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I am the temple of my swords.

Warm is my heart, yet frozen is my soul.

I have chanted over a thousand prayers.

Bringer of justice, defender of innocents.

Protector of the ones I love.

And so I trudge forward.

This is a path I shall not regret.

So aid me in my goal, I beseech you, aid me in my quest.

Awaken from your slumber.

My Sanctuary of Blades.


"No, you won't die, Shirou. Because I'm the one that's going to shut the gate." A female voice declared calmly, yet determinedly.

She knew that what she was about to do would mean her end, yet in truth, it did not really bother her that much. After all, controlling and manipulating the Holy Grail had been the centuries-old wish of the Einzbern family, and she was one of the homunculi specifically created, and modified, to serve as its vessel. Well, at least the last two parts were true.

Since unlike her 'sisters,' she was special, for even though it was true that her body had undergone cruel experimentation, she came into the world, unlike any others of her kind, born from the love between her parents. Parents, who abandoned her to her fate. Parents, who chose the greater good over the well-being of their daughter.

"Hey. Do you want to live Shirou? Do you want to live on, no matter what kind of life you become?"

The boy, however, who obviously no longer had the power of speech due to the damage he received from using the Heroic Spirit's left arm, could only nod in response, driven by his instinct.

Yet it only lasted a second. For in the next moment.


His face contorted in worry, retracting, denying, his own wish to survive, unwilling, knowing, the price to be paid for him to able to continue on living.

"Yeah, I'm glad to hear that. I wanted you to live instead of me."

The girl, however ignored it, whatever refusal he tried to voice out, for his protests actually served only to strengthen her resolve.

Yes, the girl had suffered, and led a sad life, a miserable existence.

She hated her father for choosing his ideals over his family.

She loathed her mother for going along with Kiritsugu's wishes.

She detested Shirou because her father chose him over her.

Yes, she loved them, yet at the same time, she hated her parents, and at the beginning, she also hated the boy, who was now a young man. Still, it had nothing to do with her grandfather's conditioning, for just like her father, she was strong-willed. No, she hated them out of her own free will and judgement.

And right now, she still hated them, that fact did not change. She still despised them, and she believed that while her mother deserved her fate, despite the pain he must have gone through because of the slow and painful death the dark mud from the Grail gave him, he did not deserve the peaceful end he met, and should have received much worse.

And yet, here she was, the daughter of the ones who left her and let her suffer, willingly walking to her own death, not to save the world from evil, not to fulfil the long time wish of the Einzberns, but instead, she was here, prepared to sacrifice her life, to save her younger brother. The boy, who her father had raised, the boy who he had loved and cared for, instead of his own flesh and blood, the boy, who had stolen her father away from her.

For the boy, the boy was different from them. The boy had been hell-bent on following the same path as his father, the path towards becoming a hero, the path that led towards his ideals.

Yet he did not continue to pursue it. He had stopped going for the impossible dream. Instead of choosing to save the many by sacrificing the few, he decided to throw it all away, and followed his heart instead. She may not fully approve of the woman he chose, believing that her brother in all but blood deserved someone better but the fact remained, he was different from her... from their... father.

"Then I'll show you a miracle. It's an application of the magic I showed you earlier, but this one's amazing. This is the sorcery everyone wanted to see after all."


"But the container's a bit cheap. I can't reproduce it using only my own body, but it's alright. You'll be back in no time if you and Rin keep trying."

"Don't... y... die... Il... ya... Ilya..."

"Goodbye. We aren't related by blood. But I'm glad were siblings."

"Pl... come... ba... I... ya... ILYA!"

"No. You said an older brother protects his younger sister, right? Yeah, I'm the older sister. So I have to protect my younger brother."

She smiles as she walked toward the center of the circle, facing the corrupted Grail, prepared to sacrifice herself.

Yes, there was no stopping her, for the love which she felt for her brother had won over her hate, and nothing anyone did or say will ever be able to stop her.

"It's time," the girl whispered to herself, as she started to close the Gate.

Yes, she knew the price she had to pay for the ritual, which was nothing other than her entire existence, body, mind and soul, yet it did not really bother her that much.

And as she was engulfed in a bright white light, which shone brightly, pushing back the darkness that came from Angra Mainyu, the girl closed her eyes, and allowed it the Grail to take her, without a tinge of regret. For all that mattered, was that with her sacrifice, she was able to save Shirou. She was able to save her brother, the person she cared for the most in the world.

And thus, having lost consciousness, as she slowly began to fade away, having used her own body to preserve her brother's, she did not know, she did not stay awake long enough to hear another voice, which echoed throughout the collapsing cavern.

"No, you won't disappear, Ilya," the spectre clad in red, with tanned skin and white hair declared in his usual cynical tone. "I'll be damned before I let that happen."

"Tch! I failed to protect you countless times, both in life and after. I may just be a copy of my original self, but I swear. this time, I will not fail. Even if it costs me everything..."

"I will save you..."



And as the referee announced the results, tremors could be felt throughout the entire gymnasium of Homurahara Gakuen High School, as the student population clapped and cheered loudly, praising the girl who had managed to accomplish the impossible, to defeat the supposedly greatest sword wielder in the school, who was none other than...

Her older sister, Fujimura Taiga, who was currently lying unconscious on the floor.


And the school's population, as a whole, could not help but celebrate at the turn of events. For finally, after a long time, someone succeeded in putting her in her place. True, they never would have guessed that it would be her imouto, of all people to be able to do it, but it did not matter to them. All they knew, was that the Tiger's reign of terror had come to an end.

And with the bet the two had agreed upon in the presence of many witnesses, they knew for sure, that the days would become peaceful once again.

At least, that was what they thought. For in the years to come, they will eventually realize just how mistaken they actually were...


"Please, give it back."



"Not a chance."

It was a nice weekend afternoon in the Fujimura residence, and currently, the head of the family, Raiga Fujimura, could not help but look on in amusement, as the two girls, his two granddaughters, continued bickering in the yard, the elder of the two practically begging the younger one to give back her most valuable possession. Naturally, the younger of the two refused to return it, having won the particular item on proper terms, something which the old man must admit, was a good thing. For the particular item which Yuki managed to win off Taiga...

Was her legendary demonic sword, the infamous Tora Shinai...

And indeed, ever since that cursed bamboo sword had mysteriously come into existence, it had caused a lot of problems for the yakuza boss, for its wielder, his granddaughter Taiga, had been putting it to good use, which means that she had been using it to beat up and chase away boys who were after, not Taiga, but her imouto, who was really popular and idolized by many in the school they went to.

Normally Raiga would have preferred sending his men out to beat the boy to a pulp, but since Taiga was doing such a good job at it, he decided to let them be.

Besides, it was not as if she needed protection, for while Yuki had a cheerful and carefree nature, she also had a cruel side to her which surfaces whenever she was pissed off or feeling particularly sadistic, the first sign of which, of course, was the very, very sweet smile which appears on her face. She may be good natured most of the time, but in reality she was even stronger, and could potentially be more brutal than her sister.

Not to mention the fact that the girl possessed some strange abilities.

And as he thought about it, the old yakuza could not help but shudder, as he remembered a particular incident, when he heard her granddaughter screaming for help. Panicking, the old man immediately rushed to the scene with his katana in hand, ready to chop to bits whoever it was who to attacked his family.

What he saw when he got there, however, were his own men, about a dozen of them, clutching at their precious jewels, half of them falling to their knees in agony, having received a powerful kick to their nuts, simply because one of them accidentally saw her in nothing but her towel when she was coming out of the bathroom. Raiga actually wanted to punish his men for the act even though it was unintentional, but seeing the sorry state they were in, the old man was filled with pity and allowed to let it pass.

"Please, I'll do anything you want," the thirteen year old Taiga begged, grabbing Yuki by her leg.

And as the old man noticed, it was actually hard to believe that she was the older of the two.

It had been four years since then, the old man reminisced, four years since that fateful night, when their paths crossed.

Raiga, at the time, had just been to the Ryudou Temple to try and find some peace of mind. For he, along with his men, had massacred the Kurosawa group, down to the last member, even the women and children.

Yes, Raiga, as well as the members of his group, were not cruel people by nature, and in fact, while they were yakuzas, unlike in the olden days, they normally did not hurt the innocent, and in fact, while they still held arms, the group actually focused more on business, none of which included illegal trade like drugs. Anything they dealt with now, at least officially, were all legitimate, and in the past decade, there had only been one exception.

A few years before, when Raiga's granddaughter Taiga was just two years old, her parents had been met with a tragic accident, in which the car they had been riding fell off a cliff, which of course led to their deaths. However, the old yakuza knew for sure that it was no mere accident, and by a bit of investigation, he managed to pinpoint the people who were responsible for it, the Kurosawa Group. Naturally, since they were powerful, as well as an ally of the Fujimuras, Raiga decided to continue the facade of ignorance, while in reality he was plotting his revenge, slowly setting things in motion to bring about their downfall, looking for the right timing, and after nearly a decade of patient waiting, the perfect opportunity presented itself, when the Kurosawa group held a grand party where all of its members were present.

To some people, the slaughter would have probably been considered cruel, brutal, and immoral. However, Raiga knew, that the only way for his family, his group, to become safe, is if that particular opposition was annihilated, and should one be left alive, there was always the chance that they would rise up to take vengeance, and thus the cycle of hatred would continue, even though it was the Kurosawas who started it in the first place.

Still, even though he firmly believed that 'the end justified the means,' even though there wasn't a single shred of evidence that could be traced back to them, Raiga had been riddled by guilt because of what they had done. It was for the sake of his family, yet it still weighed heavily on his conscience.

And that was when he first ran into her, a child, collapsed on the stairs of the Ryudou Temple, wearing a white dress which was marred crimson, by what seemed to be her own blood. Feeling his heart melt at the sight instead of horror, Raiga immediately had his men carry the girl to a nearby hospital.

"Anything?" the silver-haired twelve year old female asked in a quiet voice.

"Yes, anything!" the elder sister pleaded, tears forming around her large, beady, brown puppy dog eyes. "What do you want me to do?"

"I see, then in that case, Onee-san..." the younger girl said, as her lips curled up into a malicious smirk as she leaned in towards her sister, whispering something in her ear which made Taiga gulp nervously, while sending a chill to Raiga's spine, who was watching everything from the distance.

Normally, when someone did something to annoy the older Fujimura sister, she would usually explode in rage, her temper getting the better of her. When it comes to dealing with her imouto, however, as the old man observed that she had better control of her anger, though he could not help but suspect it was partly because the younger of the two always held something over her head, and was thus forced to do so by circumstance.

"Sir, they have arrived," whispered a voice to Raiga's ear.

"Good," the old yakuza replied. "Tell them I'll be there in five minutes."

Knowing how things would turn out between the two, the head of the Fujimura group walked towards his room to change his attire, before going to the meeting hall, where he would face his business associates, discussing the usual affairs.


Fujimura Yuki, the adopted younger sister of Fujimura Taiga and adopted granddaughter of Raiga Fujimura. Normally, given the fact that the girl's parents were already dead, it should not have been possible. But since Raiga, their grandfather, had a lot of connections, it was made possible, by pulling a few strings. Yuki of course, knew this for a fact, though it was not as if she cared about it, nor did she mind that they were yakuzas.

For to her, what was important, was not what was written on paper, but rather, it was the love and kindness that she was given by her adoptive family, who took her in and accepted her, as if she was one of their own.

Yuki, it was the name that was given to her by her grandfather Raiga, and he told her that it fitted her perfectly, for her hair was silvery-white, and her skin was pale, just like snow.

Amnesia, or loss of memory, was a condition which Yuki had. For she had no recollection whatsoever, of who she was before, and the first nine or ten years of her life was nothing but a blank. And the first thing she remembered was waking up in the hospital, and the first two people she saw were her grandfather and her elder sister, who, at the time, was being whacked on the head by the old man with a newspaper, telling her to keep quiet.

Yes, Yuki wanted to know her identity. However, no matter how they tried, the doctors and psychiatrists, that were hired to help her had not been able to do anything. Still, while it was true that she wanted to remember, for she could not help but feel that had forgotten something important, after a few months of fruitless effort, she told her grandfather that it would be best that they stop on the sessions, telling them that the present was more important than the past, and that if she was meant to remember, it would come back to her eventually. If she does not regain her memories, then it would still be fine as well. She decided that it would be best to focus on the present, on the here and now.



Though as of the moment, as she passed through the school gates, and found some of the students running away from her as if she was the plague, the present was not exactly the time where she wanted to be.

It had been a month since then, since the legendary duel, when Fujimura Taiga, the Tiger of Fuyuki, had fallen, defeated, in an epic battle, by her, the Tiger's younger sister. And in that span of time, so many things had changed, changes, which the silver-haired female was not particularly happy about. Changes, which did not exactly have anything to do with that particular duel, at least not directly, although when it comes right down to it, Yuki was sure that it had stemmed out starting from that point.

A couple of weeks before, a new student, Kai Mizaki, had transferred to Moburahara High School. He was a nice young man, who, Yuki must admit, had the looks, the manner, and the charm of a perfect gentleman. True, she was not interested in him, but to be honest, with the way he looked and moved around, it was not surprising that he managed to get quite a following of girls in just two week.

And it was also the exact span of time that he lasted in the school, for after only two week, he had transferred to a school in Hokkaido, having just left the day before, due to a certain... incident.

Normally, it would not have been that strange. True, many of the young man's new fan girls would have been disappointed, but such an occurrence does indeed happen occasionally. Him leaving was not the problem, the reason why he was leaving is.

The official report was that Kai's family, wanting him to live with her elder sister, believed that it was best for him to transfer. However, the true reason why he had to leave, was something else.

Yes, on the surface, Kai had seemed like a kind-hearted person. In truth, however, as Yuki realized, he was exactly the opposite. For the real reason why he transferred to Fuyuki...

Was in order for him to recruit people for the Misaki Yakuza Group.

And naturally, this made the young man take an interest in Taiga, who was rumoured to be a strong fighter, until of course he heard of the duel, which made him turn his sights on Yuki as well, and wanted to collect them and make them his women.

Yes, Yuki knew that she was blame for this particular predicament. In truth, she never really had any intention of showing her prowess in swordsmanship. However, she and her elder sister, through the orchestration of their classmates, had been tricked into doing it. For whoever between them managed to win, would be given a one-year unlimited meal ticket to a high class all-you-can-eat-buffet restaurant.

True, Yuki did not really care about the fate of the boys who were beaten by Taiga, whether or not they deserved it, or her tyrannical reputation. She was, however, interested in winning the ticket, which sadly, was only meant for one-person use only, and can neither be lent nor borrowed.

And so, with food at stake, the two sisters in all but blood, forgot the sibling bond they shared, and engaged each other in combat, a sword fight which Yuki won.

Having heard of the rumours of their strength, the boy tried to hit on them. Had she and Taiga been like most girls, they would have probably become interested. However, they were not most girls, and were not the kind who would easily fall for such shallow and petty flattery.

At first, he tried being nice, trying to coax them into hanging out with him, a futile attempt. Then, when he realized that it would not work, he tried to threaten them, proudly boasting that he was the heir of his so-called group, and that if they did not agree, he would ask his father to destroy the Fujimura's, a comment which only made Taiga snort, and Yuki giggle. For they knew that their group held much more power and influence than the Misakis.

Seeing that they won't budge, Kai took things to a different level, and thus, decided that he would take them by force. Deciding to use some of his power, the Misaki heir, together with some of his men proceeded to kidnap them instead, picking Taiga as their first target. Knowing of their weakness when it comes to food, the boy succeeded in drugging her, by mixing some sleeping pills in the cupcake which he offered the elder Fujimura sister. And Taiga, who was not as careful as her younger sister, fell for it.

Unfortunately for Kai, however, this was the last straw for Yuki, whose patience finally snapped, and before he and his men could so much as take Taiga out of the school, who they tried to smuggle out by placing her inside of a box, Yuki caught up with them and beat them, all ten of them, to a bloody pulp, all by herself.

And what happened was shocking to the Kai. For the men he had brought with him were among the elites, all of them, based from the skills they have shown, black belts in karate. Being a schemer herself when she wanted to, Yuki knew that the boy probably had intel on them. Sadly for the Misaki heir, however, he made two grave miscalculations.

First, was underestimating his opponent's abilities. Yuki knew that the Misaki heir had been watching Taiga's practice session, and had been assessing her skills. Being a skilled martial artist himself, Kai probably calculated their fighting levels based on what he saw. Unfortunately for him, however, he had absolutely no idea how strong Yuki actually is. It was true that he had been careful, but unknown to him, the silver-haired female had always been holding back... a lot.

Second, was the bond she had with her sister. Even Yuki herself did not know how it was possible, yet for some reason, she did not have any trouble finding her elder sister, always knowing where she was. And she always knew, she could sense, whenever Taiga was in danger. And this particular connection they had, was one which worked both ways.

Still, the incident did end without too much hassle. For the Fujimuras happened to be well-acquainted and was in very good terms with the local authorities. Aside from that, there were plenty of eyewitnesses and evidence, which was enough to ensure that the Misakis could not demand anything, and instead, they were the ones who ended up paying for their heir's action. Raiga himself settled the negotiations, and thus, it was decided, to avoid conflict, that Kai Misaki was to set free, provided that he, as well as any member of the Misaki group, would never set foot in Fuyuki, or any Fujimura-controlled territory, again.

Unfortunately for Yuki though, she was the one who ended up suffering the consequences, as her schoolmates were among the witnesses.

Yes, they already knew that she was strong. However, they had always seen her as the cheerful and friendly student who excelled at both academics and athletics, but never joined any of the clubs, yet still found the time to help out whenever she could, especially when it comes to fixing things.

A month before, even though she defeated Taiga, their views of her had not exactly changed by much. Yuki was the Tiger's sister after all, so they had already half-expected her to be handy with the blade.

During her fight with Taiga, while it was true that Yuki did not take it too lightly, it was just a friendly match, and therefore she did not have any hostility towards her opponent.

When she faced off against Kai and his goons the week before, though, she was completely and absolutely pissed, and her hostile intent was washing off her in waves, which was probably the reason why those who had witnessed it had completely changed their opinion about her.

In truth, Yuki had absolutely no idea where she learned it from, although it comes to her naturally. Yet for some reason, whenever she was angry, and had every intention to harm others, those who are within close proximity to her could literally feel her rage, which was enough to cow even the bravest among them. Her enemies, her sister's abductors, had been intimidated enough that for a moment, before their battle commenced, they actually froze. Even Taiga herself, who was already awake at the time, even though she recovered rather quickly, had actually been afraid of her.

And now, Yuki's image has been ruined. Well, it's not as if she was trying to maintain one anyway, since she had always believed that it was best to be herself, but for her to be pegged as a violent person, who is at an even higher level than her sister, was just too much.

During first period, the rumours said that she had beaten ten hoodlums with her bamboo sword all by herself.

During second period, the story changed, as the number increased to twenty.

Then, during third period, it increased to fifty.

And by the time the bell rang for the last period of the day, the rumours changed once again, and this time the tale was that Yuki had beaten a motorcycle gang consisting of two hundred fifty members members, cutting them down to size with a katana, and leaving them lying in a pool of blood, their body parts splattered everywhere.


"KYAA... Oh, Yuki-chan, what are you doing here?" Taiga inquired, finding herself wrapped in a tight hug by her sister.

"Let's go to KARAOKE!" Yuki told her older sister cheerfully, as she continued to huddle her. Having spent the entire day under such torment, the silver-haired female decided that it would be best to go have some fun to vent out her stress.


"Mission accomplished."

Night was about to fall, and currently, a woman in her twenties was walking on the streets of Shinto district, feeling pleased with herself for completing her objective. And that particular objective, was to update her map of Fuyuki City, which she had been doing so on a monthly basis. The woman knew that it was vital to her goal, or rather, the goal of the one she loved. After all, in any war, it was always best to be familiar with the terrain, so that it can be utilized to their advantage.

The man, who was her lover, was the one who raised her and trained her to become his assistant, his tool, in fulfilling his goals. In a way, from other people's perspective, such a thing might be considered cruel, but the woman did not really mind, even though his heart belonged to another, and that they were lovers in a purely sexual context only. It may be one-sided, but as long as he was happy, as long as he succeeds, she was content.

His heart may belong to someone else, yet the woman knew that the man, while he never showed his emotions and only kept treating her like a tool, also cared deeply for her, even though his feelings for her, while they did share a bed, was more of a love towards a friend or family member.

Of course, that did not mean that she was not jealous of the person who had his heart, yet she decided not to let it get the better, not just because he wanted the man to be happy, but also because she had come to see and love her, even though she never said it in the open, like a sister.



With her quick reflexes that she had acquired through her years as a soldier, the woman immediately dodged out of the way, as something blurred past her, cursing herself inwardly for her own carelessness. True, she managed to dodge, but she knew that she should not have allowed her thoughts wander and allow herself to be distracted, as something like a slight distraction, even if it was for less than a second, could be fatal in the middle of a battle. They may not be in a war at the moment, but she knew, that in a few months' time, they will be fighting in a secret war between mages. She needed to keep herself sharp and alert.


Still, even though she was a soldier who had good control over her emotions, it did not mean that she was so insensitive as to ignore what happened. The man she accompanied after all, was someone who wanted to become a 'hero of justice,' and while it was true that he was cold and calculating most of the time, he still showed his soft side from time.

"Are you alright?" the woman with short black hair asked, as she the girl, who was currently sitting on the pavement, rubbing her backside.

"Yes, I'm okay Ma'm," the girl replied, accepting the hand which the woman offered her. "I'm sorry for the trouble."

"No, it's f..."

And then, the woman froze. She may have a lot of control over her emotions, yet she was unable to stop her brown eyes from widening slightly, shocked by what she saw.

"Good, it's not damaged," the girl was muttering to herself, as she got back up and brushed the dust of her clothes before mounting her ride, looking back for a moment, giving a quick nod of apology, before speeding off.

For in front of her, stood a girl, about twelve or thirteen years of age, wearing the school uniform of Homurahara High School, and who was riding a scooter despite being underage. What surprised her, however, was not this detail, but rather it was because the girl...

...looked like a younger version of her lover's wife, with her pale skin, silver hair, and ruby-red eyes.


To be continued...


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