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The silence carried on for a few more moments, the whole time my mind whirred on what I could possibly say to get Severus to go with me. A flutter of panic took over my heart. It was silly really. There was not much chance that Regulus could take Severus away from me in one day. And there definitely wasn't any chance that Severus would go out with him. The fear inside me was hard to get rid of. It gnawed at my insides, intensifying when I locked eyes with my brother. He wouldn't give up without a fight. Whether it was because he actually wanted Severus or to get take away someone I treasured, I didn't know, but he'd have one hell of a fight if he tried.

I gently tugged Severus's arm, warm eyes landing on me. "Come with me," I pleaded. I leaned closer to Severus, lips almost touching the shell of his ear. He visibly shivered at my close proximity. Maybe I had a chance. "I could make it worth your while." I kept my voice low, but I think Regulus knew what I was saying. Severus's eyes widened, darkening as he watched me bite my lower lip then swipe my tongue over the bruised flesh. Severus stepped closer to me like he was in a trance. Just a little more persuading. "I could do what I did last time or you could finally make me yours." From the beginning I had visions of taking Severus and making him mine. I still intended to do that, but I wanted to feel him in me, around me, surrounding me. Filling me up and making me his. Letting Severus take what he wanted and giving him all that I was. Lily's words still echoed inside my head. Severus was in love with me. I was still a little fuzzy with my own feelings. It was a feeling I thought I knew with James, but with Severus it was an entirely different feeling. What we had was something special and I wasn't going to let anyone stand in the way, not myself, Severus, Regulus, or anyone at Hogwarts that had a problem with it.

Severus visibly swallowed, studying me, trying to see if I was bluffing. I went in for the kill. "Me on my hands and knees, you behind me, pounding into me with everything you have. Sweat dripping down our bodies. My prick leaking and you won't let me touch it, telling me the only way I can come is from your cock, hitting the secret spot inside me over and over." The more I said the hotter and hornier I got. I needed Severus to fulfill everything I just said now or I'd combust. Severus's breathing was labored. I continued, knowing I might come without touching my arousal. The small moans and groans escaping from Severus was a hard thing to ignore. My cock was as hard as a rock. My trousers were so tight. I wanted to adjust them. No way was I doing that in front of my brother. We may be family but there are something's that need to stay private.

I resumed my narrative, not sure I'd make it through. "When we're both near the pinnacle you'd tell me to come. After I sprayed the rumpled covers under me, you'd fill me up, marking me in every way. Making me yours forever." My mouth went dry after my story. I was so turned on I wasn't sure I could move even if I wanted to.

Severus seemed to come out of a daze as he stared at me. Pupils blown, mouth slightly parted, cheeks flush a pretty pink. It was a wonderful sight. Regulus forgotten as Severus and I tried to get our bodies under control. Believe me when I say it was hard especially when I could hear Severus's panting breath.

"Come with me now," I whispered, hopefully keeping the spell of words I had woven with my story. Keeping fingers crossed that it happened right now. I'd take being bent over a desk with Severus partially clothed, pants around his ankles as he took me hard and fast. My mind was really in the gutter now. I fanned my face as I waited for Severus to process everything. I might need a few minutes too.

"Severus, don't forget you promised to help me," Regulus's voice ruined everything.

Severus blinked a few times, trying to remember what he was doing. I knew I might have lost him. That's okay I had all day to tell him the many different ways we could have sex. Little brother's always get in the way. I felt a small twinge of admiration for my brother. He'd never give up, neither would I!

I saw the war raging behind Severus's eyes. The choice of honoring his word or doing something we both want to do. He lowered his eyes, letting me know he'd stick to his promise. The fear in me subsided a little. The way Severus reacted to me during me narration clued me in to knowing I had nothing to worry about. I trusted Severus and even though we weren't officially together at the moment. Nothing would happen. I was safe in that knowledge.

"Can you meet me later tonight around eight?" Severus's voice was considerably lower, a rush of heat flowed through my veins. I bet his voice would be wrecked after sex. I carded my hands through my hair, trying to slow my heart rate. You'd think I ran for miles. Severus had that affect on me.

I almost agreed to it. I remembered I was hanging out with Remus tonight. An hour together seemed too short. I grimaced, knowing he wouldn't like it. "I can't. I made plans with Remus tonight."

Severus's jaw tightened, eyes narrowing. "Just the two of you?"

I started laughing, pushing his shoulder gently. "Yes. Only me and Remus. No one else." I pointed at Severus. "You're mine tomorrow."


"Yeah, I think we have something's we need to talk about."

Severus nodded. Tomorrow I'd tell Severus I wanted to date, or be boyfriends, or whatever you wanted to call it. Not in front of my brother. One day couldn't hurt.

"I'll meet you after our last class tomorrow," Severus's eyes flitted over to Regulus before looking back at me, "you know where."

"Got it," I said, pulling Severus flush against me and kissing him soundly before pulling away, grinning widely at me brother and winking at Severus. Let Severus try and forget that.

I sat in the common room working on some homework for History of Magic a report on some battle or other. It was hard to concentrate on anything. The words I spoke to Severus kept replaying in my mind. I was just talking not fully grasping what I was saying about Severus making me his. I meant every word then and now. I'm really surprised I said it. After James I wasn't sure when I'd let someone that close again. It happened a lot faster than I thought it would. James never wanted to bottom. I wanted to switch places at least one time. Now I know that we could never truly give ourselves to each other. I wanted to go back in time and slap myself to wake up and see what was happening around me. I needed to give that part of myself again to Severus. I wasn't sure if it would happen tomorrow I was certainly looking forward to it.

The rest of the afternoon melted in to evening, leading me down to the Great Hall where I gorged myself. I was so hungry. I sat with Remus who was across from James and Peter. Peter greeted me warmly, but James hardly noticed me. That was all right. I didn't want the kind of attention he wanted to give me. Remus and I talked about the upcoming Quidditch match. James kept glancing our way and I finally relented. No matter what, we were still the Marauders. There had to be some balance to how we could still be friends without crossing any lines.

"What do you think James? Slytherin or Hufflepuff?" I asked, earning a flash of surprise across James's face. I wasn't sure if now was the right time to try for normal with him, but when was the right time? We could avoid each other forever or at least try.

James considered my question, pushing his glasses up his nose as he took a sip of pumpkin juice. "I want Hufflepuff to win, but the Slytherin team can play so dirty sometimes. Slytherin for the win."

"I agree. Hufflepuff can't stand a chance against Slytherin unless they employ some of the underhanded techniques that Slytherin does then they won't win easily. My money is on Slytherin all the way. But you never know they might just surprise you. Should be a good game." James grinned at me like I was his friend. He wasn't looking at me with the hint of pursuit behind his eyes. His gaze slid from mine, landing on Lily. Just as I thought. James still wanted Lily. I'd take second best. As long as James didn't chase after me, searching for something that never was then we might have the foundation to start building a more stable friendship.

I turned to Remus who seemed pleased at the exchange between me and James. It wasn't life shattering or altering, it was a step in the right direction. Hopefully small interactions between us would lead us back to a path where everything felt comfortable. Not quite there yet.

My attention wondered around the room landing on Severus. He was engaged in a heated discussion with Malfoy. His arms were waving all around his body. Malfoy laughed at what Severus said. Severus seemed to relax. I wonder what they were talking about. Severus caught on to me watching him. His lips twitched with the barest hint of a smile. I smiled widely, not caring who was watching. Severus's cheeks colored. Regulus glanced my way, raising an eyebrow. I shrugged. None of his business.

I didn't notice James trying to get my attention. He reached across the table and touched my hand. My concentration was ripped away from Severus who was glaring. Severus stood up from his table and made the trek across the Great Hall, snatching my hand from James's grasp. "Don't you dare touch him." Severus declared to James. James seemed shocked, jaw hanging low.

I'm not sure Severus thought about what he was doing when he came to the table. It settled any lingering worry about him and Regulus. I had to wonder if he didn't trust me as much as I thought. One touch from James sent him in a jealous rage. I made it clear that James was no longer an option and never would be. Lily laid her hand on Severus's arm, whispered something in his ear. He nodded, glancing down at me. He flicked his head to the door, indicating I should follow. I looked at Remus.

"Go ahead. We'll catch up soon." I hugged Remus. He was always amazing. Severus was glaring at Remus like he'd steal me away.

All the while James never said a word. Maybe he thought it was best not to aggravate the situation any more or he knew there was nothing between him and me worth fighting for. Lily went back to her seat. Severus started walking toward the door and I followed.

We made it outside the doors when Severus pulled me aside. "I'm sorry for what just happened. I hate it when he touches you. I know you don't think of him as anything other than a friend. It makes my blood boil. As soon as I saw him touch your hand I lost. I knew I couldn't wait until tomorrow to talk to you. There is something I have to tell you about me and Regulus."

My heart beat thundered a loud drum beat in my ear. "Really?"

"Yes. We used to be together in a sense. More for mutual benefits. Then it got out of control." Severus finally said what I had been waiting for him to say and I just stood there shell shocked. I already knew, hearing it from him was very different. Images of my brother and Severus raged through my mind. I was bombarded and I didn't know how to respond. I was sure I was prepared for this. I guess not.