"No, fucking, way!"

Surprisingly many students came back for their "8th year" at Hogwarts. To celebrate this Dumbledore decided to add a Muggle spin to their school year. Students were required to wear Muggle clothes, as well as teachers. Quiddith was not altered, much to the student's relief, except for the Gryffindor cheer leading squad added.

On the day of Quidditch and cheer leading try outs, everyone was shocked when Harry Potter tried out for cheer leading(he, of course, made it). What shocked people more was Dumbledore nominating Draco Malfoy for cheer captain, which he excepted.

Draco, however, had refused to cheer, so he simply trained the witches(and wizard). Money was running short, and the cheer squad was close to being cut.

Dumbledore's solution? Make Harry cheer in the same uniform as the girls, to save money.

"Come on, Harry", Ginny tried again, holding up the red and gold mini skirt. "Do it for the team!"

Harry growled. "No. Way. I'm all ready wearing this tight-ass shirt!"

Ginny sighed. It was time for drastic measures.

"Harry...if you don't wear this uniform to cheer in, you're not cheering, at all."

Harry gaped at her. Quidditch had honestly been fun, but cheering gave him a break. That's all he had ever wanted; how could Ginny be so cruel?

"Fine!" Harry snatched the skirt from a smirking Ginny.

"Now, get out!"



Ginny grinned at her team captain.

"He's putting it on, now."

Draco gave her a nod, then told the squad to partner up.


Harry looked at himself in the locker room mirror, and groaned.

Hermione, angry at him for coping her Potions essay, had cast a hair removal spell on Harry. His eyebrows and messy hair had grown back, but his leg hair...Harry groaned, again.

His legs were completely smooth, like a girl's.

He heard laughter from behind, and cursed.

Despite what he was wearing, Harry was not a girl. Which meant, he still shared the locker room with the Gryffindor Quidditch team. The whole Gryffindor Quidditch teach. The new team that happened to be made up of all his friends, this year.

"Trying something new, mate?", Ron teased.

"Fuck off.", the cheerleader growled. The whole school already knew about his predicament.

"He even shaved his legs!"

"Fuck you, Finnigan."

Dean grinned.

"We're only teasing, Harry."

"Yeah", Seamus agreed. "It's perfectly fine if you're getting all dolled up, for Malfoy."

Harry blushed in mortification, as the team burst into laughter, yet again.

He had accidentally let it slip, that he was crushing on the Slytherin.

"I hate you all.", Harry declared, storming out.


"Alright, girls! Take a break..."

As Draco trailed off, the girls turned to where their captain was staring, and began giggling.

Harry stood in the middle of field, blushing in anger and embarrassment, toying with the bottom of his skirt.

Ginny grinned at Draco's gawking, and obvious arousal.

"Hey, Malfoy! Stop drooling all over your shirt!"

The Slytherin broke out of his daze, and glared at the smirking ginger.

Draco had admitted to likeing Harry, after much pestering from his squad. Harry had no idea.

Harry had seen Draco's startled gaze, and of course took it the wrong way. Draco probably thought he looked stupid. Harry began nervously playing with the bottom of his skirt, unknowingly making it ride up his thigh.

Draco gulped, and quickly looked away from the boy.

"Alright, get in formation!", Draco ordered.

Ginny looked across the field at her brother, and gave as thumbs up. Ron nodded in response, before taking off into the sky.

Harry and Draco were going to get together, no matter how much kicking and screaming it took.

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