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It had only been two days since he found out. At first, he didn't even believe it, I mean who would? She only spent every waking moment telling him how her every encounter with him was antagonizingly annoying. His laughter had faded when Raven's cheeks turned a deep burgundy. Starfire noticed as well and placed a hand over he mouth.

"Ohh, I fear I have revealed to much, friend Beastboy, please forget what I have just told you!" She begged hopefully. Before he could even turn to look at the alien, Raven's deadpan overtook. "It's fine Starfire. The damage is done." She surveyed the room with dead eyes. Cyborg was flushed and frozen, Starfire was nibbling on her lower lip looking downright pitiful, Robin was hiding behind a sofa cushion, and Beastboy hadn't moved a muscle. He was still staring into those violet eyes. She held his gaze, then turned, "I'll be in my room." And then, she was gone.

After that, he kinda just sat on the couch and stared blankly at the TV screen, Starfire giving him occasional pats on the shoulder and the other boys shooting him worried looks.

It was no secret that he found her very very attractive. That was public knowledge by now. But she had blocked all his advances and he had left it at that. Now, finding out she liked him. And had liked him for quite some time now, well, that changed everything.

Well not everything. Beastboy was going to milk this for all it was worth. After spending all of yesterday pacing around his room trying to figure out just what the hell he was going to do about her, he was ready.

And he had a plan.

Raven sat, back to him, on the couch, book clutched in both hands. A mischievous grin took over his features. He snuck up behind her and placed his head next to her's, grazing her shoulder. He saw her tense up, eyes widen, mouth twitch, and that smell. He should have noticed it before, he would have known sooner. He grinned.

"Want some breakfast Rae?" He asked innocently.

Without moving her head, her eyes glanced over at him "No thank you."

"How 'bout some good ol' herbal tea?" He winked.

She paused, blinked, turned toward him, then opened her mouth "Um, that would be great, thanks."

He made a pssh noise and waved his hand, like it was no big deal, "Don't worry about it, anything for my Raven." He lifted two fingers to brush some hair from the side of her face over her ear. He heard a small intake of breath. She turned back to her book.

He got up and chuckled, walking over to the kitchen. Robin was standing there, mouth agape. His mid-morning breakfast bar sat half-chewed in his mouth. He began to whisper. "Do you have a death wish?" He demanded. Beastboy's grin only grew. "Nope, just a little payback for her majesty Raven, Queen of the Demons, curtsy of your truly, the irresistible Beastboy. Carry on." Robin stared at him, flabbergasted, "Do you realize she will kill you." Beastboy placed the kettle on the stove and turned it on. "Do you realize she won't." Robin frowned. "I dunno man, I wouldn't push it." Beastboy gave his friend a thumbs up, puling a mug from the cabinet. "Dude, Relax."

He placed the little bag into the mug and filled it with water, making sure to remember to grab the honey as he waltzed back over to the empath. He placed the tea on the table in front of them, making sure to graze her knee as he did so, and flopped back down on the sofa. "Thanks." She leaned forward to grasp the mug and bring it too her lips.

When she settled back into her seat, Beastboy noticed the TV remote laying on the cushion next to her. Smiling internally, he leaned across her lap, causing the sorceress's eyebrows to shoot up and a shocked expression to cross her face. He grinned at her as he lay across her lap, grasping the controller and showing it too her. "Whoops! Sorry Rae, don't mind me." He accompanied his apology with a wink that sent her reeling. Raven's mouth pressed into a firm line as she waited for him to vacate her lap. When he finally did release her, she gave him one last once-over before returning to the yellowing pages of her book.

He flipped through the channels hurriedly, occasionally sending glances at the empath, who would occasionally glance back. He even caught her staring at him. He smirked as her cheeks tinged red, embarrassed she had been caught. "You know Rae," his voice rang out, teasing, fearless, "if you wanna touch me, just go for it. I know how adorable I can be." Raven's blush deepened and Beastboy heard her mumble something along the lines of "Shut your mouth." He smiled happily to himself.

Bored, he shut the TV off and tossed the remote to the side, heaving a sigh and throwing his arms over the back of the couch. He looked over at Raven, a big smile plastered on his face.

"Soooo Rae Rae. How's it going?" His voice dripped with cocky confidence.

Fed up, Raven put her book down, turning to face him on the sofa. She took a deep breath

"Beastboy, just because I like you, doesn't mean you should fear me any less,"

She leaned toward him, placing one hand beside his hip and the other one just above his knee. Beastboy's body went rigid and he seemed to have lost all motor skills.

"In fact," she closed the space between their bodies, his eyes trailing from her's to her mouth. She heard his breath catch in his throat as she nuzzled her nose against his, he could feel her hot breath on her lips. His eyes closed.

"You should fear me more."

He waited.

Beastboy opened his eyes to see a retreating Raven, a triumphant smile playing on her lips. She gave a little wave before turning away.

And as she walked out the door, Beastboy couldn't help but admit to himself, he was more scared of her than ever before.