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Harry was tired.

He had been up since five, and he had just gone to bed four hours before. As it turns out, sleep isn't a requirement for a child's first day at Hogwarts. However, it is necessary to wake a parent up multiple times throughout the night and ask questions.

"Daddy, what if Parker and I are in different houses?"

"Dad, what if Lizzie and I are in the same house?"

"Do you think I'll be on the Quidditch team this year? I can fly almost as good as Uncle Ron!"

"You think Auntie Hermione will be a mean professor? Surely she won't be mean to us, David, and Reagan."

"Daddy, will you be a mean professor?"

Harry finally gave up the fight at five, moving the kids out of the bedroom where Maria could get some more sleep. She was lucky that she had never attended Hogwarts as a student, although she had visited many times throughout his career as DADA professor.

As he cooked his twins', Parker and Elizabeth, breakfast, he thought back over the last thirteen years. He had gone to McGonagall a year after his wedding and asked her if it were possible for him to teach a few classes at his alma mater. She had laughed and told him if he would take his NEWTS, the job would be his, as they had found no one brave enough to keep the position permanently. He explained to her that he'd have to apparate each day for work because of Maria's school, and she readily agreed. Before school began that year, Harry Potter was officially a professor, along with Hermione, who had been asked to take McGonagall's position as Transfiguration professor and Neville, who was teaching Herbology after Sprout's retirement. The three were the youngest professors on staff, but McGonagall claimed that it was about time for a "fresh start."

Maria immediately began classes at the local university, working her way through quickly. She had almost finished her undergraduate studies when she discovered she was pregnant, to the delight of her husband. He had held off on pressuring his wife to start a family, but the thought of having kids made the wizard extremely happy. Maria finished her studies before the twins were born, planning on taking a year off before starting law school.

Dean finally asked Hermione to marry him. He'd taken her out after she received her NEWT scores, wined and dined her, and popped the question. She immediately said "yes," and the two now had three children of their own: Reagan, Toby, and Lucas. Reagan, her oldest, would be starting Hogwarts with Parker and Elizabeth, as would David Weasley, Ron and Amy's oldest. Hermione had already talked to Harry, weepy about her only daughter starting Hogwarts already, but she was also happy that she would be at the school to watch over her.

Ron and Amy had married a whole year after the other couples, but they began their family immediately. After David (or Davie), there came Anna, Elena, and Thomas. Ron and Dean worked for the ministry in the DMLE, and Amy was a teacher at the local high school.

"Daddy, when's Mum getting up? We're going to be late!" Lizzie was his impatient one. Looking at the two, he shook his head at their differences. While they were both doomed to have messy hair, Parker had inherited Maria's hazel eyes while Lizzie, who looked just like her mother in every other sense, had been graced with his emerald eyes. The poor girl had also inherited his need for corrective lenses, he thought as he watched her push her glasses further up on her nose.

"Lizzie, she'll be up in time. You two wore us out last night; let her sleep some more before you wake her up."

Parker looked up from the plate his dad had just set in front of him. "She'll be fine with all of us at Hogwarts, won't she, Dad?"

Harry laughed. "She has plenty to keep her busy through the day with her court appearances, and I'll be here at night with her. You two know my schedule through the school year. Have I ever missed dinner with you three?"

The twins shook their heads. Harry was home before dinner every night, never wanting his job to take precedence over his family. Maria was the same way, although some nights she brought in files to go over after the kids were in bed. His wife was truly wonderful at her job, quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the courtroom, especially well-known throughout the wizarding world. She, to the amazement of her superiors, stayed constantly busy, as all wizards and witches went directly to her for their cases. She didn't know of anyone else in her office that knew of the world in which she was now an integral part of, but she assumed that either there was no one, or that the Potter name kept her desk full of cases of "incidents" caused by accidental, or purposeful, magic.

Her fear of her children being squibs was unfounded. The two both began showing signs of magic by age four. Harry taught them quickly how to reign in their magic, but small bursts of magic escaped until the two got their new wands at age eleven.


"Yes, Lizzie?" The girl had finished her breakfast and was looking at her father with large, green eyes. "It's almost six. Has Mum slept enough? We have to be at the train station by eight."

"The train doesn't leave until nine, love."

Parker spoke up. "But we told Reagan and Davie that we'd meet them at eight where we can get a compartment by ourselves!"

Harry sighed. "Okay, you two. You go make sure you have everything in your trunks, feed your owls, and get dressed. I'll go wake your mum."

As Parker and Lizzie ran off, he walked into his bedroom, where his wife was still sleeping heavily. Climbing in beside her, he transfigured a tulip and reached down, easing her shirt up and lightly caressing her side.

"Harry Potter, if you tickle me, you'd might as well sleep in your quarters at Hogwarts tonight."

"Ouch. Still a morning person, are we? Look at me, love." As she stretched and turned on her back, he was struck at how much he still loved her. He smiled and handed her the yellow tulip and bent down to kiss her.

After the kiss, she looked up at her husband. "What's the occasion?"

"Oh, you know, it's a random Sunday. It's also the day our two catch the Hogwarts Express for the first time, and they're pretty damn anxious to get going."

"I would have never guessed." She looked at the clock and groaned. "We only got five hours of sleep."

"You only got five. I got four. Parker and Lizzie have already eaten and are currently getting all of their things together and getting dressed. I figure you and I have time for some coffee and breakfast before they drag us out the door."

"I'll be out in ten minutes. Have my coffee ready, love?"

"You know I will." Harry kissed her again and left the room.

King's Cross Station had changed very little since Harry's time at Hogwarts. Even the feelings it conjured up in Harry were the same, especially watching his two children experiencing it for the first time.

Maria held on to Parker and Lizzie, not wanting to let them go yet. "You be good, you two. You, Reagan, and Davie are too much like your father, Hermione, and Ron to have missed out on that mischievous streak all three of them had while in school."

Harry laughed. "I doubt we'll have a problem. Hermione is at the school more than I am, and as Deputy Headmaster, I'll have a little pull, right kids?"

"Right, Dad. Are you in charge of the sorting hat?"

"You bet, and I'll have to have a talk with it and make sure you two get in Gryffindor, right?"

Lizzie smiled. She was the one Harry was worried about. The girl was a bright as Hermione ever thought about being, so he just knew she'd end up in Ravenclaw. "No, Daddy. Let's just see where it puts us."

"You're right, love. With McGonagall in charge, house unity is at its peak, so no matter where you are, you can still hang out with your other classmates. Wherever you two end up, know that your mum and I are proud of you."

With one last hug from Maria, the twins followed their father through to where the Hogwarts Express was waiting. Maria knew that she couldn't actually see them board the train, but she knew that Harry needed to be there. He'd always told her that one of the worst things about not having his parents here was the fact that they had not been there to see him off to school each year.

"Hey, Marie. You okay?" Maria turned to see Amy, who looked as if she'd had just as hard a time saying goodbye to Davie.

"I'm fine. At least you have three at home still, right?"

"I don't know. Having to go through this three more times…I don't know if I can do this. I always assumed I'd marry a muggle, never having to send a child off to Hogwarts."

"They'll be okay. They have Harry and Hermione there watching out for them every day. I just don't want to go back to an empty house."

Amy grinned. "Ah, Marie. Harry doesn't have to leave for a couple of hours; I'm sure you can find something to do."

Maria smiled. "I'm sure I can think of something," she replied as Harry emerged from Platform 9 ¾. "You get them boarded?"

"Yeah, they're on the train with Davie and Reagan. Hermione, Dean, and Ron will be out…"

"Now." Ron was grinning. "Well, our kids are at the Burrow with Mum…"

"And our two are with Mum and Dad." Hermione smiled.

"What are we to do with ourselves?" Maria laughed.

The six friends looked at each other and answered simultaneously. "Sleep."

Laughing as they exited the station, Hermione looked at the other two couples. "Yours didn't let you sleep either?"

Ron shook his head. "Not a wink. I didn't know Davie had so many questions in him; sure I didn't accidentally pick up your child, Hermione?"

His friend sent him a withering glare as she answered. "I'm positive; first of all, she doesn't have a hint of red in her hair; secondly, Reagan asked just as many questions last night. I thought Dean was going to lock her out of the bedroom."

Maria spoke up. "At least you only had one each asking those questions. We had double trouble."

Reaching their car, Harry and Maria turned to the group. "I'm seriously thinking about that nap before I have to be at the school. See you there, Hermione?"

"Of course. The nap is sounding good to me as well. See you guys later." The Thomases turned to find their car.

"Same here. With four kids, naps are nonexistent. Might as well take advantage, right Amy?" Ron grabbed his wife's hand and tugged on it slightly. "See you guys Friday. Let me know where the twins end up, Harry. Maybe they'll both be in Gryffindor!"

"Bye, Ron." Turning to his wife, finally alone with her, he said, "Ready to go home, love?"

"Yeah. Harry?"


"What if Parker and Lizzie aren't in the same houses? Lizzie's a Ravenclaw if I've ever seen one."

"Well, at least she'll be there with Teddy. I still feel as if Parker's Gryffindor material, but who knows?"

"Come on, love. Let's go get that nap before you have to leave. Wait til I tell my clients that I'm married to Hogwarts's Deputy Headmaster!"

Harry opened Maria's door for her. "I knew you were using me! You cut me deeply, Mrs. Potter."

The two playfully bickered until they reached their house. They went in and straight to their bedroom, falling to sleep quickly in their favorite places: each other's arms.


Daddy told me I needed to write you.

Hogwarts is amazing! It's just like Daddy told me it would be, and I've already met so many people! The feast was amazing, and the sorting hat placed Reagan and me in Ravenclaw. Daddy whispered that he was really proud of me. Parker was next, but I'll let him tell you about his.

Reagan and Nicolas (one of my new friends) are calling me. I'll write you a longer letter tomorrow!

I love you!



I'm in Gryffindor!