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Summary: During the school year, Harry notices some weird changes. Not the usual changes in a teenager, mind you. Lots of Harry torture and angst, abusive Vernon, some Sirius Black, and who knows what else as I write this. You'll just need to read to find out more.

A/N: This chapter's probably going to be a little slow, but, it's essential. Kind of a building block for what's to come. It'll get better though, I promise. This is just necessary to write the rest.

To Cry As A Phoenix

By Mars Raven (Phoenix Tears Type Six)

"During the rise of the Gnome Empire, in the year 431 BC, Heckbok, the German elf, assemble troops to-"

Harry tuned out the droning voice of his history of magic teacher, Professor Binns. It was much more interesting to listen to Fred and George, whispering tales to Dean, Seamus, Parvati, and Lavender. One might ask 'why is Fred and George in Harry's fifth year class?' The answer is simple. So they could liven it up. They, like all seventh years, were allowed to choose one other class to take as an extra, so, why not go with the one that needed their influence the most?

"So, anyway," Fred whispered, excitedly, "we waited until he was facing the Head Table, so he wouldn't see us. Then, BAM! We used the Gibber spell!"

"The Gibber spell?" asked Parvati, "what's that?"

"You don't know what the Gibber spell is?" George gasped, looking at her in disbelief, "It's only the best prank spell ever!"

"Well, second best," Fred corrected.

"Whatever," George said. "Anyway, once you cast the Gibber spell, the person you cast it on keeps gibbering! They can't stop!"

"Our victim was Percy," Fred said, proudly. Ron had to put his head in his arms to keep from laughing outright. Hermione had a small smile on her face, though she was pretending not to listen.

"What happened?" Seamus asked.

"Well, Percy got in front of everyone in the Great Hall to lecture us about leaky ink wells."

"Ug! What is it with him? Leaky cauldron bottoms, leaky ink wells; his brain must be leaky!" Ron exclaimed.

"Dumbledor let him talk to the whole school about it?" Hermione asked, now tuning out Binns as well.

"Yeah," said Fred, impatiently, "but wait until you hear what happened! Anyway, while we were all at the table, we cast the spell! He had no idea!"

"So he went up to the front to start talking. He started out well enough, but once he started talking about 'leaks', he started gibbering about every bed accident he ever had! In front of everyone!"

Everyone doubled over in silent gales of laughter; everyone except for Harry. He managed a weak smile before concentrating on Binn's lecture on Gnome battle strategies again. This didn't go unnoticed by a certain Hermione though.


Harry stepped out of his uncle's car with a deep sense of foreboding. His uncle had been watching him, the entire way home. It was quite unnerving, especially since Harry couldn't remember doing anything wrong yet. Hedwig stayed silent within her cage, as if she could sense the tension in the air.

Harry heaved up his trunk, unassisted by his uncle, to the front door. Wordlessly, Vernon opened the door and motioned Harry inside.

Harry later regretted stepping back within the confines of the Dursley home He noticed right away that Dudley and Petunia were nowhere in sight. Dudley. Harry felt like a rock had sunk in his stomach. The prank. It was that stupid prank.

Vernon whirled around and faced Harry.

~*End flashback*~

Harry was jolted out of his memories when he heard his name.

"Pardon?" He asked, as he looked at Fred and George's expectant faces.

"We said: 'That was some prank we pulled on that whale of a cousin you have, eh Harry?'"

Harry immediately stiffened. His face was a shade of white that rivaled the color of chalk. This went unnoticed by everyone except Hermione again. Harry forced a smile on his face.

"Bloody brilliant," he said, in a strained voice.

"Why thank you!" George beamed.

Hermione's eyes studied Harry's face for a moment longer before refocusing on the lesson. She needed to speak to Dumbledor soon.


Dumbledor gave a wary sigh as he rubbed his forehead. Things had gotten increasingly worse over the summer. Fudge was stillin denial. He blamed all disappearances on an 'increase in the Lethifold population'. As for deaths, he blamed the Hags. In result, many Hags had been arrested or killed over the summer. Even if they weren't the planets greatest creatures, it still wasn't right to arrest and kill them.

Not only was all of this going on, but Fudge also seemed to be determined to find some way to have Dumbledor removed from Hogwarts. Luckily, most of the workers at the Ministry had been students of Dumbledor's at one point in time, and the thought of firing Dumbledor horrified them.

Arthur Weasley was working hard to bring the truth to light about Voldemort, inside the Ministry walls. He had succeeded in convincing a number of people, and they had formed a sort of Underground that sorted through files in the ministry for information on Death Eater attacks. The Underground didn't really have an official name yet, but that hardly seemed to matter. Fudge still didn't know that Death Eaters also worked inside the Ministry, so that turned the information gathering into a game of 'who can get the information faster: the Death Eaters or the Underground'. And both sides had to make sure that Fudge didn't find out.

Dumbledor was brought back from his musings when Fawkes, the Phoenix, gave an annoyed trill. Dumbledor chanced a look at him, and followed his line of vision. He was looking out the window that overlooked the castle grounds. Minister Fudge had just entered the gates and was making his way to the main entrance.

Dumbledor sat down again, knowing they were going to have one of their little 'chats' again. This was going to be a frustrating game.


"Fred! What do you get when you cross a Vampire with a bottle of grease?"

"Snape!" both boys cried, in unison. The Gryffindors shook with silent laughter. Oh yes, Fred and George in their History of Magic class was bloody brilliant.

Hermione had stopped taking notes an hour ago. Her main concern was finding an appropriate time to sneak off to talk to Dumbledor, while not arousing suspicion from Ron or Harry. She knew that Ron wouldn't understand, and Harry would outright deny anything and everything. Hermione had her suspicions though, and she was determined to have them confirmed.

Harry was sitting in his sit, half listening to Fred and George, and half trying to escape from his summer memories. He was still unaware of the scrutinizing gaze he was under, from Hermione. He was too busy fighting a losing battle with his memories.


~*Resume flashback*~

Harry later regretted stepping back within the confines of the Dursley home He noticed right away that Dudley and Petunia were nowhere in sight. Dudley. Harry felt like a rock had sunk in his stomach. The prank. It was that stupid prank.

Vernon whirled around and faced Harry. His face was frighteningly emotionless. It didn't look angry or upset; just blank. There was no other way to accurately describe it. Harry blinked in surprise when he realized his uncle was talking while he had been thinking.

"Your freak junk is going to be locked in the attic. You are NOT to even attempt to reach it. If you try such a thing, you shall be punished. Secondly, you will send that filthy animal," he gestured towards Hedwig, "to one of your weirdo friends, or I'll shoot it and stuff it! Third, you will not be going back to that freak school again!"

Harry's discomfort was replaced by a welling rage.

"And what if I refuse?"

"Then you will be punished." After these words were said, an eerie sort of smile appeared on Vernon's face.

"You can't stop me," Harry said, confidently, "If you try to stop me, my Godfather will come for me! All I'd need to do is write to him!" Harry suddenly felt confused and slightly alarmed when Vernon's grin got wider, accompanied with an insane sounding laugh. Harry didn't have long to wonder why, though. Vernon reached into his pocket and handed Harry a parchment.

~*End flashback*~

"For homework, write a six inch report on Higorash, the Gnome, and how he lead his troops to a victory over the German elves. Dismissed." Harry quickly scribbled down his assignment and hurriedly packed his things. He looked around, hoping that no one had seen him zoning. His eyes locked with Hermione's for a moment. She had seen him. He just hoped she didn't suspect anything.

Out in the hall way, a bunch of 3rd year Hufflepuff girls started screaming. Peeves and the trouble twins (Fred and George) had gotten into a competition: who could set off the most dungbombs before getting caught. Peeves caught sight of Harry and grinned.

"Hey Potter, you're ugly, but what can you do? You really ought to be locked up in a zoo! If you looked in a mirror, it surely would crack! At least you look better than Sirius Black!" he chanted. He cackled and flew off.

Harry had gotten used to that saying. The Slytherins used it whenever they could. Infact, they had overused it. It had lost its sting by this point.

The fact was, Harry truly did feel ugly The summer had not been kind to him. He was 5'3". His skin was extremely pale; it stretched like thin plastic over his well defined bones. He had cuts and bruises on his arms, legs, stomach, and back (courtesy of Vernon). He wore baggy, long clothes to keep them covered though.

Ron chose this moment in Harry's musings to clap him on the shoulder, over a particularly deep gash. Harry winced, but quickly turned it into a smile. He was going to need to be more careful.

"Stupid Peeves. That jingle of his is really getting old anyway. And don't mind the Slytherins. They're just trying to earn points, since they ARE Jr. Death Eaters."

Harry smiled his thanks. "We better get going. Divination's next. I need to find out how I'm gong to die today!"

Ron grinned. "You remember last class? 'And he will walk to the top of the highest tower, a rope in his hand. He will contemplate his existence as he ties the noose around his neck. Then, he will jump. Falling. Falling.Falling. He will look at the world as he falls, knowing he will never see it again. Then, with an unearthly 'crack', his life will die with the setting sun. His limbs with blow in the wind, uselessly. He will be *dramatic pause* no more.'" With this said, Ron dissolved into fake, hysterical crying. "Here lies the Hairy Potter. dunno really why we miss him though."

Harry playfull punched Ron on the shoulder. On the inside, he wondered if anyone really would miss him.

A forlorn trill, Lost in the night, As gold and crimson, Takes its flight.

Gentle eyes, Cry pearly tears, Its song brings hope, Or strikes in fear.

Forgotten Phoenix, It's your turn. Ascend to the heavens, Or you shall burn.

Forgotten Phoenix: written by Mars Raven (me) So no copying! It's copywrited. That was part one of it, by the way.

A/N: There will be lots of Harry torture in this fic. no slash, and probably no (or not much) romance. Sirius will play a big role. Snape might too. Please R/R, and be nice!