:*:・:*:・:*:・:*:・Falling Feathers:*:・:*:・:*:・:*:・


Looking back, I think I only cried three times in my twenty-eight years of life. It wasn't impossible for an apathetic man like me to not shed tears. The reason? Bordering between not giving a damn and just accepting things as is.

The first one was perhaps when I was born. I am not trying to be a smart-ass but unless you're a dead baby, you'd definitely be made to cry. This I think was just normal. Everyone had to deal with it .

The second time I cried was when I was diagnosed with cancer. I really cried. Who wouldn't? But I made sure no one could see. Though one brat did.

The third time I cried was the hardest. I think it was the most painful thing ever. That was to know that the diagnosis for my cancer was just a mistake. The result of the tests wasn't mine. It belonged to someone named Takahashi Misaki.

I couldn't care less at first. I was free from that nightmare and could go back to my normal life. Until I met him one day in the hallway. I recognized him. He was the kid who shed more tears than I did the second time I cried.

So the third time was when I talked to him and got to know him more. I didn't want to tell him. God knew how much I didn't want to tell him.

But I had to.