Title: Lost in your Eyes

Pairing: Dean x Castiel

Rating: M for nudity, mild language, smut, and violence and Mpreg warning

Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatual

A/N: I admit it... I support Dean x Castiel... So I'm writing this. It's been a while since I last wrote yaoi so please excuse the fail. And I like Mpreg! It comes later in the fic don't worry

Dean sighed to himself as he flipped to the pages of the book he had in his lap. He and Sam were doing research... Again...

"Sammy I doubt there's nothing on this guy!" Dean groaned and Sam looked to his brother frowning.

"Well we need to keep looking. We need to do research on this Slenderman guy..." Sam said as he threw a book at his brother. Dean sighed and threw the book back.

"I need a beer..." He got up and went to the fridge grabbing a beer, than handed one to his brother. Sam thanked him and Dean sat himself down again. After a few hours Sam got up sighing heavily.

"I'm going to ask that family about the event again.. So we understand what's going on instead of it being a cheap Creepy pasta story." Sam frowned as he left. Dean waved as his brother went out.

"Careful." He sad as Sam left. He than laid back and drank he beer. Hearing the familiar sound of feathers and looked to Castiel. Who looked nervous. Dean gave a worried look.

"Dean..." Castiel said.

"What's wrong Cas?" He asked standing up and sat the beer down. The angel looked up sheepishly and than played with his sleeves. Like he always does when he got nervous, "Cas?" Dean repeated and Castiel spoke sheepishly.

"I want to perform what the pizza man was performing to the babysitter..." He said and Dean rose a brow, puzzled a moment than he dropped his jaw.

"You... Want to have sex..."


"Than let's take you to the st-"

"With you."

"Um... W... Wait what?" Dean asked in total shock. This wasn't like Castiel. Of course he was blunt and obvious about what he was wanting he always was. But this? This was new. He watched the angel play with his sleeves again. He couldn't help but think it was cute on how the angel's cheeks flushed red. Sighing heavily he texted Sam quickly and than tossed his phone onto Sam's bed and crawled ontop of Castiel who laid himself on the bed. Puzzled on why the older Winchester was crawling ontop of him. Panic filled him when the male started to kiss his neck.

"Ahh! Dean! What are you...?"

"It's okay Cas... Relax." He said purring, causing the male to melt almost instantly as he gripped Dean's shirt. As Dean moved his hand down Castiel's body he nipped and kissed Castiel's neck. Moving up to his jawline. The feeling of the angel's whiskers felt wonderful on his own face. By instinct Castiel parted his legs a bit and Dean smirked.

"Ohh submissive aren't we?" He teased and Castiel looked up his blue eyes filled with lust.

"This is what the babysitter was doing."

"Dude forget about the babysitter." Dean groaned and undid Castiel's pants and pulled them down along with his boxers. Shoes being shoved off as well Castiel panicked and looked up to Dean, his tie loose and backwards as usual, his trench coat and blazer off his shoulders, his shirt still done all the way except for two buttons. Dean liked what he saw and grabbed at Castiel's tie after removing his shirts, licking his lips. He never done a guy before but he was excited to do so, why? Because his first guy was no one else but Castiel. And he was going to take Castiel's virginity.

"Is there anything you want me to do Dean?" Castiel asked looking up to the male. Dean thought a moment and than smirked.

"Yeah actually.. Undo my pants." Dean command and not much to his surprise Castiel did as told. Undoing Dean's pants, Dean than pulled his pants and boxers down enough to expose himself, a hard on just from looking at Cas's body, "Now put this in your mouth and suck it."

"Why?" Castiel questioned taking Dean into his hand.

"Just do it.." Dean frowned. Castiel decided not to question again and took the other into his mouth. Dean moaned a bit and looked down at the angel. Who started to bob his head, "Shit..." He moaned and moved the trench coat back, moving his hand to Castiel's behind. The angel flinched when Dean's fingers brushed against the entry but rocked his hips as a plead since his mouth was filled with the Winchester's cock. Dean licked his lips and pressed a finger into the angel, causing a groan out of Cas. Almost biting down to the new feeling. Removing his mouth of a stream of saliva and precum connected to Cas's mouth and the head of Dean's erection caused Dean to stare at the hot scene before him. Damn he wanted to fuck him already. He laid Castiel down after removing his finger and looked around for something to make it easier to enter him. After finding some Vaseline, god knows why they had it clearly wasn't for anything sexual. He went over to Castiel and the angel looked confused Being laid on his back and Castiel gave a puzzled look as Dean took off his tie and undid his shirt.

"What are you doing?" Castiel asked.

"Preparing you." Dean explained and put some Vaseline on his fingers and rubbed it gently around Castiel's entry. The angel bit his lip a bit at the cold lotion like substance. Biting his sleeve as Dean thrusted his fingers inside of him. Dean noticed that Castiel was growing hard and he rose a brow.

"Hey Cas. Put your free hand around this." He gestured to Cas's growing erection and Castiel did as told, Dean than smirked, "Now massage it." He said and Castiel did as told, gasping with the tip of the sleeve in his teeth. His cheeks flushed red. Dean just looked at the male a moment.

Castiel laid there as he masturbated before him. The trench coat's sleeve in his mouth trying to muffle his moans. Legs parted and his long thick lashes touching his cheeks. Oh yeah that wasn't erotic what so ever. Dean continued to prepare Castiel till he felt loose enough. Removing his fingers the angel looked up his blue eyes glew in lust. Dean swallowed a bit. Than lubed up his erection than positioned himself at Cas's entry.

"You ready?" He asked and Castiel nodded Dean nodded back and than slowly entered the smaller male. Who arched his back and his shoulders arched, must have been his wings reacting. As the lights flickered Dean saw Castiel's wings, not as a shadow, but legitly there. They were fluffed up in lust. Like a bid when they got mad. all puffed up. As the lights settled Dean than began to slowly thrust. Cas moved the sleeve out of his mouth and wrapped his arms around Dean's neck. His eyes filled with lust and his cheeks flushed red. Dean blushed slight and held Cas's legs apart and thrusted quickly. Causing the bed to squeak under them and the angel to cry out in pleasure. Laying his arms back and grip the sheets tightly as Dean thrusted into him.

"A... Ahhh~... D... De..." Castiel struggled to moan, Dean rose a brow and pulled out to be a tease, the angel gave a disproving look to the hunter. Who removed Cas's shirt, blazer and trench coat, so he was only in a tie, kissing his neck Dean looked to the angel.

"You want more?" He asked. Castiel nodded and moaned in pleasure. Dean could have sworn he felt Cas's feathers.

"M... More... Please.." Cas begged and Dean nodded and moved Castiel on top after lying himself near the headboard, his head on the pillows. Cas looked down at Dean than worriedly below. Dean sighed a bit, this is what annoyed him but he tolerated it. Moving the angel down his cock and Cas's eyes widened in shock of being filled again. His legs on both sides of Dean's body, legs spread before him. Dean licked his lips as Castiel rocked his hips. His hands on the sheets gripping them tightly. Dean thrusted his hips up as he moaned. Castiel gasped as his erection twitched, causing the male to sit up straight and rock his hips that way, moaning.

"Dean~!" Castiel moaned loudly, Dean moaned a bit, loving the way Castiel moaned his name as he thrusted upwards. Hands wrapping around Castiel's hips.

"Castiel...~" Dean moaned as he laid his head back, eyes closed. Castiel panted and sat his hands on Dean's navel. Panting heavily at the feeling, face filled with pleasure. Dean felt a breeze against his hit skin looking to Castiel, black wings twitched as they couldn't decide to be open or close. Fluffed and twitching as Castiel rode him. Dean didn't mind, knowing Cas was an angel, though seeing them was quite nice. Gasping a bit he laid his head back.

"D... Dean... I-I can not take it anymore...~" Castiel pleaded. Dean sat up and wrapped his arms around the smaller male and thrusted quickly and roughly. Causing the male to cry out in pleasure. His wings twitching more. Dean continued thrusting and whispered in Castiel's ear lustfully.

"Come for me..~" He purred and Castiel gasped and almost clawed into the male's back, tightening around Dean and came heavily, the milky fluid spattered all over himself and Dean. Dean moaned and held onto Cas as he ejaculated inside of the angel. Castiel's wings laid flat and the lights stopped flickering.

"Dean I'm back." Sam said and rose a brow. Seeing Dean and Castiel laying in the bed. Giving a puzzled look, "I don't wanna know what happened..."

"Don't ask than." Dean frowned. Looking at Castiel who was laying on his chest. As Dean gently laid Castiel on the bed carefully, he was fully dressed, though Cas wasn't. He sighed.

"Let's just say... He wanted me to do something for him."

"Good thing you texted me saying 'two hours'." Sam sighed and held up a bag, "I got us some food." Sam said as he set up the small table and looked over. Seeing Dean gently kiss Castiel's head. He couldn't help but smile. Dean looked to his brother and frowned.

"What?" He growled.

"Nothing." Sam shrugged.

"Thought so.."