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Pairing: Lord Voldemort/Harry Potter

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"I just remembered, Luna."

"Remember what?" The dreamy girl said, from her perch on the window. The panes of glass were painted in frost, and it reminded him once more in how little time he had left before Yule.

Harry leaned against the stone wall, breathing in a sigh. "I still need something to wear to this thing."

"You had something the first time around, didn't you?" Luna said, her pale eyes blinking. He could only stare back.

"Mrs. Weasley got them for me, and even if I still had the ability to wear something she had chosen for me, they wouldn't fit anyways."

"Are you sure she had something to do with Ginny?"

Harry choked. "Luna, do you really think Ginny would be able to continue dosing me without her helping?"

The blond haired girl giggled, "I'm glad you're like this now, Harry. I thought I would have to wait again until I had someone to play with."

He laughed in return. She had always been the person who could get through to him, when everyone else had failed. Perhaps it was due to both their creature blood, and how they reacted similarly, but when he had gotten out of control in the future, she was always able to patch him up with only a few dreamy words and bright, knowing eyes. "You scare me sometimes, Luna."

"My mother's family is said to rein from another place," She said, "Apparently they were all very mischievous."

He hadn't known this. His eyebrows arched. "In the way my mother's family all liked blood a little too much?"

Luna beamed. "We are a pair, Harry," She declared after a moment. "Dumbledore should be worried."

"So you're coming out a little earlier then?"

"I have you this time," She said, "I'm not so worried."

He rolled his eyes. "Harry Potter, at your service. I can solve any problem you have or will have in the future."

"Exactly," She said, with another beaming smile. "The nargles say so."

They paused for a moment, before Harry exploded into laughter, her quickly following.

"Do they really exist, Luna? Or was that one more piece of the puzzle?"

Her smile slowly faded, "They did, once. But they like the dark better, and had to leave."

He sighed. "Is magic dying?"

"It doesn't have to," Luna said. "There are always hidden reasons for timetravel, Harry. Just don't go looking for them, and it'll find you."

He breathed out another sigh. While it was nice to have something who truly understood what he had done, Luna's confusing statements sometimes left him scrambling for answers he would never get.

But still, he wouldn't have anyone else.

"What does Marvolo want?" Harry finally said, after a while.

She blinked innocently at him, which instantly made his suspicious. "He wants you, of course."

He groaned. "And what does that mean, exactly?"

"Exactly what you think it means, Harry."

He stared at her for a moment, "I have no idea what that means, Luna, which is why I'm asking you."

She gave him another look, although it was rather exasperated. "You do know, you just don't want to think about it."

"I'm not giving him anything," Harry grumbled. "But I'll-"

"The first thing you could do is bring back the other half."

His eyes widened at her voice, and his gaze went to her face. Wispy blond hair, gleaming blue eyes, and a wicked smile that made him slightly nervous.

"It's gone, though. I destroyed it."

She laughed outright at that. "Harry, you are the Master of something very important, but even without that, you could still bring it back over."

Harry's breath hitched, and his mind ignored the last part of her words. "I'm not, Luna. Not anymore."

She blinked, cocking her head. "Are you sure? Your soul is still very much yours, which means anything connected to your life before has come back with you? Surely you knew that?"

"Luna," Harry said, his voice cracking, "There's a reason I came back this early into my life."

"Do you know that for certain, or are you just guessing?"

He grimaced, "I don't want to talk about this."


They stared at each other, gazes set, before Luna whispered, "Being this stubborn in your ways will only ruin you again. In the future we were both too late to change. In coming back, you gave me a second chance as well. I want to change everything, Harry. I'm done with letting my classmates bully me, I'm tired of hiding, after those brief years of freedom when Dumbledore was dead."

Harry was silent for moment, before his lips twitched into a half smile. "Then we have to make an entrance then, now won't we?"

She set her hazy blue eyes back on him, and smiled widely.

"That we will."

"Where have you been, Harry?" Hermione said, hands on her hips. He cringed, shutting the door behind him. It was well into the early morning, and while he had thought he would only be out for an hour or so, getting dress robes for the ball, it turned into something…. rather different.

"I did something I probably shouldn't have?" He answered meekly, but she only growled at him, even more when he burst into laughter.

Harry lowered his voice, drawing closer as he dropped his bags. "I went out to get dress robes, and I got…. seduced into this little nightclub-"

Hermione only raised an eyebrow. "Really now?"

He shrugged, flashing her a smile. "She had really nice legs."

The rebounding slap hit him in the middle of his back, and he burst into laughter again, but he could see his friend fighting a smile of her own.

"I don't know how to respond to this sort of thing, Harry. Just a few short months ago you were-"

"As innocent as a lamb?" He said with a smirk, and Hermione scowled.

"Something like that," She muttered. "And that comment was really sexist too, and I should be angry with you for it, but I'm too tired."

"You know I meant it as a complement," He answered, and she glowered at him.

"Goodnight, Harry."

"Goodnight, 'Mione," Harry said, flashing her another grin, and watched her disappear up the stairs, before grabbing the bag from the floor and creeping up the other side of the dorms. He had one more stop before he could go to bed, and knowing the recipient, she was probably already there.

It took him only a few minutes to reach their usual meeting place, and she was there just as he had thought. Luna was staring out the window, seemingly lost in a world no one but her could see.

"I got it," He whispered, and held out the bag to her.

He waited for a moment, but got no answer. "Luna? Luna?"

Harry rolled his eyes, and finally got an idea of what she was doing. "LUNA."

The blond haired girl, blinked, before turning her head slowly to him. "Harry."

"You were sleeping again with your eyes open, weren't you?"

She shrugged slightly, "That may be a question never answered."

"Luna," Harry said exasperated, "I have your dress, I need some sleep, and unlike you, I can't do it while walking the corridors."

A small smile twitched at her mouth. "Of course not, Harry. That would be ridiculous."

He threw his hands up with a huff, leaving the bag at her feet while turning away.

"Wait, we need to talk about the ball."

He turned to her, arching his eyebrow. "For what?"

"We can't steal her thunder, Harry."

Harry simply eyed the blonde, his eyelids going heavy with exhaustion. He was seriously considering she had lost it this time. "Whose?"

"Hermione, of course. She'll be going with Krum, as you know, and it was a good confidence builder."

Harry raised his gaze to the ceiling for a moment, counting to ten before answering. "She's our friend, Luna. Not one of your patients from the future. You can't talk like that."

She let out a high pitched laugh, her head swinging downward. "Then you can't manipulate and plays games with her head, either."

He scowled, but she only laughed again. "Like it or not, we are older than them, and we can't help but play the games we're used to. But you have to admit, Hermione needs to have that moment."

Harry sighed, "I know she does. Alright. We come a little late then."

"Perfect. See you at the ball."

It took a second for him to understand her. "We still have a few weeks before the ball, Luna. I'm sure we'll see each other sometime in that span of time," He snarked.

"I don't think so. I have some things to do outside of school, and they really can't wait."

"What are you going to do, pretend to be ill and sneak off?"

Luna gave him a look. "I'm simply going home early. I have things to put into place."

Harry held up a hand. "Wait, I'm starting to get the feeling that you more came back in time like I did and less like you simply know what-"

"Who said I didn't?" She said, cutting him off, and with that, she jumped down from the window sill, picked up the bag, and continued on without a word, leaving Harry in shock.

"Wait a moment," He said, bursting from his slump, "If that's true, why didn't you come to me earlier? And why didn't I notice any of this?"

"Maybe you aren't nearly as smart as you think you are," She said with a giggle, swinging around to meet his eyes. They were practically glowing. Harry only scowled.

"Goodnight, Harry."

"Yeah, you too," Harry muttered, then suddenly smirked. "Tell me where you're staying. We can start things a little earlier."

"That was my intention," She called back. "Now don't get caught on the way back to the dorms, Snape's out on the prowl."

"Wait, you didn't say where you'd be staying?"

"Where do you think I'll be staying, Harry?"

She disappeared around the corner, her fading footsteps fading away until he was alone again. A slow smile crept over his features, and he let out a laugh. "I should have known."

Shaking his head slightly, Harry stretched, pulling his tired muscles and continued down the corridor. He really needed some sleep.

It was the friday before the week before break when Harry returned to the common room to find the twins snickering inside and Hermione hiding a triumphant smile.

"What happened," He said wryly, and Hermione seemed to lose it and burst into laughter. Fred answered for her. "It seems our dear brother asked Fleur to the ball and made a complete fool of himself."

Harry was silent for a second, and smirked. "I can take a few minutes to savor this, right?"

George let out a laugh, "I'm his brother and I'm doing just that."

Harry shook his head, and chuckled again. "This was just what I needed. So many tests this afternoon. I think Snape might not like children."

Hermione, who had only just recovered, slapped him on the arm, gasping. "Professor Snape, Harry. And I very much doubt he would be teaching if he didn't like children."

He snorted. "You're right, Hermione. He doesn't hate all of them, just all but his ferret godson."

They all paused and looked at him. "Ferret godson?" George said, as if testing the words.

He suddenly remember that had never happened this time around, and he quickly backtracked. "I've always thought Malfoy looked a bit like a ferret, with his pointy face and all that."

The twin's eyes gleamed suddenly, and they took off like a light. Harry had a bad feeling about it. He turned to Hermione.

"Ferret godson?" Hermione said, raising an eyebrow at him, and he did the same.

"Moody in the first timeline might have shown off a bit of his transfiguration skills," Harry said with a smirk, "He was quite cute as a little white rat."

"Ferrets aren't related to rats, Harry, they're part of the mustelids family and-" She broke off and sighed, "Nevermind. Wait, Professor Moody transfigured a student? Prat or not that's against school rules for teachers to-"

Harry choked on a laugh. "I know, Hermione. But at the moment, it was hilarious."

She scowled at him, but it quickly faded when she looked back at the seat where Ron was huddled in, Ginny at his side and a few others laughing at his shell shocked expression.

"How stupid can he get," She muttered, "Honestly."

Malicious laughter danced in his eyes as he answered. "Want to bet on it?"

"Bet on what?"

"How stupid he gets."


He chuckled, "It was just a thought. Anyways, I was wondering if you got a dress for the ball?"

She eyed him carefully, but pink dusted her features and she pouted slightly.

"How did you know I was even going?"

Harry smirked at her. "I've lived through this before, remember?"

Hermione turned a very deep shade of red and turned away. "You know who's taking me?"

"He's very handsome, Hermione," He answered, still smirking, and she glared at him.

"Yes, I have a dress, Harry."

"Well, as my treat as my best friend and the fact I have a ridiculous amount of money laying wasted in the bank, you're coming with me to buy whatever you want for it. You need something for your hair, you want to have a appointment for-"

"I feel so special when you say it that way," Hermione snapped, cutting him off again, but she was smiling.

He grinned widely back at her, grabbing onto her hand, "How would you like to go now, then?"

"Now? It's already nearly curfew-"

"And how many times have we broken that, Hermione?"

She stopped, and looked him straight in the eyes. "We aren't going to get deterred by 'nice legs' or anything?"

Harry choked slightly, but managed to keep his face straight. "Of course not, 'Mione. Tonight's going to be all about you."

"Yeah right," She mumbled. "Of course it is."

"What do you mean by that?" Harry said, cocking his head, and she shook her head.

"You have a very powerful personality, Harry. It's not bad but-"

"I come off as rather selfish," Harry finished quietly, and she nodded, hesitant.

The dark haired boy shrugged, "I don't mind you saying it, in fact, call me out on it. I know I'm arrogant, and selfish, and maybe a little vain. Being pretty went to my head."

Hermione giggled, "See, you're doing it again."

He gave her a small smile, "I know, but this time it was on purpose. But I promise there will be no detours unless it's absolutely necessary, alright?"

Hermione stared at him for a moment. "You're going to disappear halfway through this, aren't you?"

Harry let out a throaty laugh, "Oh Hermione, you know me all too well. But I promise we'll get you something wonderful to wear - perfume perhaps?"

She let out a sigh before speaking. "Alright, let's do this before we get caught."

"That's the spirit, darling," Harry chuckled, and she simply stared at him.

"This is how you're really like, isn't it?"

He just laughed.

"This is rather beautiful, but I don't know. Perfume could be wonderful too…"

Harry turned at the sound of his best friend's voice, and smiled. "You could get both."

She shook her head. "Absolutely not. Everything's so expensive here, Harry," She hissed, "Why bring me here?"

"Hermione, I'm not going to get cheap trash for you, this is a gift."

Her eyes suddenly burned. "Harry! You can't say stuff like that!"

Harry held his hands up, "Ok, Hermione. I will never ever-"

"Oh shush," She suddenly said, and then got seemingly distracted by the next row of scents.

He gave her another smile before going back to his own search for her. So far he hadn't found anything thing that had jumped out at him, but in the end it would be her decision. Watching her again, unchanged with no scars from the war, it was one of the most wonderful things he had seen. It was fixing his heart, slowly smoothing over its edges from Ginny.

"I found it! Harry, Harry come over here."

He blinked, and turned to where Hermione was urging him over. "What is it?"

"Come smell this," She said, "I don't usually like perfume because of the smell, but this is-"


Harry, along with Hermione whirled around at the sound of the well-cultured voice, laced with amusement.

It was also the worst moment possible for Harry, not that he cared. It was like placing a bloody steak in front of a hungry dog.

"Lord Malfoy," Harry said slowly, tasting the words. Hermione simply shot him a dark look. No doubt she remembered the conversation they had about the man.

"It's nice to see you again, of course. I feel absolutely terrible the way we left things," He purred, and the older man's eyebrow arched.


"Oh yes, who knew house elves could throw so hard and so far," Harry shook his head. Malfoy's expression darkened and Harry only smiled charmingly back.

"I'm - I'm going to go buy this," Hermione said stutteringly, and escaped, but the dark haired boy barely noticed.

"My, my, she almost ran from us. Could it be your little muggleborn girlfriend is afraid of me?"

"She's a dear friend of mine, a sister," Harry said, his voice going fluttery. He could feel his canines making their appearance. He rather doubted Malfoy hadn't missed his eyes turning black either.

"Is that so? That's a rather big deal saying such things, now with your Lordship?"

Harry smirked. "Not when you mean it, but perhaps I do need a bit schooling on the topic. If you would be so kind why don't we have dinner and discuss it? It would be veryinformative, I'd imagine."

There was a silence between them for a moment, before Malfoy's mouth curved into a smile.

"I would be honored to teach you, Lord Potter."

I bet you would. Harry smiled widely this time, and only paused when he saw Hermione come wandering back.

"Harry, come here for a moment."

The dark haired lord gave the other another slow smile, before slipping away.

"What is it?"

A light slap hit him in the shoulder, and his eyes widened slightly. Hermione huffed at him.

"I suppose this would be the time you're going to disappear on me? With Malfoy?" She whispered, the last few words coming out in a hiss. "I know where this is going to go, Harry."

"He has the most delicious scent, Hermione," Harry answered, "You can hardly blame me. But what I don't understand is why he sought us out, which he did," He said, staring her right in the eyes. "But whatever's he's after, I'll know by tomorrow morning."

She reddened before glaring at him again. "I didn't need to know that."

Harry smirked. "You practically asked."

She crossed her arms, still looking uncertain and a bit angry. "How will you get him to tell you?"

Harry chuckled darkly, "Oh, I doubt he'll just give it to me, but trust me. I can be very persuasive."

"Of course you can," She muttered. "Okay, okay, tell me you'll be back by tomorrow morning. Promise."

"I promise," Harry said, rolling his eyes which only gained him another slap.

"How am I getting back now, huh?" Hermione said, and Harry took a small trinket out of his pocket, dropping it in her hands.

"It's a portkey, the key is mustelids."

"This is illegal isn't it? You shouldn't even know how to make one."

Harry chuckled, "Darling Hermione, I was an auror, remember? Of course I know how to make illegal portkeys."

"That doesn't make any sense!"

He laughed outright at that. "Good night, Hermione. See you in the morning."

"You better," She muttered, and gave him a sudden hug. "Good night."

She pulled away and left the store, staying clear of Malfoy, who was still standing in the aisle, clearly to have been watching them.

"Shall we go?" Harry said, wandering back over.

"Give me a minute, I'm picking up something for my wife."

Harry smirked. "Of course."

He liked Narcissa, but it was very clear to him that both of them cared very little for each other. That worked just fine for him.

"Where would you like to go?" Malfoy said, after he bought a small crystal bottle of perfume.

"I don't mind, in my absence from the wizarding world, I don't know many good places to dine."

The blond lord's lips twitched. "You're in for a treat then."

Harry looked up at him through heavy lidded eyes, "Am I?" He said softly.

"Only if you're good."

Harry hid a smirk. "I can be a model student, Lord Malfoy. Lead the way."

They made their way out of the shop, and Malfoy started wandering towards the middle of Diagon Alley. Harry had a good idea of where they were going, but he wouldn't tell. It was going to be a wonderful game.

"Have you ever been off Diagon, Lord Potter?"

Harry laughed, lying smoothly when he spoke again. "I have not."

"Follow me down here then, we're almost there."

"That's good," Harry said, "I'm near starving. I never ate lunch today."

Malfoy's eyebrows rose, a small smile catching his lips. "Are you now? That's a rather bad habit, Lord Potter, missing meals."

"I know," He languished, "I was just so busy." Harry cocked his head. "Do that ever happen to you?"

"It is a habit that used to be well known to me. I used to be very busy around lunch. The ministry seems not to understand mealtimes. Of course, you wouldn't know such things."

Harry smirked, "Of course not."

They made it into the high class restaurant, Harry smiling slightly at the familiar architecture. He hadn't been in it for a long time, but he did love the place.

He passed on the alcohol, no matter how well he could keep it down.

"Have you chosen what you want yet, Lord Potter?" Malfoy said smoothly after a few minutes.

Harry shook his head, letting his eyes wander slowly over the other man. "Choose for me. You're the teacher after all."

The blond lord smirked. "As you wish."

The meal was lovely, for one so set up and unneeded. Harry barely took a bite out of it. It would have tasted disgusting to him anyway.

After a while, Harry started to get restless. He didn't show it, of course, but he was starting to get bored of the game. Now he simply wanted to get to the end of it. It was the best place, afterall.

Five more minutes of small talk and innuendos, the dark haired lord stretched slightly in his seat, before resting his eyes on the other man. Both seemed to know what was coming, as Malfoy's lips twitched again.

"It's been a wonderful meal but let's be straight with each other, Lord Malfoy. We both know why we agreed to this, and to be honest, I'm tired of dancing around. I've been doing it nonstop at Hogwarts, but there's no reward."

Malfoy's mouth curved, "And am I supposed to be this 'reward', Lord Potter?"

Harry cocked his head, "If you want, but the truth is, I don't care who's the 'reward' or not."

Malfoy leaned forward, scent smelling like mint chocolates he had eaten only moments before. "You should really call me Lucius."

"Call me Harry then, if that's what this game's going to be."

Malfoy seemed to leaned even closer. "Is this a game, Harry?"

Harry's eyelashes fluttered slightly, eyes darkening to a pearly black. "Only if you want it to be, Lucius."

The blond haired lord leaned back abruptly, "I have a penthouse very close to here, would you like to come? We continue this…. teaching there."

Harry smirked. "I doubt I'll be learning much. However, I'm sure we'll think of something else to do instead."

Malfoy smirked, looking even more handsome than he had before. "You've changed quite a lot since we first met. I think, perhaps, that's a good thing."

He rose, offering a hand. "Shall we?"

Harry took his hand without a single regret.

The blond lord was going to be absolutely delicious.