"Ginny, run!"


People had been telling the ginger to run, all day. Ravenclaws, Hufflepuffs, Gryffindors, hell, even a few Slytherins had whispered, "Better move a bit faster, Weasley..."

Ginny had finally made it to the Quidditch field, ready to cheer. She cackled at the scene in front of her. Harry was being held down by Millicent, as his face was covered in make-up by Hermione. His fingernails were being painted black and orange by Luna, his toenails were being painted blue by Lavender, and his legs were being magically re-waxed by Cho.

Kicking, and screaming, Harry cried, "Stop it! Stop it, or I'll...or I'll..."

"Or you'll what Harry?", grinned Ginny, as she sat and began putting a bow into his hair.

"I'll tell Draco on you!", he whined. The squad laughed, and giggled, as they continued to make over the boy.

"I mean it!", he warned, as mascara was applied to his eyelashes.

"I'm warning you!", he cried, as his hair was put in two pigtails.

Suddenly, Ginny smirked, before whispering a spell. Harry gasped, before pushing Millicent off him and sitting up straight. He sat on the ground, blinking with his mouth open. Taking in his appearance the squad giggled, and Harry red lipstick-covered bottom lip began to wobble.

"Ginny...", Hermione whispered, as Harry's eye's became watery. "What, exactly, did your spell do?"

Ginny, as well as the rest of the squad, weren't as perceptive, as Hermione. They didn't know the signs of a Harry-meltdown.

Laughing, Ginny exclaimed, "It enchants frilly panties on to your bum!"

The squad went from giggling, to outright laughter at Ginny's explanation.

Harry's gave a sad sniff, his two pigtails bobbing, as the squad laughed at him.

"Oh, no...", whispered Hermione, as a tear ran down the boy's cheek, making his mascara run.

Throwing back his head, Harry began crying.


The squad ceased laughing, immediately.

"Shit.", hissed Ginny.


Almost as if he had Appaperated, Draco was in front of the squad in a flash. With wandless magic, Harry was restored to his regular self, though he had on sweatpants instead of a miniskirt.

The girls huddled behind Ginny. Hermione didn't even dare to stand her ground. She knew even her pride wasn't enough to protect her from the wrath of an angry Draco, especially when Harry was involved.

"I thought you had been warned, Weaslette...", the captain hissed.

"Wha..." Run, Ginny!

Before Ginny could do just that, she was Stupefied by the blond. "You'll be dealt with...later."

"I'm guessing she was the last straw. But, that means there were other straws involved."

The cheerleaders literally began shaking in fright, except Harry who was sticking his tongue out at the squad.


The girls blinked at Draco, who glared at them.

"Laps. Laps, god dammit! Thirty! Now!"

Hermonie broke from her daze, and began running. One by one the others followed suit, extremely relieved.

Draco glared at Harry, as well (though the glare softened.)

"Your included in the laps, Harry. Get to it."

Harry stuck out his bottom lip, and fluttered his eyelashes up at the boy.

Draco failed to stop his blush, but kept his glare in place.

"You're not getting out if it, Potter. Not this time."

Harry stood and wrapped his arms around the boy's waist. He gave Draco a light kiss, before hissing his Parseltounge, "Oh, come on, Draco..."

In an instant the boy's eyes clouded over with lust. Smirking, Harry hissed again.

"...you and I both know, that I'm going to get out of it."

Draco glared, as if he knew what Harry had said, making the brunette laugh. He smiled up as boyfriend, whose glare once again softened, before Harry kissed him again.

Oh, yeah. He was totally going to get out of it.