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I shook off the feelings of shock, storing them to examine later. I can't imagine why it's such a surprise when Lily already told me. I didn't expect to hear it from Severus so quickly, the period of adjustment wasn't long enough. The closer I looked at all the feelings in me at the big reveal, a huge one appeared to be relief. Severus finally told me something I thought he might keep to himself a little longer. Time to reveal that I knew. My stomach dropped to the floor. Severus might not like the idea that Lily told me some of the history surrounding him and Regulus.

I breathed deeply, mentally preparing myself for what was to come. I needed to tell Severus, it didn't feel right to keep the information secret. Severus watched me closely, dark eyes studying me, seeing more than I wanted them too. I know he saw how hurt I was even though I had no right to be. It was the past just like how Severus's reactions to James. James meant nothing to me, not like that but the hurt was still etched in Severus's face.

My heart fluttered wildly in my chest like a caged bird trying to get out. I pressed my hand against my chest trying to calm my raging heart beat. Severus continued to watch me, waiting patiently for my reaction. He could probably do this all night if he wanted to.

I closed my eyes tightly. Why was this so hard? I tried to speak a few times, but words failed me. The one time being a talkative person could come in handy and it failed me. I scrounged up all my Gryffindor courage and spat it out. It wasn't gracefully done. At least I was able to say something. "I heard you talking with Regulus earlier and saw that you came in to Potions with what looked like kiss swollen lips and saw the green-eyed monster. I asked Lily if she would tell me about you and Regulus since you didn't seem intent on telling right away."

Severus's eyes got bigger the longer I talked they looked like they might bug out by the end of my confession.

"First of all what do you mean about kiss swollen lips?" Severus cocked his head to the side, hair falling over his face. I resisted the urge to brush it away just in case I might lose my hand. It was hard to tell what he was feeling and thinking. I prayed he wasn't mad at me.

"When you came in to class your lips were all swollen?"

Severus shook his head, brow furrowed. "I never kissed Regulus. He tried to kiss me, but I made sure he stopped with a swift kick to his shin. He was not pleased with me after that. They might have looked swollen do to the fact that I kept biting them while talking to him. Like I'd let him kiss me when I'm clearly into you. Is that why you were acting so weird in Potions?"

I wanted to smack my hand against my forehead, I refrained with all my self-control. I nodded, feeling my mouth go dry. The longer the conversation went on I looked like a bigger idiot for reacting the way I did. Love makes you do crazy things. Love?! Where did that thought come from? I shook my head, not sure where it came from, but starting to realize it might not be too far off the mark. There was no way I'd do any of this insane stuff without having a powerful motivator like love or intensely strong feelings driving my actions. Half the time I ran on emotions. It could be quite exhausting, it was something I did without thinking. Must be how I got in so much trouble most of the time. I was never ashamed of my emotions running the show, but I might have to think more before I go running around making decisions that might have certain consequences on other people.

"Yes. I got a little crazy when I saw you with Regulus. I needed to know so I went to Lily. I should've gone straight to you first. I'm sorry."

Severus stared at me like he was seeing me for the first time. Severus rushed me and engulfed me in a tight hug. "You want me that much?" he whispered, sending shock waves of arousal through my veins at how turned on he sounded.

"Of course I do." I pulled back a little cupping his face. "I got to admit thought I thought you'd hex me for not going to you first." I lifted my right eyebrow, hoping for an explanation.

Severus colored a little, cheeks warming under my hands. Severus cleared his throat, eyes darting up to the ceiling then back to mine. "It seems like your using that Slytherin side you have. Gathering information and knowing about the situation instead of just jumping in without the right knowledge."

Surprise didn't begin to describe the feelings swirling inside. "You like that side of me?"

Severus's cheeks reddened ever further. "Yes, I do. In fact you should see if you could switch to Slytherin and then you could share my bed with me."

My cock liked the sound of that by the way my trousers seemed to significantly tighter. "I'd love to share your bed for the rest of the school year, but Gryffindor is my home even though my Slytherin side likes to get out every once in a while. I'd gladly share a bed with you now."

Severus's eyes brightened then dimmed, the dark orbs losing their normal luster. He pulled away from my touch, avoiding my eye contact. "I might've promised Regulus I'd help him more this evening. You said you'd be with Lupin for the night and so…" Severus bit his bottom lip, worrying the supple flesh.

I was momentarily distracted, wanting to have a go at his lips too. I swallowed hard, lust fogging my brain. The news didn't surprise me or make that little monster inside green, to my relief. I didn't want to be jealous. The emotion wasn't what I wanted fueling my need or want for someone. It might be hard to shake off completely, at least for now it didn't get in the way.

"I understand. I'll see if Remus will take me back if only for tonight."

Severus appeared peeved and relieved. "Maybe I should tell your brother that I'll have to take a rain check. I want to be with you."

The last sentence was like a kick to my heart. It made me want to gather up Severus, whisk him to our safe haven and stay there for days. My plan to do so was thwarted by the hair curling laugh of Lucius. Ugh, I hate that guy!

Lucius and his gang of fools walked out of the Great Hall to stop in front of me and Severus, who visibly tensed under the gaze of his supposed friend. "What do we have here? The Gryffindor golden boy and the lowly Slytherin. Tell me Black what is it like to date the greasy bat from the dungeons?" Lucius's smug face was looking for a black eye. I saw red when he called Severus a bat. One look at Severus told me to keep my cool.

My temper simmered under the surface waiting for the moment to strike, on the outside I smirked and let my Slytherin side out to play again. I crossed my arms over my chest, shifting all my weight to my right leg, appearing casual. "I don't know. I'll have to ask Narcissa next time I see her. Now if you'll excuse us we'll be on our way." I grabbed Severus's hand as all the blood drained from Lucius's face, skin matching his hair color. His goons had to restrain him as he went for his wand. I camly walked away, my back turned toward him. Maybe not the smartest move in the world, I had to show he didn't have any effect on me.

By the time we made it near the Gryffindor portrait entrance I let go of Severus's, pacing the length of the hall. Severus silently watching me. Finally the silence got to me and I burst out. "Are you going to yell at me or something?"

That caught Severus off guard. "What for?"

"I just shot my mouth off to Malfoy." Since he was Severus's friend I thought he might be upset at my outburst toward the git.

Severus smiled, making my heart melt a little. A small chuckle escaping the hand trying to hold in his laughter. "That was one of the best things I've ever had the pleasure of witnessing. Plus you stuck up for me and that doesn't happen very often from other people." Severus stared at me through his dark lashes. "It makes me want to devour you right here."

I don't know who went for whom first, before I knew it Severus and I were enveloped in a hungry kissed that went straight to my deflated prick. The encounter with Malfoy was a mood killer. Severus's tongue sweeping in to my mouth was booster. I tangled my hands in his hair, yanking his head to the side, licking a strip of skin before sucking and nipping the bruised flesh. Satisfied when I left my mark and I swallowed Severus's moan as our bodies came in to contact, cocks meeting in a wonderful grinding friction that made me dizzy, all the blood in my brain rushed to my groin. I grabbed Severus's shoulder, pushed him against the nearest wall, not caring if we were in the wide open. I ground of erections furiously, heart beating faster as I felt the beginnings of my orgasm start at the base of spine and shoot through my body. I kissed Severus's as our bodies came to completion together, sweat dripping down my back and gathering on my forehead. My vision blackened around the edges, keeping Severus in focus. I slumped against Severus as we tried to catch our breath. My boxers were soaked with my release. The stickiness, wet and cold. Severus started moving under my weight.

"Do you like doing this kind of thing in public?" Severus asked, as I moved off him adjusting his clothes. A huge wet spot covered the front of his trouser's, I knew if I looked down I'd find a similar one of my own.

I grinned, relaxing after a wonderful orgasm. "Not normally, but it does give a certain thrill and urgency to the situation. And no one caught us."

A small smile pulled the corners of his mouth up just a little. Severus pulled out his wand, pointed at me, glaring. "Don't make it a habit," he said before he cleaned both of our pants. "That was a bit uncomfortable, but totally worth it."

"I guess we can't go sporting a wet spot for the whole world to see. I would've gladly kept it there until I had a chance to change."

"Me too, but I have a long walk back to the dungeons and don't appreciate the thought of being sticky and cold for the trek."

"I suppose you're right. I guess this will have to do until I can get my hands on you again tomorrow." I nipped at Severus's love bit, he shuddered under my touch. I smirked against my handy work, not wanting to leave his side. "I guess this is where we say goodbye," I mumbled, not wanting to part.

"Only for now. I'll see you tomorrow." Severus scowled at the ground, smoothing his hand down his robes, checking to make sure they were in order. Severus turned to go then turned back to me, cheeks flushed. "Did Lily tell you anything else?"

The question made my mind freeze. Was Severus asking if I knew he was in love with me? The afterglow I was happily enjoying vanished, replaced with cold sweat beading on my forehead. How the hell was I supposed to answer that question? Truth or lie? My heart was stuck in my throat as I tried to figure out the best response.