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We come so Far, yet accomplish Very little By: Moonlight152

Chapter one- Secrets aren't that secret anymore

"WHAT" Bulma yelled "The sayians are coming earlier than excepted?!" she said as she calmed down.

Krillen uncovered his hand from his ears and said, "Yes, Bulma their computer found a faster way, according to Kami"

"But we can't revive Son-kun for another 2 months" she said lowering her voice thinking she would die soon "How long until they come?" she asked just out of curiosity.

Now Krillen lowered his voice and said "Two weeks"

She nodded and sighed, and let her head drop

"Bulma" she heard Krillin's voice say "Ummm I was wondering, since you're a Sorceress and all could you help us try and defeat the sayains"

She started at him and nodded then she said "Krillin, I don't know I can long I can hold them out, but I know there intentions for coming"

Krillin's eyes meet hers and gave her a questioning look, Kami hadn't told them why they were coming just that they were. He gave her a 'Go ahead and tell me look'

She sighed and said "well first I should tell you that I am Half sayian half Sorceress. My mother is a Sorceress and my father is a discolored sayian"

His eyes widened at the fact that Bulma was had the same blood running through her as those Murderers. She was only half but it was still amazing that she kept that a secret for this whole time. He saw her looking at him and he nodded for her to continue

She took a deep breath "They came for my father, He was the smartest sayian ever alive until I surpassed him, since my father and mother died 2 years ago. They will probably come for me and take me back to there planet" she said her eyes started to water up with the mention of her dead parents.

Krillin breath was caught in his throat and his eyes widened even more if possible. Then he decided to speak "Bulma don't worry we won't let them take y-" but Bulma interrupted him

"No" she screamed, "If I go willingly, then no one will be hurt, please Krillin don't try and stop me if the ask for me" she said with determination in her eyes

Krillin looked at her as if she was crazy but once he saw her eyes, his mood totally changed once he saw her eyes. It held all the Love she had for them and all the worry she had for everyone on this planet. He had no choice; he took a long deep breath and sigh and nodded.

She did a small forced smile and said "Will you tell the others for me, even Yamcha?"

He said "Sure B, anything for you"

She forced another smile and said "Thanks Krillin, I do plan to try and come back, but its up to the sayians not me." She walked over to him and kissed the top of his bald head and walked back up to her room in her huge mansion.

Krillin sighed and let himself out, right before he left he thought 'Poor Bulma, she has gone through so much these past 3 years and this I think is the end of any happiness she will ever have' and he walked out the door.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

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