The pee test.

Zero sat down on the edge of the elegant porcelain tub, gripping his silver hair nervously. He rested his head down in his lap and focused on his breathing anything to not look at the white tube on the counter. He hadn't been feeling too well these last few weeks, always grumpy and tired and the smell of food almost made him vomit every time he came near it.

His Husband was so busy these last few weeks handling his duties as a Pure Blood Lord that he hadn't really noticed his Mate's failure in health. The only time he seemed to notice the boys change in behavior was in bed. Zero couldn't stand to even think about sex lately and that alerted his Husband, which lead to massive fights between the two. That was almost three weeks ago.

Zero had begun throwing up regularly after that. Mostly in the morning or when he tried to eat. His eating habits had become strange as well; he couldn't stand the taste of his old favorite foods but started craving foods that he never liked before. Kaname noticed his Husband ignored dinner most nights and had witnessed Zero's throw up sessions in the mornings.

And that's when he brought in the pregnancy test.

-Flash back to the night before.

Kaname walked in to the massive Victorian inspired bedroom that he shared with his Husband. He had a box in his hand that he kept close to his side to hide the writing.

Zero rolled over in bed to face his approaching Mate and immediately noticed that he was carrying something.

"Whats that?" The younger male asked as he sat up running his fingers through his messy silver hair.

Putting the box behind his back Kaname approached the side of the bed.

" Zero its 4 o'clock in the afternoon have you seriously been sleeping all day long?" His voice came out overly stern and when Zero didn't say anything he ushered the boy to scoot over and he climbed into bed wrapping his arms around the Silver male.

Zero curled up into his Husband's side and let out a long sigh.

" I don't know what's wrong with me Love, I have no energy and I know it's frustrating you." Zero whispered weakly.

Kaname ran his free hand over the boys side to console him and kissed the top of his head.

"We need to talk.." He let the sentence fade as he brought the box from behind his back and put it on his lap in full view of the younger boy.

Zero's lilac eyes widened as he grabbed the box and with a loud yelp he dropped it again, scooting an arms distance away from the Brunette.

" Oh no no no its defiantly not that." Zero almost yelled in denial.

Kaname as calm as ever relaxed against the head board.

"It is a very good chance that it is." He kept a gentle tone with his Mate to ease the growing hysteria.

"Uh no." Zero spat out looking back down at the box.

"We were pretty careless towards your last fertile period and I think I know a pregnant Vampire when I see one." Kamane closed his eyes to portray calmness.

" WE WERE CARELESS? YOU were careless." Zero screamed and jumped off the bed throwing the box to the floor.

" I am not pregnant" He glared at his Husband who hadn't moved a inch.

"I am hungry then, If you are not pregnant then let's go get some sushi."

And with just the thought of raw fish Zero ran to the bathroom trying not to throw up.

As Zero thought back to the night before he got chills up his spine. After his blow up he had ignored Kaname the rest of the night and was kind of annoyed when his Mate didn't leave for work this morning. He knew that there was a major possibility at this point and its not that the two of them hadn't talked about children before. They were usually always careful but over the last few years Kaname had started becoming careless and 'forgetting' protection.

Kaname was taking this whole situation far too more Zero thought about it the more it dawned on him that Kaname obviously wanted children. They had been mated for so long and Kaname brought it up every couple of years but Zero always dismissed it without thinking much of it.

But as he sat on the tub seriously facing the idea of having a child with his Husband he realized he wasn't as scared as he thought, And as thoughts of babies flooded to his mind he found himself smiling into his lap.

Three minutes were up and Zero lifted his head to look at the counter. Slowly he stood up and began to shake softly as he took the few short steps towards the pregnancy test on the counter.

Right as he reached the counter he closed his eyes and let out a long sigh as he blindly grabbed the test. Holding it in his hands he thought once more about children, not just any child but his and Kaname's child. A smile slowly spread across his face as he opened his eyes.

Zero let out a yell as he stared at the positive test in his hand. Not a yell of anger but a yell of joy and he gripped the test in his hand.

The boy then turned around and tanked open the bathroom door to see his Husband standing just inches in front of him with a worried look. They stared at each other before Kaname slowly began to smile.

Zero was right, his Husband had planned the whole thing.

" You did this on purpose didn't you?" Zero asked trying hard not to smile.

"I am sorry Mate I really am but.. you didn't want to talk about it, so I just did it." Kaname was grinning from ear to ear and took a step back to allow Zero to exit the bathroom.

" THIS ISN'T A DECISION ON WHERE TO EAT OR WHAT COLOR SHIRT TO WEAR THIS IS A BABY" Zero half heartingly yelled and tossed the pregnancy test at his Mate hitting him dead in the chest.

"Oh…ew." Kaname made a face and looked down at the floor where the test had landed.

Zero glared at him in silence a few moments.

" Are you shitting me? After all these years you are afraid of my pee?" Zero's voice strained to be monotone.

"Uh, I don't go around throwing my pee tests at you." He looked up just in time as Zero jumped on his him crashing them both to the ground.

" THERE WOULDN'T BE A PEE TEST IF IT WASN'T FOR YOU, NOW YOU ARE SCARED OF IT." Zero yelled as he tried to pin the Brunette under him.

Kaname flipped them around so Zero was pinned to the floor.

" I take it you are happy with the news?" The Pure Blood asked as care- free as ever.

Zero stared up at his mate then slowly wrapped his arms around the Brunette's shoulders bringing him down for a kiss.

After a few heated moments Zero broke the kiss.

" What if I didn't take it well hm? What would you of done then?" He asked his mate as they both got off of the floor.

Kaname shrugged and straightened his shirt.

" I knew you would take it well, you remember to water the plants so I know you will be a good father" He then turned to walk into the closet to change his shirt.

Zero stared in shock at his Mate.

" Plants…. YOU BASED MY PARENTING SKILLS OFF OF HOW I WATER PLANTS." Zero picked up the test off the floor and chunked it at the back of his Husbands head making the Brunette scream.

"Ew, now I have to get a shower." Kaname then turned around with a grin and picked up the test throwing it at his pregnant Mate hitting him in the arm.

Zero looked down at the pee test.

"Oh…ew" He kicked the test away from him with his foot.

" See? Now we both need a bath." Kaname said in a almost growl as he made his way back over to his Husband , scooping him up kissing him over and over again as they went back to the bathroom.


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