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Finally.. Obito is finally...dead.

My visions blurred from extreme exhaustion as I barely heard the voices of the two team mates in front of me. I slowly retrieved back the power from the White Strength Seal that I've finally awakened and was light green instead of lilac like my master's.

"The war is finally over.."

"We can go home now..."

"Sa..k.. let's go back to the village now..."

"Sakura-chan.. are you okay?..."

My eyes were forced to roll back as my body tilted backwards and fell into the deep pools of darkness...

Beep.. beep.. beep.. beep...

"Few sprained bones, deep cut wounds, a broken rib, overuse of chakra, extreme exhaustion. Her bone structure is all healed now, but her exhaustion seems to be the problem... She seems to have exhausted herself a lot, I can't predict when she'll wake up."

I started hearing faint voices as I peeked open my eyes to see a white hospital room. I had a CPAP covering the bridge of my nose to my chin and helped me breathe with ease and comfort.


I turned my eyes towards the voice as I saw Naruto and Sasuke standing there, talking with Lady Tsunade. Naruto wore a grave face while Sasuke was neutral.

"Na.. Naru..."I tried speaking as Sasuke snapped his head to me first.

"Sakura,"he called out.

Naruto whipped his head towards me as I attempted to bear hug me, but was stopped by Lady Tsunade. Naruto and Tsunade started to quarrel as they totally ignored me and Sasuke's existence.

"Sa.. su...ke-ku.."I choked out, trying to sit up.

"Stay down,"he said in a commanding manner, staring at me with an empty gaze.

I felt my long hair cascading down my shoulder as I was laid back down. Wait a minute... LONG HAIR?

"Mirr.. or...I... need.. mirror.."

Sasuke looked back at Naruto to see that he was trying to get Lady Tsunade off of him and went to a drawer in the room and handed a face mirror to me. The moment I looked in the mirror, my heart rate increased as the heart rate monitor beeped erratically.

"Sakura-chan!"Naruto cried out, snapping his head back towards me.

I widened my eyes at myself as I scanned my face. My short choppy hair had grown past my chest and somehow made me radiate a beautiful aura.

"Take...off.. mask..."

Lady Tsunade removed the CPAP as I spoke normally than before.

"Why the hell do I look different?"I asked in a demanding manner as Lady Tsunade answered slowly.

"The White Strength Seal that you've acquired can increase the growth rate of your hair and make you look beautiful even though you look the same. I'm not very surprised that my own pupil has gotten the same White Strength Seal as mine."

"How long was I unconscious?"

"Eh...I think it was about 2 weeks Sakura-chan,"Naruto answered, scratching his head.

I was shocked and the heart rate monitor showed it. Lady Tsunade had a long lour of check up until she final decided that I was discharged. I changed into my baggy beige shirt with a red leather, zip up vest over it, a short beige tight skirt, and my knee-length ninja boots.

I walked out of the hospital with my long shoulder blade-length pink hair swaying in the soft breeze. I felt fairly different than what I felt like before.

"Sakura-chan! Let's go to Ichiraku's to celebrate the reunion of Team 7!"Naruto beamed, putting my arm around Sasuke's shoulders.

"Get off me dobe, I have to train."

"Then let's train together then!"

"Idiot, Sakura was just discharged from the hospital."

"I'd prefer you to not look at me as I'm weak,"I dangerous growled, glaring at Sasuke.

Sasuke was silent then started heading towards the training ground as Naruto and I followed. I was feeling much better with the auto recover of the White Strength Seal and I felt more confident after releasing the power out.

We, except for Naruto, stood from each other on the training ground as Naruto yelled to us.

"Okay then! Let's see who'll be the one standing at the end!"

I took out my black leather gloves and tightened it firmly as I pulled it down my hands. I was craving for some training since I was knocked out for 2 weeks.

We were silent and stared at each other with scanning eyes as we devised a plan. I looked at Naruto to see that he was eye-ing me to gang up on Sasuke, I eyed him to agree on that as the wind started to blow faster.

All three of us began running towards the center of the ground in full speed as I filled up my fist with chakra. Naruto had readied his bunched up fist as we aimed for Sasuke and swung our fists at Sasuke who arrived at the middle.

"Cha!"I switched my aim at Naruto as I slipped past his Rasengan and slammed my fists at his face.

Sasuke had used his super speed to dodge and I sent Naruto flying across the wide training ground as he was smashed against 10 trees.

"S-Sakura-chan...you big meanie.."he croaked out.

"Sorry Naruto, it's your fault that you decided to trust me,"I said, smirking as I turned towards Sasuke.

I pushed chakra towards my feet as I got into a mad dash towards Sasuke. I swung a chakra filled punch at him towards his face, but easily dodged as I suspected and blocked his high kick with my arm as we performed a lightning speed taijutsu battle.

Sasuke activated his Chidori as I filled up my fist with chakra as we collided the two powerful attacks and was thrown back from the recoil. Sasuke wasn't even breaking a sweat while I was breathing hard from the physical attacks.

I closed my eyes to concentrate as I released chakra from my White Strength Seal and I felt immense chakra powering up my body.

I'm not playing nice girl now.


I smashed my dangerous fist on to the ground as the earth below me rumbled into boulders as I looked up to see Sasuke jumping rock to rock to avoid danger.

This was my chance.

I pushed chakra on to my feet as I charged up my fist with overwhelming amount of chakra and took a mad dash towards Sasuke. He was in mid-air which means, no where to run.


I slammed my fist on to Sasuke's chest as made a full twist on to it so it would be a painful one. He coughed up blood as I smirked in victory.

I helped Naruto and Sasuke lay on a tree and pulled out my gloves to get ready to heal them.

"Sasuke, I know you went easily on me,"I said as Sasuke looked away from me,"For your punishment, you're gonna be the last one to heal."

Because of my White Strength Seal, I began healing Naruto without any hand signs as 30 minutes passed. Naruto was knocked out and I summon out Katsuya to transport him to Lady Tsunade.

"Hai Sakura-san!"she said before disappearing into a poof with Naruto.

"Sasuke-kun, take off your jacket,"I instructed, turning to him.

"Hn.."he took off his turtle neck white jacket.

I placed my hands on his chest and started reattaching the bone. Without anethesia, this was going to be a painful process.

Sasuke started to show signs of pain as I quickly reattached the bone and healed his bruises and scratches. After finishing with bandages, I tapped him on the shoulder that I was done and retrieved chakra from my White Strength Seal.

"I'll see you later,"I said, heading towards home.

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