John sighed as he strolled towards Professor Holmes' laboratory, the sun beating down on him and the Ampheros that walked right beside him. He didn't know much about the man but he had called him and asked him to accompany his grandson on his Pokémon journey. He'd been told that the grandson, named Sherlock, knew a lot about Pokémon but lacked the physical experience, the boy was sixteen after all, and hadn't even begun his own journey. John was nineteen and beat the elite four, as the new champion he was often asked advice and for appearances, but never had he been asked to watch over an entire journey. He took a deep breath and smiled brightly before he knocked on the lab door.

"I don't need a mentor!" Sherlock exclaimed, dropping onto the sofa in his grandfather's library, his Eevee sitting obediently at his feet. He had chosen his Eevee when he was ten, fascinated with it's ability to evolve into seven different Pokémon. It wasn't a standard starter but Sherlock had insisted that noting else would do. He didn't care much for the fighting of Pokémon, he thought it was tedious and just a bit barbaric. But of course his brother just had to force him on a journey, and with some no doubt idiotic, arrogant trainer weighing him down.

"It's only until you get on your feet and have a few more Pokemon." the tall, grey haired man replied with a sigh. "And that must be him, so at least try to be a bit friendly." Professor Holmes warned before heading to open the door, lab coat flourishing behind him.

Professor Holmes opened the door to find the young trainer. "You must be John." he grinned before offering a hand. "And you must be Professor Holmes, pleasure to meet you." the blond replied as returned the handshake firmly. His Amphrose made a delighted squeal, he had a soothe bell tied gently around his tail and it made a tinkling noise as he moved. "It's nice to meet you in person, this is my best friend, Mar." Sherlock looked down at his partner as he listened to the voices down the hall, the Eevee looking up as well. "Eevee" the Pokémon voiced. "I agree completely." Sherlock replied with a sigh.

"A delight to have you here." he greeted with a bright smile. "Both of you." he said with a nod to Mar. "I feel I should warn you though. When you meet my grandson, don't judge him on what he says for the first hour you're with him."

John looked confused for a moment but nodded, "I take it he's less than happy I'm here?" "He feels your guidance is unnecessary." the Professor gave an apologetic smile. "He does want to learn, but he wants to do it his way."

John chuckled, "I know how that feels, I was the same." he smiled, "Thank you for the warning though." He smiled and turned to his friend, "Hey Mar, ready to make some friends?" the creature squealed again but this time it's tail lip up with it's pure joy. John chuckled and said, "Let's go meet him then."

Sherlock looked up when he heard the footsteps approach the room. "I presume you are my new keeper?" Eevee looked warily at the new Pokémon, only having had minimal experience with other Pokémon, let alone one that much stronger than it.

"Looks like it." John said. Mar sat down and waved his glowing tail around, the soothe bell tinkling lightly. He extended the tail closer to the Eevee but didn't touch the Pokemon, letting it make that choice for it's self. "My name's John, what's yours?" he asked, smiling warmly.

"Sherlock Holmes." the teen replied coolly. The Eevee reached a paw up hesitantly and touched the bell curiously.

"It's nice to meet you Sherlock." his smile brightened and he extended a hand to sake. Mar waved his tail lightly, making the bell tinkle for the Eevee. Mar preferred to spend time with younger Pokemon to encourage them and protect them instead of flaunting his power.

Eevee immediately recoiled at the noise, moving to hide behind it's master's leg. Sherlock looked at the hand with disinterest. "We best be going."

John brought his hand back and nodded, his smile faltering slightly."You've got everything yeah?"

Sherlock indicated the black knapsack hanging off his shoulder. "Please tell me you won't be asking stupid questions this whole trip."

"Not the whole trip, the stupid questions are mandatory for the beginning though." John joked lightly, noticing how light the knapsack was, clothes and potions most likely, a couple of balls hanging off his belt. No doubt he was extremely under prepared but he decided to let the man learn for himself. "Let us be on our way then." He smiled and turned to the door.

Sherlock arched an eyebrow before walking towards the door. "Eevee, come." he called, the Pokémon following quickly. "Go easy on him." Professor Holmes said with a smile. "Can't promise anything." Sherlock replied dryly. "I wasn't talking to you." the Professor smirked. Sherlock rolled his eyes at his grandfather before making his way out the door.

"I will." John said and smiled before following the new trainer out the door.