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Plus I like seeing Raven squirm. (So does BB)

Raven climbed the steps to the roof of the tower, ready to start her morning meditation. Before she could open the door, she sensed she had company.

The door swung open and there he sat in all his green, pointy eared, purple suited glory, watching the sunrise. He turned his head upon her arrival, a smile taking over his face.

"Hey Rae."

"Come to join my mediation?" She asked, coming to sit just a foot away from him, feet dangling over the edge.

"Not exactly."

"Come to bother me again?"

"Don't I always." He teased.

"It does seem to be a reoccurring theme." She deadpanned back.

He laughed. "I promise I'm not here to throw myself at you, I couldn't sleep at all last night so I came up here to watch the sunrise." He gestured toward the orange sky.

Raven stared up at his face while he watched the clouds change colors as light filled them and the world brightened. She watched his face relax and his chest rise and fall, his eyes close for a few moments only to open again, his lips curving upward.

Azar, those lips.

There was nothing in all the dimensions that could get her to admit the things she wanted to do to those lips.

She watched as they parted ever so slightly. She liked the way they curved, the way his lower lip always puckered out a little, even the way his fang poked into them when he smiled. She could only imagine the way they felt...

"It's rude to stare you know." The green man was holding back his laughter as her face turned a deep red. Raven hastily turned back toward the sky, folding herself in a lotus position, content to ignore her little slip up.

"I don't know what your talking about."

Beastboy watched the empath's neutral face.

"You like me."

"Yeah so?" Her voice went a little higher than usual.

He almost laughed. "'So?' What do you mean 'so?'"

She struggled, clearly uncomfortable with the topic of conversation. "Why does that have to change anything?"

"Are you kidding?"

"I like you Beastboy. There. I said it. I've accepted my feelings and I can move on. The only reason why I admitted it to Star in the first place was so I could manage my feelings."

"You're trying to manage your feelings for me." He said blankly, as if just realizing it.


Beastboy wanted to pull his hair out. "Why?"

She shrugged.

"You know how I feel about you Rae."

She shifted her weight. "Yes."

"And now you like me too and you don't even care?"

"I care! I'm not some emotionless machine."

"Oh really, because it sure feels like it! I've literally liked you for years Rae, YEARS. And now I find out you like me too and you don't even want to deal with that? You want to ignore it? Hope it goes away?"

"I never ignored my feelings!"

"No, just mine."

The empath paused. "Don't play the victim. It wasn't like you tried to woo me as soon as you found out."

"No, I didn't, cuz I spent plenty of my tween years trying to get you to like me to no avail so excuse me that I wasn't going to let an opportunity like that go to waste."

She snorted "Well that's mature."

"Oh, bite me."


The changeling didn't want to speak first, but curiosity got the best of him.

"I have a question. Do you think you could answer it without lying to me?"

She rolled her eyes dramatically. "Yes." she hissed the 's' out of her teeth.

"When did you tell Star you liked me?"

Raven's heart skipped a beat. "Two months ago."

Beastboy took a deep breath. God he was going to kill her. "Okay. When did you figure out you liked me?"

Raven clicked her tongue and turned away. "That's none of your business."


"Seven months ago."

Seven months. He pressed a hand to his forehead. "Okay Rae, that's it. I can't."

He eyes widened, a hint of fear and amazement crossing her face. "What? What do you mean?"

"I'm done. I can't play this game anymore Raven. Seven months? That's too long."

"I had to be sure."

He almost laughed. "Well do you know how long it took me 'to be sure' Rae? Spending about five minutes with you, so I'm sorry, but I can't justify seven months."

"What the hell does that mean?" Raven was slightly insulted. It wasn't her fault her emotions were a delicate balance that needed a lot of time and attention. "You know how my powers work."

"Raven you've been successfully dealing with your powers despite your crazy emotions almost your whole life. You could have told me."

"Well, I didn't." She said defiantly.

"No, you didn't." he responded sadly.

More silence.

"So that's it?" Raven asked tentatively.

"I guess so." His shoulders rose and fell. "If you don't want to do anything with your feelings for me, I guess we're done here."


Beastboy watched her for a moment before nodding curtly and walking past her toward the heavy door. Raven's eyes followed him. She bit down on her lip.


He stopped and turned back to look at her, one hand holding the door open.

She gulped. "What- What if I do want to do something- with my feelings?"

The empath wasn't quick enough to see the smirk that crossed the changeling's face.

"Then you know where to find me."