Title: Lost in your Eyes

Pairing: Dean x Castiel(Some Sebriel)

Rating: M for nudity, mild language, smut, and violence and Mpreg warning

Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural

A/N: Fun fact, John wasn't supposed to be born till chapter 22... Oops

It's been a week since John was born, Gabriel has been visiting Sam and brought the baby for everyday. And Sam was still recovering from the c-section ad operation. His body was so weak from it he was hooked up to so many machines it upset Gabriel. Sam didn't want to be recovered though. He wanted to recover on his own not wanting to risk anything. Respectfully Gabriel didn't heal the new mother. Gabriel sat in the rocking chair by Sam's bedside. Holding the little bundle in his arms. Seeing their son's messy chocolate hair. Gabriel laughed a bit looking to Sam.

"He has so much hair.." Gabriel said, Sam smiled and nodded.

"Yeah.. He does.." Sam reached out and allowed the infant to grab his mother's finger. Gabriel smiled and watched the two. Gabriel didn't like that Sam was hooked up to an IV or these tubes up his nose. Gabriel sighed heavily catching Sam's attention.

"Did they say what the damage was?" Gabriel asked and Sam rose a brow.

"Damage?" Sam asked and looked at what he was hooked up and sighed, "It's just unstable breathing and torn rectum. But that was stitched up." Sam assured, "I'll be okay though. That's resolving stitches."

"What about you..? Your soul..?"

"Gabriel are you still on what Metatron said three months ago?"

"And you're not?" Gabriel rose his voice a bit, "You're not worrying about dying..?"

"I am worried Gabe.. But right now that's not what we should be focusing on.. Our attention should be on John." Sam stated and Gabriel sighed more, "How has he?"

"Fussy.." Gabriel laughed a bit, "But he's been good. He knows who everyone is too.. So that's good."

"Has he been sleeping okay?"

"That's really it.. He can't fall asleep well unless he listens to something. Dean takes him and drives around a bit and he falls right asleep in the impala. He loves the sound of it." He laughed as he handed the infant to Sam, who cradled the baby. John cooed recognizing Sam's voice as he spoke to him. Gabriel smiled as he watched the two sitting in the chair. After a bit Gabriel spoke again.



"I love you." Gabriel said flat out and Sam's face flushed and he didn't know what to say.

"I.. I love you too.." Sam said sheepishly, he did love Gabriel. But saying it? Oh my god woah.

During the past couple weeks was finally the small wedding. Dean sighed heavily as Charlie messed with his suit a bunch of times. Sadly Castiel had to wear just a somewhat nice outfit due to his pregnant belly and being so close he didn't want to risk anything. And no matter how much he refused Balthazar talked Castiel into sitting in a wheel chair. One child is one thing but two is another. Castiel had to talk Dean into letting his best friend being a best man.. If Charlie can be the man of honor. And Jody was the maid of honor, Gilda got to be around as well. No one knows how but they love her. She got to be brides maid. So two brides maids and two groomsmen. Simple enough. Sam said he'd be there even if he had to drag his iv rack with him. And Chuck.. Chuck said he'd be there definitely. Chuck asked if Gadreel wanted to preform the ceremony. And happily Gadreel agreed to do so.

"Dean stay still!" Charlie pouted, she was already in her suit and Dean was messing with his tie. He was nervous!

"Shush... Seriously I'm just.. Nervous.."

"It's okay.. I'm really happy for you. And for GOD to agree to this? That's fucking awesome! Too bad you can't bang on your wedding night."

"Well... Cas said once he's healed after having the kids he'd give me a surprise." The two elbowed each other laughing as the door opened showing Jody.

"You okay Dean?" Jody asked as she came up fixing his shirt collar.

"Yeah.. Just.."

"He's scared."

"Not scared... I got butterflies." Dean glared at Charlie. Jody laughed and patted his shoulders.

"Well think of it this way; one day you're gonna be there for your daughter's wedding." She gestured for the two to follow, seeing at the alter Gadreel frantically flipped through the book he was given. He didn't get why chuck didn't wed Cas and Dean but whatever. Chuck walked over to Gadreel and smiled to him.

"How's everything?" Chuck asked, Gadreel looked around, everything seemed normal. Or right; Sileas was sitting with her uncle Sam talking about school. Gabriel was sitting with John in his arms and Charlie was staring at the cake... Yup that's normal.

"Everything is arranged as planned." Gadreel said and Chuck nodded, "Must you go get Castiel?"

"Yeah, he has to get into a wheel chair. I'll be back." Chuck said and walked to Castiel's hospital room. Once he made it Castiel just finished getting into the white night gown Gabriel talked him into dressing in. Chuck smiled and went over to Castiel. In Castiel's hair was a hair band, no one knows why, and they decorated the wheel chair Cas was going to be in. Chuck crouched before the angel before him and took his hands.

"You look nervous.." Chuck mentioned and Castiel looked to Chuck sighing shakingly.

"I'm scared my water will break during the wedding..." Cas admitted and Chuck placed his hand on Castiel's belly, "I used to be able to walk carrying Sileas but with these two.. Ha.. I can barely stand.."

"I'm sure you'll do fine. We can rush the ceremony if needed."

"Are you sure?"

"Of course I'm sure! I'm God!"

As the ceremony began and the doors opened the wedding began. Gadreel stood in the center of the alter and Dean stood on his right. By Dean's sides Balthazar and Charlie stood. Balthazar didn't really judge by Charlie being in a suit but whatever. On Gadreel's left was Gilda and Jody. Chuck pushed Castiel in his chair through the isle and the small bazaar family had their wedding. It wasn't long till Sileas was officially a Winchester as well as Castiel and the children he carried. It was a peaceful celebration. Cake was shared and Chuck got to hold his latest grandchild. It was shockingly peaceful. Dean went over and sat next to Sam who watched Gabriel and Chuck coo to John with a Grandma Jody not wanting to share. Dean looked to Sam.

"You okay?" Dean asked. Sam looked over and nodded and creased his brow.

"Yeah.. Why you okay?"

"I'm fine. I'm married, my kid is happy.. But.. Everything is so.."


"Yeah.. It has been for years.. No hunts, nothing.."

"... I think the monsters now of Sileas.. And scared to get involved... Metatron may be trying to get in some how.."

"I thought Chuck put him under witness protection."

"Maybe... I don't know.. But what I do know.. Is we got to do something about Sileas' powers.." The brothers looked to Sileas who was dancing with Balthazar laughing. Dean sighed and ran his fingers through his hair.

"I'm glad she hasn't had a freak out yet.."

"Thank god..."

"So what do we do now?"

"... Be ready.."