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This is a fanfic based loosely off of the plot of Pokemon Black and White. However, I'm incorporating my own plot twists in this story, just like all of my others. I'm also writing this at the same time as my Pokemon Mystery Dungeon fanfic, so updates will likely be few and far between.

This fanfic has been greatly inspired by Coli Chibi's "Pokemon Black and White: Tony's Journey", as well as The Gentleman Xerneas' "Extended Complete Unova Pokemon Guide", so I thank you both thusly for giving me these inspirations.

I do not own Pokemon, which stinks thoroughly, but I do own a few of the characters I shall be using.

So, without further ado…


The young boy sat down heavily on the sofa. Volantes, or Volan as he was known, curiously looked up from his book at the fourteen-year-old.

Petromyzon seemed nervous, and Volan was very well aware of what was causing his son's nerves – or at least, he was pretty sure he was aware of it. After all, Petro would soon be fifteen, and old enough to go on a journey throughout Unova with his first Pokemon.

Volan understood his son's nervousness. Going on one's first journey was a new experience into uncharted waters, but it was also part of growing up. Capturing Pokemon, battling with them, and simply spending time with them had a strange effect on people – it changed them. Volan knew this too well.

And it wasn't like the boy was unused to Pokemon. In fact, he was the complete opposite of that. He had grown up with more than a dozen of the creatures, spending more time with them than he did with other people – after all, Pokemon never teased him about being too shy or having a weird name. Although Bernice and the others remained loyal to Volan and his wife, they still deeply cared about their son. Even Reshiram liked the boy. Petro's birth had helped her get over her initial depression of being separated from her brother for so long.

"Dad?" Petro said suddenly.

Volan put his book down. "What is it, son?" he asked, more curious than concerned.

But Petro's next words shocked him - "How did you and Mom meet, exactly?"

The middle-aged man cocked his head in bewilderment. He hadn't been expecting that kind of question. Bernice, who had been resting on the arm of his armchair, raised her head and looked at him questioningly.

"What brings you to ask that?" Volan asked.

Petro sighed and twiddled his thumbs. Rudy stomped over to the boy and sat down beside him, patting him on the back with one of his claws. Petro was pushed forward slightly with each blow, but he knew that Rudy meant well.

Petro opened his mouth at last. "There's this girl that lives across the street…" he said, then trailed off and blushed with embarrassment.

But Volan smiled understandably. "Go on," he said, waving his hand for his son to continue.

"She asked me if we could take our journeys together," Petro went on. "And I said yes without even thinking. Now that I've had a chance to think about it, I'm really nervous. I'm going to be travelling for who knows how long with the girl I've liked for years, and…" He trailed off again and said nothing more.

Volan got up and sat on Petro's other side. "So you want to know if it was the same for me when I met your mother on my own journey."

It wasn't a question, but Petro nodded anyway. "It was love at first sight, wasn't it?" the boy asked after a moment.

Volan grinned and said, "For me it was. I'm not too sure about your mother, though. She's never told me. She seems to delight in keeping me in suspense."

He chuckled, and the Pokemon who had been listening laughed knowingly as well.

Volan adjusted his glasses and continued, "Well, Petro, in order for me to answer your initial question, I'm going to have to tell you the whole story."

On these words, Petro looked up at his dad with surprise in his eyes. As if on cue, the Pokemon around the room stopped what they were doing – mostly sleeping – and gathered around expectantly.

"You're really going to tell me the whole story, Dad?" Petro asked in awe. "How you went traveling with your sister and Bernice? How you met the Pokemon that gave me my name? How you faced betrayal and abandonment, and met the Legendary Pokemon that's been watching over the family ever since I was born?"

Ever since he was born… Volan smiled at the memory. Petro had grown up with Pokemon, but when he had asked what they were exactly, Volan had had a wonderful time explaining to the five-year-old about a world filled with wondrous creatures, some "common and loyal like Bernice, mysterious and secretive like Mistral, and revered and legendary like Reshiram".

But now, all of the Pokemon – Bernice, Sol, Rudy, Sapphire, and more – were looking up at their master (master's husband in a few cases), waiting for him to tell the tale. All were eager to relive the good old days, and had been ever since Volan had promised his son to "tell him the entire story one day". And now, that day had come. Petro looked at his dad expectantly.

Volan smiled and looked at the clock – it was only morning, and his wife was away for the day. He had an entire twelve hours to finally let the memories flow from his head, out his mouth, and into Petro's ears.

"It all started the night before our journey was to begin…"


Cliffhanger! We won't get to Volan's glory days until the next chapter. In this fanfiction, we will get to watch from the sidelines as Volan, indeed, goes traveling with his sister and first Pokemon, meets the Pokemon that inspired his son's (odd) name, faces abandonment and betrayal, and meets the legendary white dragon of truth that has been watching over him and his family ever since.

If you wish, you can take a stab at the identity of Volan's wife (girlfriend in the main body of the fanfic). Volan, his son, and his sister are the only OCs I'm using in this story, so she's a canon character. Most of you will probably hit the nail on the head when I post the first chapter anyway.

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