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I warmed up back stage, hopping side to side and rotating my head. The thousands of screaming fans outside fueling me. I did my annual warm-up like I did every time before a show.

I glanced at Nico who did his own routine: Laying down on a red couch and drumming out to punk songs. Gods knows how the idiot (don't take it the wrong way. I love the guy.) became part of one of the biggest bands in the world. It seemed appropriate however since he was our drummer and sang for some songs. But hey, we are not a boy band. I repeat we are not a boy band!

If you haven't guessed it yet. I'm Percy Jackson. Yeah, the Percy Jackson. One third of The Olympic Rush. Okay, I'll give you ten seconds to go ahead and laugh at the name. I know I did when our manager Hades decided it was perfect for us.

Jason came up to me, "Ready Percy?" he grinned.

He had the surfer vibe going for him with his blonde hair that he had up in a 'Cody Simpson' kind of way, but shorter, and blue eyes. He was the only one between the three of us who had a tattoo. Not that it was big. It was a tattoo of an eagle under his forearm. He joked it was a mistake after a wild party, but I knew it wasn't. Jason was the more serious one from the three of us.

I nodded, "You know it."

Nico joined us as the voice counted down for us. At zero we jogged onstage, with me in front. If it was possible, the crowd grew louder.

"What's up L.A!" I shouted and the crowd cheered louder.

I grinned enjoying the sound of the crowd before starting off with our newest hit I want you bad. After a few more songs we ended it with an old one: Paranoid.

After the show, we went backstage. I grabbed a rag wiping off some sweat. We were all drenched in sweat and breathing heavily. Whoever said singing wasn't a sport obviously hasn't been on stage before.

"The crowd loved us!" Nico shouted grinning wide.

"Don't they always?" I joked falling onto Nico's couch.

"Nah guys, this time was different. They really really loved us." Jason stated sitting on an armchair.

I knew what he meant. Nico did too. We've been gaining more and more fans every concert and album we've dropped. We were getting bigger and the tour hadn't even started yet.

Before I could respond everyone got quiet. No noise came from outside our room. There was only was thing-or person-that had that affect on people.


We all stood up together as we heard his footsteps coming closer. Believe me, I hated the guy, but even I was scared of him. It was worse for Nico though. He was Hade's son.

The door opened and in came the man himself. He was large just like his brothers Zeus (Jason's father) and Poseidon (my dad). Zeus owned his own airline and was rich. My dad was in the same business but with boats and ships. Hades was our manager though.

"We need to talk," that was his big greeting. No 'hi' or 'great show!'

"Hades! Always a pleasure to meet my least favorite uncle." I piped in, my hatred taking over the frightened side of me.

He glared at me before continuing, "It's come to my attention you guys have been losing fans and the paparazzi haven't been paying that much attention to you."

We stared at him blankly, Nico as pale as a bed sheet. The guy hated his dad, but never had the nerve to say anything. I didn't agree with his statement, but even I wasn't stupid enough to interrupt him when he was talking.

"Now I have a plan to get us back on track." Hades had his signature evil smirk on his face now.

"And that is?" It was Jason now. His face resembled mine. The only time Hades talked to us directly was when there was bad news. And I did not like the smile on his face.

"You're going back to school."

"What?!" The three of us spoke out at the same time.

Hades nodded almost looking bored now, "The press will eat it up. And don't try arguing. It's all set up and you're leaving for New York tonight. The tours cancelled."

I gaped, my mouth opening and closing. I had no idea how to feel about this. I loved New York and I could visit my mom! But cancelling the tour? Who the hell does that?

"But we're not losing our fans! If anything, we're getting more popular." It was Jason that gained his voice first.

"Not according to magazines. Turns out you've been kicked off the top ten artists."

"Wonder whose fault that is." I grumbled.

Hades snapped his head toward me giving me his death glare. I think he heard me. "And listen Perseus," I cringed at my full name, "You better keep up your act in New York. No 'nice guy.'" Hades warned.

I glared at him, my jaw clenched. From the corner of my eyes I could see the guys giving me looks of sympathy, "And what if I don't?"

Hades growled, "I own you until you're 21. Your job is to listen to me. Your leaving in fifteen." With that he left leaving us by ourselves.

After a tense moment of silence, Nico broke it. "High school eh? New York better watch out. Three bad asses be coming its way."

Jason laughed and I smiled.

It was true my dad had given all ownership of me, like I was a damn dog, until I was 21. As my manager, he could do just about anything. Did i mention he had all the power over the money I made until I was 21? I haven't seen my father in four years and I wasn't going to go complaining to him now. It wasn't like he cared about me. Why else would he leave me in the hands of Hades and go half way across the world?

I remembered back to two years ago. We were in the same situation and Hades had a brilliant idea. He wanted to change our 'image.' We refused, but he had none of it. As a counteroffer he said one of us will have to be the 'bad boy; of the band. You know the guy that "doesn't give a shit. The world class jerk/player." Guess who he chose? You guess it! It was me and that's exactly what every fan out there thinks of me for the last two years. The clique 'bad boy.' Basically my whole life was a lie. I hated acting like that, but I had no choice.

Like Hades said, the press ate it up. The story that came out of it was this was mostly due to my 'painful' breakup with model and actress Calypso. The breakup got me good and now I was off the rails. No serious reltaionships, parties. Blah blah blah. Honestly, the break up was mutual and we decided to stay friends until Hades got involved. Now I wasn't so much as to text Calypso. She was the only one other then the band, Hades and my mom who knew about the 'bad boy' act.

Hades is a dick. As she put it.

I laughed at the memory.

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Song Mentioned: I Want You Bad-R5 & Paranoid-Jonas Brothers