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Kurt lay the boy down on the pew after he passed out. He noticed the boy had a great many injuries. He wondered where he might have gotten them. Then he saw the bruises around his neck that were the shape of a large hand. He no longer had to guess. He knew it was abuse. "Arme seele." He whispered as he stroaked the boys face. Who or what could do such a thing? He looked adorable in his sleep. Kurt's tail acted on its own and started stroking the boys face. Kurt stayed by his side for the few hours that he was out cold.
As Kurt thought about what wrong had been done to the boy laying before him, he realized that many people could have done it. So many people were cruel these days. So many people were afraid of people who are different. That's what Kurt suspected about this boy. He may not have the outward appearance of looking different, such as Kurt' s own, but he knew that meant nothing. Many mutants looked like everyone else, but had deadly secrets. Maybe this boy was different as well. Kurt sat like this for hours, waiting for the boy to wake up.
When he finally did wake, Kurt was too absorbed in his thoughts to notice the startling green eyes staring at him. He jumped at the soft raspy voice.
"Who are you?" Kurt looked into the green eyes, expecting to see what he usually did, disgust and fear. But what he saw was curiosity, awe and... Admiration?
"I am Kurt Vagner. And you are?" He asked, turning to kneel next to the boy on the pew. The boy smiled. It would have been amazing if it weren't so broken. In the that moment, Kurt vowed to himself he would fix the boy before him. He would make his eyes gleam, and make his smile beautiful again. He was pulled out of his musings when the boy spoke again.|
"I am Harry Potter. But I plan to change my name as soon as possible. I just need to get away. Once I'm away, I'll be fine. Just a few things I have to do in London before I go. Then I'll probably head to America." He started to think on his plans, completely forgetting about the beautiful creature beside him. Well, sort of. He was kinda thinking about to go with him, not that Kurt knew that. Kurt was just watching the thoughtful expressions play across the boys face. After a moment he cleared his throat, gaining the attention of the younger boy. Sad boy gave him a sheepish smile.
"Sorry about that. Just thinking about the things I need to do before leaving England." He said softly. Kurt stared at a bruise on his face, before looking into his eyes.
"You need to heal before you anyfing. While ve are on ze topics, who did zis to you? Who vould do zis to you?" Kurt asked, heart aching as Harry looked away, in obvious shame. Kurt raised a hand up and stroked his face, trying to offer some comfort.
"You don't have to be afraid or ashamed. What they did vas not your fault. And they vill not hurt you again. Zat I can promise, schön." This caused Harry to smile a little.

"My uncle. I'll tell you the whole story, but you have to swear yourself to secrecy." He said with a serious look on his face. Kurt could feel the gravity of the situation. He knew he had to agree.

"I vouldn't dare tell a soul vithout your permission." He said, He knew he had to agree.

"I vouldn't dare tell a soul vithout your permission." He said, taking one of Harry's hands in his own three fingered one. Harry smiled at him, before looking away and taking a deep breath.

"First of all, you must not interrupt me while I'm telling you my story. Understood?" He waited till he got a nod in return, before he leaned back and began.

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