We come so far, yet accomplish Very little By: Moonlight152

Chapter 7- Can She Handle the Kingdom?

Vegeta announced his presence in the thrown room with a huge slam of the door. Everyone stopped what they were doing and saw the look of admiration on the Princes face. They immediately got up and sloppily put their stuff together and left the king and the prince alone.

The king raised an eyebrow at the Prince and offered him a seat next to him. Vegeta refused and walked straight up to the king.

"I've found my queen." he said with pride in his voice

This comment almost made King Vegeta fall out of his chair. About a week ago before Bulma came he was griping and bitching about how he never wanted a mate. And how all woman were whores and sluts.

He cleared his throat and raised an eyebrow at his son. He had an idea who is mate was, considering he was ordered to see her. But he wasn't going to make wrong guesses. His son stepped closer and smirked, he then caught a whiff of his son's sent. Bulma, her sweet sent was all over his, not masking his but mixing with it.

"I don't know that the empire will approve of a half-breed queen, even though she is more powerful then our elites. Do you suggest anything because you knew this was going to happen?"

The prince frowned and the king thought at that moment that he didn't consider this. He must have thought about this! As royalty, your heiterage always comes before your mate, his mate was hand picked by his former father and mother. He did love her to some extent but this was unthinkable!

"Of course I have old man!"

King Vegeta sighed in relief; maybe his son wasn't going soft.

"You think I would not know that the planet will be mad, but it was not my choice. She has the mark, as do I. We are destined to be together."

Prince Vegeta frowned at this. In reality he hadn't thought of it, but as he saw the look cross his fathers face he knew that he should have thought of that first. What was he going to do? There was also the problem of all the other hundred sayian elite females waiting to be picked.

"Will she be able to handle the Kingdom?"

It was a simple question, but Prince Vegeta took it out of proportion.

"OF COURSE SHE WILL BE ABLE! WHO ELSE BETTER FOR THE JOB!?" he screamed angrily as if he just insulted his mate of many years.

King Vegeta sat back from the outburst and glared at his son. Maybe his son is getting weak; he has way too many feelings for this woman, enough to not respect his father. But after he thought about it, Vegeta never respected him.

"A simple question only needs a simple answer"

He sighed and put his head in his hand and rubbed his temples, massaging them slightly.

"If you think that this is what is best for the kingdom then be my guest figure a way so that the people don't rebel. But if she messes up, or she cannot produce an heir for the kingdom she is gone. Understood?"

King Vegeta thought that his offer was reasonable but Prince Vegeta didn't.

"You mean to tell me, that if the people can't handle her being queen she gets killed. You would kill both of us by killing her. Once we mate she will automatically be my permanent mate, till life and though out death."

King Vegeta did over look this; he forgot his son was soul mate with this woman. What was he going to do now? Hold a tournament? No, too old fashion, plus the woman his son was mating would kill them all with a single thought. Though that would prove to be entertaining, not now. She would have to go out and meet the people of Vegetasei. Get them accustom to her, make sure that they like her. Then announce that she is soon to be queen.

"She shall go out and meet the people, you will not revile that she is there soon to be queen nor will you be with her when she goes out to town. She shall go out everyday to all the different towns and show them how powerful and how powerful hybrids can be."

This the Prince could agree to, although not liking the fact that he could not be with his soon to be mate. But understanding that it would be a bit too obvious if they went together. Newly mated couples couldn't take their hands off each other every time they see each other. He just hoped that the woman would agree to these terms. She was a smart woman and should understand that she had to be accepted to the society.

He then noticed that it was 8, time to prepare his slaves for the evening to come. He looked at his father who was looking directly at him with a slight glare. He bowed his head slightly.

"I now have to prepare my slaves for the evening to come, do not bother me until I come to you, and don't send anyone. Other wise their body parts will come back in a bloody bag."

He turned to leave and was near the door when he heard King Vegeta speak.

"Don't let her get you too weak my son, woman hold a certain control over your power. If it increases it then let it be, but if she retrains it, restrain her. I do not want a weak king."

Prince Vegeta paused outside his door and glared at his father with such hatred that he hasn't seen.

"Never call me weak and NEVER call my mate weak"

With those last words he slammed the door shut and went back to his room, to prepare his salves for the best upcoming night for him. He wasn't so sure about the woman. The royal mating ritual was a painful thing for a woman. To see if she can endure life as a queen and leader of all the sayians.

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