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This will be boyxboy if you don't like don't read.

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I shrugged on my shirt, staring at James' bare back, not believing my ears. "What did you just say?" My voice quivered despite my best efforts to keep calm.

"Lily and I are officially going out so I can't do this with you anymore." James refused to face me as he shattered my heart.

"This?" I hissed, not caring if I woke up Remus and Peter. "This was you and me being in a relationship. I don't know about you, but I wasn't just fooling around." I huddled in on myself. I wanted to curl up in ball and lay there for the rest of the night. I would not give James the satisfaction to see me that way. The moonlight that lit up the room luckily shadowed my expression.

James had the nerve to snort. I would've hexed him if I had my wand on hand unfortunately I left in my bed when I came to James's. Big mistake. "You the Gryffindor God only used me as a release like I did you. We fooled around. Nothing more. Lily and I have been seeing each other for a while, but now we're finally boyfriend and girlfriend."

I held back the burn of tears I felt welling up inside me. "So I was just another hole for you to use until you got the one you wanted," I spat. I was done. No more. James was done using me as a release for his tension and friend.

"Sirius, don't take everything so seriously," James said, but I was already out of his bed, headed for the door. "Sirius?" James called out, but I wasn't going to answer, not this time.

It was well past curfew and I didn't have the invisibility cloak. Well screw it! Not like I didn't have anything to lose. I exited the portrait, wondering around the castle. I shook my whole body in disgust. I felt used and cheap. I had the urge to change in to Padfoot and roam the Forbidden Forest. Something to clean me of this feeling. No matter how many showers I took it would take a good long while before I felt right again. My best friend since the beginning of school used me for sex until he got the girl he wanted. Huh. James should've punched me or cursed me, I'm positive it would've hurt less than my heart slowly breaking apart. It was so much more to me. Numbness overtook my body as I let my feet take me wherever. I didn't care if I ran into Filch either at least detention would get me away from James for a few days until I could construct a barrier around my heart that couldn't be penetrated by him again.

Relieving tension. What a load of crap. All the late night whispers about how much I meant to him were nothing but lies. I have the feeling I should've known something was off. He kept coming to me less and less over the past month. I honestly thought we had something good. What a fool!

I stopped abruptly when I came upon where the Room of Requirement was located. At least it would be a place to think in peace and lick my wounds. I went past it three times, needing something that would be a safe, comfortable place to find some comfort for the night. A door appeared after my third pass. I stepped inside to find a king bed decorated with green and silver with a cheerful fire warming the room, and to my surprise the lone gloomy form of Severus Snape, sitting in one of the green chairs staring in to the fire. His eyes glowed like embers as he glanced my way.

He snorted, "This night just gets worse and worse." I knew the best thing would be to leave right then, something about Snape pulled me in. Maybe it was the hurt I saw in him that reflected my own, like looking in a mirror. I closed the door behind me and sat in the chair opposite Snape. And did the one thing that shocked us both. "Are you okay?" I surprisingly wanted to know, patiently I waited for Snape to answer.

Snape examined me like I was one of his potions, weighing my sincerity, checking for deceit. I didn't mind. I deserved it. My only thoughts were we were in our seventh year and it was time to set aside old grudges. During the middle of our sixth year the Marauders and I gradually stopped picking on Snape and playing pranks. What was once fun and enjoyable seemed mean and cruel with matured eyes. After that we pretty much stayed clear of each other never acknowledging or ignoring, just moving on with our lives. This was the first time I've spoken to Snape since last year. It was quite strange to be civil to him, not bad, but really weird. It was also the first time I really looked at my enemy. Snape had grown a little bit more. I was still taller than him. His hair shined in the fire light, striking me with how soft and shiny it appeared. He must shower at night before all the potion fumes can turn in his hair in to a curtain of grease. It reached his shoulders, as he brushed it back I was struck with the sudden urge to run my fingers through it. I plastered my back to the chair, clutching the armrests to keep me in place. Knowing my impulsive nature I'd do it resulting in my immediate death. Snape's large hooked nose caught my attention. It really wasn't all that bad especially if you looked past to see the burning eyes that seemed black but were actually a dark brown. Huh, never noticed that before. I always thought they were black. Even Snape's skin seemed creamy, smooth and soft. I shook my head. Okay, I might have passed out from the shock of James's betrayal and am now having the weirdest dream ever.

Snape cleared his throat. Nope. I'm really in front of Snape, admiring, finding him attractive. The world might end right now. Especially since it didn't bother me like I thought it should have. "It's none of your business. And why are you here anyway? How did you get in?" Snape sneered at me, raising an eyebrow in question.

I shrugged. "I was looking for a place to find some comfort," I mumbled.

Snape frowned at me. I guess he was looking for the same thing because there was no other way we could have both ended up here if we didn't need the same thing. I wasn't going to point it out to Snape. He obviously didn't want to think about it. Then it hit me. James and Lily are going out. Lily was Snape's best friend. I wonder if that's why he was here. We stayed silent for a while longer. Even though not a word was spoken I felt completely at ease with Snape. The best I felt in a while.

Snape rose from his seat, going to the bed. He lifted the covers, crawling under them. His voice drifted from the bed. "Black I honestly don't care what you do now, but I'm going to bed."

An idea struck me. It was probably the worst idea I've had in long time then again I didn't care. It was worth it to explore this new attraction to Snape. I went over to the bed lifting the covers. "I'm going to sleep in here if you don't mind. I really don't want to go back to my bed." Too many memories.

Snape grunted. "I don't care."

I sat on the bed, heart pounding being this close to Snape. "I'm really going to sleep here. I'm getting in."

"Like I said before I don't care just don't touch me or I swear I'll push you off this bed without a second thought. Understood?" Snape adjusted the covers when I got under them and tucked them under my chin.

Snape's breathing evened out a lot sooner than I would have expected. He really didn't care that I was here. I found it a little harder to fall asleep. Part of it was due to the fact I was a little turned on being in the same bed as Snape. It didn't bother me at all. It was actually a nice feeling. I shifted on my side, staring at Snape's back. I wanted to cuddle up against him but I had been forewarned about touching him. I smiled the first time that night happy in the fact that I now had a new goal. Befriend Severus Snape.