Me: I do not own Warriors, Firestar, who does?

Firestar: Me! Just like I think I rule every other clan in the forest!

Me: Now Firestar, be serious...

Firestar: Fine, Erin Hunter Does.


Leafpool POV:

"Leafpool, Leafpool!" Sorreltail rushed into the medicine den.

"What, What's wrong?" I asked urgently.

"You mean you haven't heard?" Sorreltail asked.

"Heard what? Did Starclan itself come down from the skies?" I meowed.

"No," she retorted, "Anyways…there's going to be a competition! The clans will be competing in different contests, even the kits and elders! They're going to call it The Warrior Cats Games. The winning clan gets to hunt wherever they want for half a moon. Anyways, Firestar says we all have to train, including you with herbs and everything."

"Wow, this is going to be fun, I think," I meowed nodding my head. "What will Jaykit do though?" I thought suddenly feeling sorry for my secret kit.

Jaykit POV:

"Let all those cats old enough to catch their own prey gather beneath the Highledge for a meeting!" Firestar's voice rang through the camp. I stumbled to the clearing with the help of my littermates. "As most of you know, there will be a Warrior Cats Games. Each cat including the kits and elders will be competing against the other clans. You too Leafpool. The winning clan gets to hunt wherever they want for half a moon. The games will begin in two moons, so we have plenty of time to train. Jaykit and Squirrelflight, may I see you in my den please?" My heart sank, I knew what this is about. I sat in his den next to my mother in front of Firestar.

"Jaykit, we have to figure this out. Do you think you can manage the games?"

I felt myself getting angry, but I forced myself to stay calm. "Yes, I know I can manage," I meowed through gritted teeth.

"Firestar, If I may speak. Jaykit, I don't want you take this the wrong way, but I think Longtail could give you some basic training if there is play fighting or something in there." Squirrelflight suggested. I nodded reluctantly.

"Then it is settled, I shall tell Longtail of the news," Firestar meowed.

*The Next Morning*

"Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather beneath the Highledge for a clan meeting! The time to begin training for the Warriors Cats Games has begun. There will be many games for each cat. For the kits, the games will be play fighting, catch the moss ball, and a relay race. For the apprentices, including the medicine cat apprentices, there will be hunting which will include fishing and hunting on the moor, a race around the lake, and fighting. For the warriors there will be fighting with claws sheathed, hunting, and a triathlon consisting of : hunting, tree climbing, swimming, and ending with a race to the finish. For the medicine cats, there will be a herb gathering relay race, herb mixing, herb identifying, as well as trying to teach a warrior the basics of herbs, on which they will be tested on. Finally, for the elders, there will be a three-legged race, a scavenger hunt, and identify the prey." Firestar stated.

"What about the queens? There may not be any queens nursing of expecting in Thunderclan, but what about the other clans?" Ferncloud questioned, whose kits had recently weaned from her milk.

"The leaders and I have set the date for the games at a time where all the queens are able to participate in the warrior tasks, and the kits can compete in their level as well."

"Firestar," Daisy stepped forward. "If I may...can I be excused from the games? I don't have any proper training, I will be perfectly happy just watching."

Firestar narrowed his eyes,"Very well. We will divide each day into 5 slots in which we will work on each cats' games. Let the training begin!" Firestar shouted, his voice ringing across the camp.

Authors Note: I know that Daisy can't participate in the warrior activities, so she's decided to not participate and just be kind of like a cheerleader in the background.