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Chapter 6

When the Worlds Collide…

It was the day after that the travelers from Suna made it to Konoha. there, the Hokage awaited them at the main gate and a large crowd had come to greet them, and especially the widely-known Kazekage.

"Ah, Kazekage. Welcome to Konoha."

"I'm glad to be here, Tsunade-sama," Gaara greeted back and instead of shaking the woman's extended hand, he took it and leaned down to kiss it.

"Ha," the Hokage snorted, "when did you become such a gentleman, you gaki?"

"I'm a fast learner."

Tsunade smiled.

"Well then, I'll show you to your rooms," Gaara walked after the woman and everyone else followed. The crowd was big, girls were screaming and shinobi were nodding at him approvingly, some stepped forward to shake hands with him. Gaara looked around carefully as he followed Tsunade.

He frowned.

There was no sign of Naruto.

"Oi, Shikaaaa!"

Naruto shook the snoring male and he jumped up from his sleeping bag. The girl stared at his morning hair for a moment, then boomed with loud laughter. Her wide smile made Shika's blood freeze for an instant as he recalled last night's events.

"You should see yourself!" she pointed at him, then flicked his messy ponytail, and a new set of convulsing laughter made her hold her stomach. "You manage to amaze me every single time," said the girl, wiping her eyes and standing up, "come on, sleeping beauty, we've gotta go back to Konoha, remember?" Naruto tightened her tied up hair and walked off to pack up.

The male got up and started rolling up his sleeping bag, "aren't you tired?" he asked.

"No, why? I shlept jlike a bhaby," the girl answered with her mouth full of onigiri and Shika almost sweat-dropped. She handed him one, grinning.

"Uhh, no, thanks. I'm not hungry."

"More for me then!" the girl chimed happily and stuffed her face.

"Why is it such a rush for you to go home anyway?" Shika asked cautiously and watched for her reaction with the corner of his eye as he zipped up his backpack. The girl seemed taken aback. She then shrugged, "I don't know. I guess I just miss the village and everyone, you know." Naruto continued munching happily on the rise balls. Shika frowned.

Somehow, this wasn't a good enough and believable answer.

"I'm going to the river for a bit," he informed the girl and sneaked a scroll under his jacket.

Shika snaked a hand inside the inner pocket of his jacket. Placing the paper tag he had just drawn out on the wet rubble, he looked around to be sure he wasn't being watched. Then, he performed the simple hand signs for this jutsu and poured chakra in the tag. The black characters depicted on it merged together and swirled to become a swirling black hole in the ground. Rolling up the scroll that he had just finished writing, he was ready to send it through the seal. Shika pressed his lips together – it felt like he was betraying Naruto, but he had no choice. He had to report. He had to warn the Hokage as to what was going on with the girl so that the woman would be ready to take action when they go back to Konoha.

Hit by a sudden feeling of being watched, Shika turned around.

"I didn't know we had to report to Tsunade-baa-chan today," Shika heard the girl say in a pretended surprised voice and looked up to see her jump off a tree behind him. The rubble cracked beneath Naruto's feet and she leaned against the tree with her arms crossed.

"I…" Shika swallowed, suddenly nervous, "I thought it was in place to warn the Hokage that we'll be coming back sooner than expected."

"Oh? And why would Tsunade-baa-chan want to know that?" Naruto pushed herself off of the tree and walked to kneel next to the male, "You know how busy she always is, why would you bother her with such unneeded information? All she needs to know is that our mission was a success, ne, Shika?" her blue eyes were distant and menacing, her voice held an unspoken threat.

She leaned in closer, "or could it be…that you're reporting something else?"

Shika's heart raced and he tried to give himself an uncaring expression as he looked away, "tsk, what are you talking about, Naruto? Now that you've said it, there's really no reason for me to report." the boy tried to sound bored, but as he reached to cancel the jutsu and tear the tag off the ground, he thought wildly of a way to beat around the bush and somehow report. However, he could feel Naruto's intense gaze on him. There was no way out of it. He curled his fingers around the corner of the tag and pulled it. The jutsu was canceled. Shikamaru felt like being beaten in his own game.

Naruto reached and curled her fingers around the scroll in his hand with a calm smile, "I'm glad we smoothed that, Shika," she chimed and as she held the scroll, the paper darkened and then turned to ashes, which the wind gust blew away. Naruto stood up and brushed off the remaining ashes from her clothes,

"Now let's head for Konoha." She stood up and walked off.

As Shikamaru followed her, he thought that the girl had lived to the description of being "troublesome". Now she had advanced to the next level.

A few levels higher, actually.

Now, she was life-threatening.

And Shika had the unpleasant feeling that there were higher levels for Naruto to advance to.

"You can rest here for now. We'll meet later, Kazekage, Temari-san, Kankuro-san." Tsunade nodded at them and turned around to walk away, leaving the three in front of their respective rooms in the Hokage tower.

"Hokage-sama," called Kankuro and locked eyes with Gaara, silently saying if you don't tell her, I will.

"What is it?" the blond woman asked with both hands on her hips.

Gaara furrowed his brows at Kankuro. He was going to tell her without his prompting and stupid threats.

"I've got a problem, Hokage, that I'd wish to get your opinion on," said Gaara in his usual husky voice and the woman stared him down.

"Very well." Tsunade spun on her heels, "follow me."

The Hokage led them to an unoccupied office, as it seemed, judging by the dusty desk and the stagnant air. The woman gestured for Gaara to sit on the wooden chair that rested before the desk.

"You might want to give your brother some privacy," Tsunade suggested to the other two as she rolled up her sleeves.

"It's okay," muttered Gaara and unbuttoned his blood-red cloak to take off the black shirt that hugged his slender torso underneath. As the male sat down on the hard chair, green light glowed off the Hokage's hands and slowly traveled along the male's naked back. The feeling was warm and relaxing. Gaara's lids weighed down and his vision blurred.

The outline of plump lips set on a blank face appeared before him and he couldn't help but drag a curious thump along them, marveling at the softness of the flesh. He wondered how they tasted and how they would feel against his own set of lips. An equally pink tongue's tip slipped from between the soft lips and licked the man's thump. Gaara felt its tickling roughness and slickness.

The lips he had so blindly admired now stretched into a wide grin with sharp canines adoring it: the teeth parted and clapped down on his finger.

Gaara's eyes shot open and he immediately looked down at his own hands. All was in place. The man exhaled as he tried to control his frantic heartbeat. The Hokage was still conducting her check-up. After a minute or so, she stepped back and the soothing green light died out. The woman went to the dusty desk and sat down on the chair.

"Well?" Gaara asked as the woman said nothing. She had her fingers entwined and was staring at him.

She then sighed and leaned back, "you're in perfect condition."

"What?" Kankuro almost shouted, "No, Hokage-sama, that can't be, you should've seen him, he was absolutely mad crazy!"

"But I haven't. And right now, your brother is in more than perfect condition. I can't detect any illness or damage on his body whatsoever."

Gaara didn't listen to them. The dream he just had was still before his eyes.

"Kazekage?" Tsunade addressed him and the man looked up. "I asked for how long you've been having those "heat attacks", as you call them."

"For about two weeks."

"I see," she leaned back.

A squeal made the male looked to the side, "Oh, Gaara, why didn't you tell us?" Gaara didn't answer. Temari reached and wrapped her fingers around his hand, "It's okay to ask for help, how many times do I have to tell you?"

"I didn't want to bother you…"

The girl looked hurt, "oh, Gaara…"

"You used to be the jinchuuriki of the Ichibi, correct?" Tsunade butted in.

"Yes, and about three years ago his chakra started mixing with my own. And now that Shukaku's gone, his chakra is all that's left of him."

"I see," the woman said thoughtfully.

"What if it's because of the seal?" Temari asked.

Tsunade snorted, "I couldn't possibly know, I'm not an expert on-"

"Where's Naruto?" Gaara let out the question so abruptly that the others got the feeling he'd been holding the it for long. Tsunade blinked at the sudden desire of the Kazekage to know the whereabouts of the loudmouth she held so dear.

"She's out on a mission. We'll have someone else check your seal, if she doesn't come back before your next attack, if there is such."



"No one else. It's gotta be her." Gaara stared blankly ahead and gripped the armrests of the chair so hard that his knuckled went white.

"I see," the woman murmured thoughtfully. "Well then," she got up, "you should rest." She walked to the door and wrapped slender fingers around the doorknob. "Kazekage?" Gaara looked up at her.

"Why did your heart start thumping so suddenly?"

"Please sign here as well, Nara-san.," Shikamaru was currently registering their returning at Konoha's main gate – a chore that every shinobi had to go through when taking off for a mission or coming back from such. "Very well, now for Uzumaki-san to…sign…" the guard trailed off and leaned over the counter to look as the blonde girl walked off in a slow pace, dragging her feet.

"She'll sign later, she's not feeling well," said Shika as he handing the guard the documents and ran off to catch up to Naruto. The girl was walking in small steps and was staring at the Hokage tower with a hypnotized gaze. Shika furrowed his eyebrows – Naruto was acting suspicious again and could be a possible threat to anyone that happened to be near.

"Hey, Naru, how about I take you home so you could take a shower and rest, then I'm gonna come back and give the report? You don't have to worry." The two were nearing the entrence of the tower where various shinobi walked in and out and even more civilians walked along the street, sure that their lives were in safe hands.

"No, I can give it myself," the girl said without looking at him. They stepped into the building.

Shika pressed his lips together, "you need to come with me Naruto!" He reached to grab her wrist, but touching it, the skin burned him and he instinctively let her go. In the blink of an eye, the girl was already at the top of the stairs and turned left to walk down the round hallway, exactly where Tsunade's office was. A low chuckle lingered after the girl.

"Naruto!" Shika drew out a chakra suppressing tag and ran after her. He climbed the stairs wiyh two wide strides and when he looked down the hallway, she was gone.

"Say, Shika," the male almost jumped and turned around to see Naruto leaning against the wall with crossed arms. Golden bangs were covering the girl's face, but not enough to hide her blue eyes. She stepped forward. It's not too late yet, Shika thought and gripped the tag tighter behind his back, almost scrunching the paper "are you trying to make me stay away from him?"


Shikamaru didn't answer.

The girl stepped closer, "I know what you were trying to do earlier at the river…Ne, Shika…did you know?" the girl leaned against him, her palms rested on his chest, as her breath ghosted up to his ear, "…your heart starts beating faster when you lie," she whispered and now, Shika knew, it was already too late.

Just as the last word was leaving Naruto's lips, Shika slung his arm around to place the tag on her back in an attempt to withhold her, the place where her hands rested on his chest burned and an immense impact sent the male flying back to the wall, knocking the very wind our of him and blurring his vision, making his head spin and thump like mad. He couldn't keep balance, so he slid to the ground on his side. With unfocused vision and nearly suffocating for air, Shika caught a glimpse of Naruto's sandals as she spun around on her heels. He heard a deep chuckle and the faint echoes of her sandals as she ran down the hallway.

Gaara was just putting his black shirt back on. His siblings were discussing something, probably the check-up that had just taken place, but he had long ago decided to ignore them. Strange anticipation was bubbling in his chest.

Rolling the shirt down to his waist, he already knew what it was caused by. The male froze right into place and stared down at his feet, his hands letting go of the fabric and hanging loosely by his sides. However, Gaara knew, he was stronger than ever.

Because she was here.

She had come back, her scent was growing stronger, more appealing, more seductive, she was calling for him, she was coming to him.

"Gaara?" the tension caught his siblings' attention and when Gaara obviously didn't hear them, they didn't know it was already too late. The male looked up at the door, blood-red bangs covering his eyes and his jaw was clenched firmly – now they knew it was already too late.

Just as Temari reached for her fan and Kankuro – for his puppet, Gaara flew running past them, pushed the door with his palm, sending it flying off its hinges. The massive wooden door hit the wall behind with a loud thud, cracking to pieces.

And then, just as Gaara ran past the Hokage, making her hair and robes swish, just as Temari and Kankuro ran through the hole in the wall that was left, just as Shika forced all of his willpower to stay awake despite the need for oxygen, Naruto spun right around the corner: her sandals were still sliding on the floor from the speed she had run with, her hair swished from the abrupt turn, their eyes locked.

The time stopped: here they were, Gaara in mid-step, grabbing Naruto by both sides of her torso and lifting her up, her hair spilled in a million golden locks as she held his forearms, two masterpieces of sinister smiles stretching their features as their noses almost touched and breaths mixed together. It was like an intense source of chakra exploded, and its shock wave made time start flowing again – Gaara slammed Naruto against the wall behind so hard that it made pieces of the wall crumble down, a round crater with various rifts formed, and the walls vibrated. They slammed their lips together, locked them, and finally understood this burning heat, this need, this desire. They kissed like mad in the midst of all hell breaking loose: she wrapped her legs around his waist, he clawed at her clothes and rocked against her, slid his hands down her sides. There were screams around them, there was chaos. For them, however, it was perfect. The girl's head lolled back and Gaara bit at her collarbone, marking her, hard enough to draw blood. The girl let out a screaming moan and pulled at his hair, then dragged her nails down the back of his neck...

Suddenly, Gaara was pulled back and held down forcefully, his hands tied tightly behind his back with chakra strings. He roared and struggled, he trashed, he kicked and sought escape, until he heard a scream that stood above the whole uproar.

He froze and looked with wide eyes as the blonde girl slid against the crumbled wall, holding her collarbone where he had bitten her. The girl collided with the ground and her blue orbs rolled to the back of her head, as her body lay there unmoving.

What have I done, was Gaara's only thought.


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