Contents for The Swan Queen Collection of Love Stories

Chapter 1-3

White Knight

Aboard Hook's ship bound for Neverland to save Henry, Regina suddenly comes face to face with her future destiny when Rumplestiltskin pieces together who her true love is. Will she give in to temptation and if she does, how will The Charmings take this new development?

Chapter 4 – 6

My Mistake

Just before Regina could get Miss Swan to taste her forbidden fruit hidden in an apple tart, Emma makes a shocking confession. What happens when Regina accidentally eats her own poison and falls into a Sleeping Curse? Will Emma be able to wake her up by 'True Love's' Kiss just in time or will Regina die from her own actions?

Chapter 7 – 9

Forbidden Dance

The town holds a mask party and dressed as Black Swan, Emma comes face to face with a stranger behind a mask dressed as a Pirate. Who is this person that asks her to dance and proceeds to make out with her, fighting hard to keep their mask on? One can only imagine what the person's intentions are!

Chapter 10 - 19

The Stable Girl

When the curse is broken, after Regina doesn't confess what her heart feels for Emma, she's transformed into her teenage self. And Emma is the one left to take care of this wild eyed 18 year old Regina who has no idea what's happening. But suddenly, going on horseback riding, skinny dipping and exploring the wonders of the future may just make a wide eyed teenage girl fall desperately in love with Miss Emma Swan.