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Sequel: Part 1

Back inside.

"I can't do this anymore. I'm done."

Eren dropped the gray rag he was holding, letting it fall into a bucket of water that stood beside his feet. He then allowed himself to slide to the ground, crouching down on his knees and letting his back slouch forward. Exhaustion creeped over every inch of his body, and he was contemplating closing his eyes and falling asleep right then and there when a voice caught his attention.

"Excuse me?"

A few feet away from Eren, Levi sat on a steel chair at the corner of the room. He had his feet hoisted up on a table, one leg crossed over the other. The Corporal was dressed in his uniform, save for the cape and the maneuver gear. He glanced sideways at Eren.

"I don't recall telling you that you're done," Levi said, stretching his arms behind his head and arching his back slightly. "You only cleaned half the room, that's nothing."

"Nothing? Nothing?" Eren's tone was full of disbelief at Levi's words, and as per usual, it rose higher. "I spent two hours cleaning this damn room, which is actually not a room; it's a damn storage room. A giant ass storage room. And I have no idea why I'm cleaning it in the first place."

"Because this place is where we keep all our gear and uniforms, which are stuff we use more than frequently."

"So?" Eren asked, using the towel Levi insisted he keep on his shoulder to wipe sweat off his face.

"So if it were left unclean, dirt would form. Dirt will lead to the gear malfunctioning and the uniforms becoming filthy and infected. Both end results could be fatal. Your job is to eliminate that threat."

Eren scoffed, shaking his head. "Last time I checked defending humanity from the oh-so-dangerous existence of germs wasn't exactly in my job description."

Levi rolled his eyes, looking away from Eren but smiling nonetheless. "Less smartass, more getting-off-your-ass."

Levi removed the towel he had wrapped around his neck, dipping it neatly in a water-bowl beside him before wringing it out and placing it back around his neck. Every window in the room was bolted shut, and so a few torches were lit to allow them to see, thus leading to a hellish temperature. Levi hated the clammy feel of the place, despite it being his choice, and used the towel to cool himself off.

"Can you explain why it's so fucking hot in here then? Why do you insist on maintaining this unbearable heat?"

"Endurance," Levi said, shrugging. "The temperature within a titan's body is high, you have to grow accustomed to this kind of thing to avoid growing a fever and passing out every time you turn. You must get used to it."

Eren scowled and wiped more sweat off his forehead and his neck, not making to get up.

"I still don't see you cleaning," Levi said.

"Why don't you do your own heroic cleaning?" Eren said, not taking his eyes off Levi. It's not like he could be blamed, Levi wasn't exactly making an effort to conceal himself. The way his body was sprawled between the chair and the table, still balanced gracefully even though most people would completely slouch in that position, made it hard for Eren not to stare.

It's been two weeks since he confessed his feelings to the Lance Corporal, and throughout those two weeks Levi only seemed to be getting more fit each day. He thought he'd be used to it by now, the whole spending time with Levi thing. He thought he would get less flustered as the days passed.

But boy was he wrong.

They returned back to the walls a couple of days after his operation, having fulfilled the goal of their HQ stay, which was Eren turning and gaining control of his titan form. True, his transformation was unexpected. No one could have possibly predicted that titans would attack the patrol, or that they would need to be rescued. Certainly not that Levi's life would be in immediate danger. Eren had turned despite being told not to then and rushed to get Levi away from the titans. That in its turn led to Eren acquiring an injury that remains, up until this very day, unexplained. Anyways, after they both were well, Irvin decided it would be best to return inside the walls for a month to regain strength and create new formations.

And ever since they got back, once his shoulder and rib bones were completely healed, Levi had spent a large portion of each day training. As soon as they woke up, Levi would take to working out. He'd stretch out and lift for about an hour, before showering and going outside to train with his gear for two hours, then showering again and cleaning up his room.

Well, technically it was their room. Eren spent almost every night with Levi since they returned; having to sneak to Levi's room after everyone had fallen asleep so as not to be spotted. They had both agreed to keep their relationship only to themselves, atleast for now-


Levi's voice cut Eren's line of thoughts short, and the boy blinked slightly, as if he were recovering of a daze.

"While I do enjoy the fact that you occasionally space out and stare at me with your jaw dropped like that," Levi said, his expression a mixture of amusement and slight irritation, "I wouldn't mind if you actually listened to me when I talked to you."

"S-I'm-I-Sorry," Eren muttered, feeling heat flood through his veins and rise up to his cheeks. The temperature of the room wasn't helping much in keeping his cheeks from reddening either.

"I'm not gonna repeat myself again," he said, his tone remained light despite his short-tempered words, "Just finish up cleaning so we can go get something to eat."

Levi removed the towel from around his neck again, putting it over his head for a moment before removing it. His hair was now dripping over his shoulders, dampening the jacket as the water slid over the fabric.

Eren stood up.

Levi glanced at him; and his gaze slid over Eren's body. It didn't seem like nothing more than a slight stray of vision, but the way his gaze lingered over Eren's body made Eren feel flustered.

He approached the corporal, sitting down again on his knees by Levi's chair. It was partially due to being too tired to stand, but also partially due to the fact that for some reason he felt too nervous whenever Levi had to look up at him.

"You were barely on your feet for two minutes, brat, get up," he said, his gaze finally meeting Eren's.

The other boy looked at him, his eyes a little wide. "No," he said, starting to feel a bit more than flustered.

His response earned him an amused glance from Levi, who raised an eyebrow. "No?"

Eren sat up straighter then, resting his hand on the back of the chair, his fingers brushing at the collars of Levi's jacket. "No, I've been working my ass off all morning," he said. It took every ounce of nerve in him not to break his eye contact with Levi.

"So?" Levi asked, not moving an inch. His expression remained neutral, but Eren could see the rise and fall of his chest quicken.

"So," Eren inched closer, pausing only when he could feel Levi's breath against his skin. "I think I earned myself a break."

His lips brushed against Levi's when he spoke, and Levi almost pressed his lips to Eren's, before the other boy pulled away.

Levi's eyebrows furrowed in confusion at the fact that Eren pulled back. However, soon enough, that confusion was replaced by shock as he felt the soft touch of Eren's lips against his jaw.

Eren trailed kisses across Levi's jawline, he had his left palm pressed against the floor to support him up. Levi moved his hand to Eren's shoulder, his fingers gripping the material of Eren's green shirt. Eren moved his lips to Levi's neck then, gently placing two kisses on his Corporal's pale skin before starting to nibble at it.

A shiver ran through Levi's body, and his grip involuntarily tightened on Eren's shoulder. The touch of Eren's lips felt as if it left a trail of fire in its wake, and Levi had to bite down on his lip to keep any sound from escaping his mouth.

Eren smirked to himself as he felt Levi's grip tighten, and he lifted his hand up, grabbing the tip of Levi's cravate and tugging it. The knot came loose then, causing the cravate to fall over onto the chair next to Levi. Eren then left a kiss on Levi's collarbone, his hand trailing down Levi's shoulder before sliding under his jacket.

A moan built up in the back of Levi's throat, and he gritted his teeth together to stifle it. He gripped the collar of Eren's jacket then, letting his feet fall to the floor before sitting up and pulling the other boy up to him. He tilted his head so that Eren no longer had access to his neck; then pressed his lips to the other boy's.

Eren was taken aback for a second by the suddenness of Levi's actions, then his eyes fluttered shut, returning Levi's pressure against his lips. He wrapped his arms around Levi's neck, pulling Levi closer to him. The heat in the room seemed to have tripled in intensity for both of them, and Eren thought his skin might simply combust at any given moment.

Levi slid down from the chair then, bending his legs to crouch like Eren was and press his body closer to that of the brat he loved. He would never loudly admit it to Eren, but whenever Eren's skin came in contact with his, Levi would feel as if his entire thought process was transform. No, not transformed. Completely discarded. Banished. The fire that ran within his veins when Eren touched him made his mind cloud over, save for only one thought.


Eren adjusted himself so he was now sitting on the floor, before leaning back and pulling Levi to him. The latter let go of him, putting both his hands against the floor on either side of Eren to keep himself up as Eren continued to lean back until he was lying on the floor. Levi moved to straddle him, his knees against Eren's hips.

Their kisses became more urgent then, the pressure they exerted on eachother's lips increased. Eren trailed his hand down Levi's back, sliding his right hand under Levi's shirt.

The Corporal's heart was hammering against his chest; another shiver ran across his body at the touch of Eren's fingers over his lower back. He pressed himself even closer to Eren, kissing the corner of Eren's lips before moving his lips to Eren's throat.

Eren's let out a short shaky breath, his face reddening as Levi kissed all the way to the laces on the front of his shirt. His heart skipped a beat as he moved his left hand to Levi's stomach, sliding his fingers all the way down to the top button on Levi's pants.

At which point the corporal grabbed both his wrists, running his fingers down Eren's arms and pinning them on the floor above Eren's head. He moved his lips to Eren's ears then, the tip of his tongue brushing faintly against the other boy's ear lobe.

The right corner of Levi's mouth went up in a half-smirk then as he let go of Eren's arms, starting to lift himself off of him. "Finish the cleaning first," he whispered breathlessly.

The dinning room was buzzing with noise.

It was nothing unlike the small room they used for eating back at the HQ. Most people ate quietly there, only engaging in small talk once in a while. The room in which they were in now, however, was around four times as large. The Recon Corps were staying at the Garrison's dormitory complex, and so the dinning room was three quarters garrison, which explains the loud chatter and laughter.

Levi rolled his eyes, adjusting himself to make sure he was only sitting on the cape and not on the dusty bench. Auruo sat on his left side, while Eren sat on his right. Across from them were Erd, Gunther and Hanji. On Eren's other side, sat Mikasa and Armin. The table extended to also include Jean and a few others Levi couldn't name at the moment.

The only one missing was Petra. She had recovered from her comatose state, but she was still too weak to move around. They had used the carriage to bring her back when they rode inside the walls, and now she spends most of her time sleeping in a room upstairs. Levi sighed, the thought of one of his squad members being ill made him feel extremely uneasy. He made a mental note to take food up to her after they were done.

"Are you alright?"

Eren's voice snapped Levi back from his daze. The boy was looking at him, his expression one of concern. "Eh? Yeah," he muttered, meeting Eren's glance for a second before looking back down at his food, not wanting to fully stare at Eren infront of everyone.

"I can't handle the level of noise in this place," Auruo muttered, taking a bite out of the bread on his plate.

Erd nodded from across the table, "They never fucking shut up," he said, "How are they even eating?"

Gunther shrugged, shaking his head and pushing his tray aside once he was done eating.

"Carry that over to the sinks and wash it," Levi said, pointing towards the sinks that lined the wall.

Gunther muttered a complaint under his breath but grabbed the tray and stood up, knowing it would be a terrible idea to argue with Levi on this. Erd took his own tray and got up after him.

Hanji scooted over then so she was sitting directly infront of Eren. "How do you feel now?"

Eren bit down on the end of a potato, taking a small bite so as not to make a mess and earn himself another lecture from Levi. "You ask me that every single time you see me, Hanji," Eren said, "I'm fine, I don't feel anything wrong."

"Your temperature is stable? No dizziness or blurry vision?" Hanji asked, regarding Eren with a look of curious intent.

Eren shook his head, "Nothing, it's over now, isn't it? I'm healed."

Hanji nodded, "I know," she said, "But that doesn't change the fact that we still don't know how you were hurt or the exact consequences of that injury. There might be something still wrong with you that just hasn't showed itself yet."

Beside him, Levi tensed at the words. His demeanor didn't shift, but Eren could feel the tense flexing in Levi's muscles as his arm brushed against Eren's frequently.

"I'm fine, you're making way too much of a big deal out of it," Eren said, smiling at her with the secret intention of assuring Levi that he was fine.

"No, she's right," Armin spoke then, looking at Eren, "We have to keep checking on you still."

Eren scoffed, "I swear I'm fine."

"Still, it wouldn't hurt to be careful," Hanji said, then glanced at Levi, "Don't be too rough on him."

Eren's eyes widened, his face instantly flushing, "E-eh?"

"I know Levi probably pushes you to the limit in training," Hanji said, raising an eyebrow at Eren's expression.

Levi smacked the back of Eren's hand lightly then, "He can take it." Levi had to prevent himself from smirking at the way Eren reacted to Hanji's words.

Mikasa narrowed her eyes slightly at Levi, while Armin laughed. Hanji was about to make another argument about Eren's health when a figure approached the table, causing everyone to straighten up.

"Evening, soldiers," Irvin said as he walked towards them, stopping right behind Levi.

"Evening commander," Hanji said, "What brings you here? You don't usually eat with us."

"I'm not here to eat," Irvin said, looking at Levi. "I have news. There has been an.. occurence. The special operations squad needs to depart within 24 hours on a patrol outside the walls."

Eren's lips parted in surprise at the news, "Huh? Weren't the Corps supposed to stay for two more weeks?"

"Everyone else is; only the special operations are needed."

"I-Why are we needed?"

"That is something I cannot reveal at the moment," Irvin said, "I only came here to inform Levi that he needs to prepare."

Before anyone else could comment, Eren nodded. "Y-Yes sir, we'll be ready."

Irvin shook his head, "No need for you to be ready Eren, you'll be staying here."