smirk on his lips.

Derek groaned at the look. He didn't like interacting with people in the first place, so who did he piss off in order to get the most irritating family members on the fucking planet?

"You want something else." Derek stated matter-of-factly.

"Maybe I just wanted to spend a little time with my favorite nephew."

"Cut the crap, Peter."

"You young people today have no finesse," Peter said with an oily voice. "None of you are masters in the fine art of manipulation."

"You told me about the reports, what else could you possibly want?"

"Well…" Peter said, trailing off and pursing his lips. "I think we need a new addition to our little family…"

Derek raised a brow. "Our pack."

Peter gave a few quick claps. "Alpha Hale gets the question for 300!"

Derek rolled his eyes again. He was almost sure that by the time this conversation was over they would be rolling from their sockets.

"And why," Derek asked, taking a breath before he finished the question because he was almost sure that he would regret asking it. "Would you possibly think that."

"Because we're all a little stressed, doing different things here and there, we never really have pack time anymore."

"Since when have you cared about 'pack time'? We're big enough. We've got Erica, Isaac, Boyd, Scott and Jackson."

"A total of eight people in a pack does not a strong Alpha make, dear nephew. The other Alphas would respect you if the pack was bigger."

"So you want to recruit more wolves? No."

"You haven't even listened to me yet, don't reject my idea."

Derek stared at his uncle for a long time, but the man wasn't going to move until he had spoken.

"Fine. What?"

"What I'm suggesting isn't a wolf… well, not completely."

"If you don't clear your vague ass up in the next five seconds-"

"Pack bitch." Peter said, triumphant smirk on his lips. Derek paused.


"Pack bitch," Peter said redundantly, as if that would help clear things up. "I know you know what they are."

"I can't believe you're actually suggesting this," Derek said, shaking his head.

"Oh, come on Derek. Look, I think we all need a little R&R, yeah?"

"This isn't happening."

"You know having one helps strengthen the bonds in a pack."

"I said no."

"And the Alpha's would get off your back if they knew you could produce an heir, Derek."

The comment managed to stop Derek in his tracks, but his scowl was still firmly intact.

Peter smiled. "Since you're not so ashamed of your attraction to the same gender-"

"I was never going to hide my sexuality."

Peter ignored him. "The Alpha's would calm down if they knew you could actually have someone to take over the company."

Everything in Derek's soul was protesting the idea. He knew about Pack bitch's- they were sort-of-kinda-but-not-really werewolves. Their role in the pack was almost purely sexual but they were never seen as whores or sluts because what they did was something most packs cherished. Not only did they provide an outlet for aggression and the pent up energy most werewolves tend to have, but they were like fertile, baby producing machines. They had a natural motherly instinct, it was like second nature to them. They were not only used to make the pack bigger, but to provide a way for male wolves that had no significant other to reproduce. Derek himself had nothing against them, hell, Derek's father had given their existences accolades in the thousands.

Having one would hurt his pride- did he really need one to make a stronger pack? Then there was the embarrassment of actually searching for one; it was almost desperate. The reason they were so prized was because of their rarity- you had to have a certain type of blood. It couldn't just be anybody. The chances were better since humans could be turned into bitches by the same method as if turning one into a full-fledged werewolf, but even then the chances of the human being receptive was slim.

"Just think about it Derek. You and… your pack," Peter said, a glint in his eye that betrayed a selfish desire. "Could have a nice, warm, fertile hole to sink into. You would stop stressing, you'd have an heir, pack bonds would get stronger, and you get a nice piece of ass along to top it all off. You could put an ad out, get a nice boy, and let nature take its course."

"I can't just do that, Peter."

"And why not?"

"You know the rules! If we get one then every male in the pack has to impregnate him at least once."

"Still not seeing the problem here."

"Scott? Boyd? They're in relationships."

"Is that seriously what you're worried about?" Peter asked, leaning closer. "You and I both know that's not a big deal. A one off to impregnate some boy won't do anything to their 'blossoming' relationships. Erica knows the rules, she'd be perfectly okay with it. Hell, knowing that girl she would probably endorse it and make Boyd tell her all the details later. And if that Allison girl needs to be filled in she'll just have to deal."


"And it's not like they won't enjoy it! I know I would. Sex is sex, whether boy or girl- which, doesn't really matter in this case. If you get a boy the change will take care of all the required equipment."

Derek ran his hands over his face.

"You don't have to worry about Laura, Erica and Allison. Pack bitch's are pretty much exclusive to male use, and I'm sure they're all too prim and proper to deal with such happenings anyway."

Derek groaned and turned around in his chair, facing the windows that looked down on the city below him. He heard Peter sigh.

"I'm going to take that as a consideration. Just remember, there are virtually no drawbacks and that the only reason you're ignoring me is because you can't find a reason to say no. But anyway, I'm off to the tasks of financial advisors. I'll leave you be."

Derek heard Peter's soft footsteps slowly fade out of the room, a scowl on his face as he listened, but what he didn't see was the smirk on the older man's lips.