Prompt: flirting/first kiss action in Puente Antiguo

She had thought that they had packed up their entire circus and rolled out when Thor and buddies disappeared from Puente Antiguo, but maybe she was wrong because as soon as she turned around from the diner counter there he was.

Agent iPod Snatcher.

He was sitting at one of the booths drinking a cup of coffee and reading the paper. He looked up and gave her a tight lip smile, which in return she rolled her eyes. "Miss …" He struggled to remember her name.

"Lewis. Darcy Lewis. Badass assistant to Dr. Foster," Darcy said walking over to the booth and setting her carryout on the table.

"Sorry," he apologized, looking back down at his paper.

"It's okay. I don't remember your name either." She sat down across from him and smirked when he looked up at her.

"Coulson," he replied, draining the last of his coffee.

"Why are you still here? Thor is gone, and Puente Antiguo is back to being boring as hell. I'm hoping any day now Jane says we can leave," Darcy shrugged. "I think she's still hanging around here to see if she can get back to him somehow. She's been working like a mad scientist since you've given her shit back. Speaking of, I didn't see my iPod anywhere."

"Most of S.H.I.E.L.D has moved off location. There are a few of us that are assigned to watch over you, Dr. Foster, and Erik Selvig for a few days," Coulson said standing up and tossing a few dollars on the table. "Do you need a ride back to the lab?"

Darcy raised her eyebrow. "So we have you guys spying on us still? Awesome. Jane will be so happy to know that."

"She already knows. As does, Dr. Selvig," Coulson picked up the bag of takeout and began to walk out of the diner with Darcy following closely behind. "They didn't tell you because they knew you'd have issues with it."

Darcy narrowed her eyes. She was going to have to have a little chat with Jane when she got back. "I just don't trust people who pilfer iPods." Darcy watched as he opened his car door and set her takeout in the backseat. "And now you're stealing my food."

"Get in the car, Miss Lewis."

"I can walk. It's only three streets over," Darcy said opening the door and started to reach for the bag.

"It's 103 degrees today. I'll drive you over," he replied starting the car up.

Maybe being driven back wouldn't be so bad after all. "Fine, whatever." Darcy got in the car and crossed her arms.

He nodded, keeping his eyes on the road, being perfectly stoic and silent as he drove back towards Jane's lab. Darcy fiddled with the strap on her purse, giving him little side glances ever once in a while. She hated to admit it, but he was actually kind of hot. He was older though, like, could be her father kind of old. "Where do you go from here?" she asked when they stopped at a red light.

"Top secret," he looked over at her with his lips twitching.

Darcy rolled her eyes. "Of course it is," she smirked. "So you really have no clue where my iPod is? Because I just bought it, like, three months ago. I'm gonna be really pissed if I find out you all have been using it."

"I might know where it's at," he said turning the car down a road that wasn't on the way to the lab.

"What? I knew it! Why the hell didn't you say you knew where it was?" Darcy was furious.

"You didn't ask me nicely." He stopped the car off to the side of the road.

"Nicely? I shouldn't have to ask for my property back at all. Not when you goons stole it," Darcy glared. Coulson turned to her and pointed to his glove box. "It's in there?" she asked, as she opened it up. Sure enough her hot pink iPod was inside. Earphones and all. She shook her head again and then shoved it into her purse.

"I don't even get a thank you?" Coulson arched his eyebrow.

"Thank you," Darcy said flatly. "You're really pushing it, Agent C. In fact, I'm surprised you don't want a thank you kiss."

"Who says I don't?" He smirked at her when she looked over at him all wide-eyed with confusion.

"Seriously?" Darcy laughed. "You want me to kiss you? Haven't been kissed in a while or something? Missing a pair of hot lips on you?"

There was a long pause as Coulson looked at her, he blinked and then looked back back at the steering wheel. "That was inappropriate. Sorry." He put his hand on the gearshift.

"Well, yeah it was," Darcy said as she covered her hand over his before he put the car in drive. "But, I'm kinda into inappropriate things." Did she just say that? She wasn't lying, but to freely admit that to a sneaky agent probably wasn't one of her brightest ideas.

He loosened his hand on the gearshift and looked over at Darcy, not knowing exactly how to respond.

"Well …" she raised her eyebrows a couple of times. He did want her to kiss him right? She really hoped that this wasn't some weird test that she was about to fail. "Okay," she said softly as she leaned in and placed her lips on his. She waited for some kind of reaction but he just sat there like a statue. Was that it? He wasn't even going to kiss her back? She wanted some kind of reciprocation from him.

"Kiss me?" she whispered. "Please?"

She felt his lips move slightly on hers, and soon they were both kissing. Slowly at first, then a bit harder; a bit more intense. Things were heating up … quickly. Darcy didn't mind though, because Agent Coulson was actually an amazing kisser. The way he was kissing her was getting her all hot and bothered and she hadn't felt like that from a kiss in a very, very long time. "Not bad, Coulson. I'm still kinda pissed at you for taking my stuff though," she said closing her eyes when he moved away from her lips and to her jaw.

"Phil," he whispered in between kissing and nipping at her neck. "Call me Phil."

"Mmmm, Phil …" She liked the way his name rolled off her tongue. She let out a loud sigh when he suddenly broke away and put his hands on the wheel again, just as another car drove past them. "What? Don't want to get caught?" she smirked as he put the car in drive again and slowly started down the road again.

They drove in silence all the way back to the lab. Neither of them knowing exactly what to say to each other. Coulson stopped the car, and Darcy gave him a little half smile just as she was about to get out.

"So … Um, thanks for the lift," she said grabbing the bag of takeout. He nodded, and she opened the car door, placing one foot on the street. She looked back at him and bit her lip. "Um … do you want to finish that kiss some time? 'Cause I feel like we didn't get to finish properly. There's a motel just outside of Puente Antiguo, The Tumbleweed Inn, but I call it Hook-Up Hotel. I've never been there. I'd like to go … with you. Please?"

Coulson sat there still for a moment, his lips curled up in just slightest smile and he nodded. "I'd like that. And you're getting better at saying please and thank you."

She grinned. "See you there around eight tonight?" He nodded again, then drove off leaving Darcy with a big wide smile on her face.