"Pascal," I whispered to my dearest, and only, friend. yeah, he was a chameleon, but he was much more than that. he had slept on my bed, but woke once I called his name, giving off his usual sound. "hey buddy, you ready to go?" his eye brow line rose and he stared at me like I was crazy, almost as if he were saying, 'go? Go where?"

"Just trust me. Its time we get out of here, Mother is away in her trip." He frowned and shook his head but I just tossed my hair over the hook outside of the window and motioned for pascal to follow. Although reluctant, he did jump on my should and looked at me with disapproval. "Shut up Pascal, it'll be fine." the jump took a second, considering this was my first night leaving and it wasn't exactly a short drop. "Shit-," I cursed under my breath right before I began my quick descent, touching the grass with my bare feet, finding the dew to feel amazing with its chilled wetness between my toes. It was highly stimulating, but wasnt why I was down here, and pascal's quick sound reminded me of where i needed to go.

I started running, making it through the curtain of greenery quickly and finding myself in a bazar area. Mother had called this type of place outside of our area the woods, but it seemed much smaller sounding in stories than how it felt around me. Pascal curled behind my neck to sleep once more, covered by my locks of golden hair, retaining warmth from my body. "Here we go," I whispered to myself as I began walking away from my home. The sticks and leaves crunched and crackled under my feet, leaving me to realize how alone I really was.

A tree behind me began to russle, causing me to spin, my breath already rapid and my heart pounding in my ears. I started backing away, stories from Mother going through my head wich made me worry even more, especially when i was able to hear the rough breathing of the creature.

Shit, shit, shit!