Okay, My dear readers. Yes I am aware that we are not supposed to make a chapter out of an author's note but I needed to inform my readers. I know you all love this story so far but I am rewriting it. I have very big reasons for doing so. I know that I have mentioned in the past that there will be a story for Harry's godmother Charlie. Well I need to change a lot of stuff for both of them to be where I desire them to be. I am truly sorry but I am just not happy with the story so far. It's likely to get really complicated so far as family relationships and such but I'm always willing to answer questions as long as they aren't too big of spoilers. I hope you guys can bear with me, I should have at least the first chapter up soon, because I don't plan to change that much about it. I love all of my readers, and I hope they will stick with me!