Can we have jealous possessive Phil? I am in need of some hot Phil/Darcy action.


He sits in his office staring out the large glass window into the central command center of the SHIELD headquarters. There is a hustle and bustle of agents buzzing about the office as they go about their day. They're swapping files, running computer scans, and chatting over the phones. Friday mornings are the most chaotic for some reason, most likely, because everyone is trying get their work squared away for the weekend (those of them that get a weekend, anyway). Phil rarely gets a day off, it's by his choice though, he rather work than sit idle for two days. Just as he's about ready to get back to his computer work, he spots her chatting to him again. Jealousy bubbles up inside him as she laughs at something the man says to her. His grip tightens around his coffee cup and he almost crushes it in anger. This is the fourth time this week that he's caught her talking to him, and he doesn't like it.

Phil stands up and walks over to the door, opening it up into the command center. Darcy looks shocked and even a bit scared when he practically yells for her to come into his office. Slowly, she walks towards him and when she enters his office, he shuts the door, locks it, and closes the blinds on the window.

"Can I help you with something, bossman?" she says to him, trying not to let her fear show. Darcy Lewis isn't usually scared of anyone or anything, but the way Phil is looking at her sets her stomach at unease.

Phil leans against his desk and crosses his arms. "I don't want you talking to Agent Ward, Miss Lewis. This is the forth time that I've caught you talking to him this week." His tone is a bit rough as he narrows his eyes slightly at her.

Darcy laughs and crosses her arms. "Seriously? This is what you called me in here for? To tell me that I can't talk to another agent?"

He takes a deep breath but doesn't take his eyes off her. "What were the two of you talking about?"

"Um, none of your business." Darcy glares back at Phil.

"It is my business if I see that it's interfering with your work," Phil snaps.

"It's not interfering with my work, Sir," she snaps back. The fear that she felt before is replaced with annoyance. She's a hard worker, so how dare he suggest that she's goofing off with Agent Ward.

"You were supposed to turn in those files to me at 9:30 sharp this morning," he says as he gets up and walks over to her. He stands closely to her, his eyes still locked on hers. "It's almost noon now, Miss Lewis, and I'm still waiting ..."

Darcy rolls her eyes. "Are you going to punish me?" she smirks. "Do I need a spanking, Agent Coulson?" She's trying to get under his skin now.

He raises his eyebrow slightly. "Maybe you do."

Oh fuck, she did not expect him to say that. The way he was looking at her showed that he was not joking around with her either. Her pulse begins to speed up and she can feel heat going straight to her center. Body, stop it! she scolds herself. Getting aroused by Agent Coulson was something that she never thought would happen, but it is, and she likes it.

"What were you talking to Agent Ward about, Darcy?" He uses her first name this time, and the way he says it makes her grow hot. She presses her legs together, discreetly, trying not let him see that he's getting to her.

Her lips are dry and she licks them so that she can speak. He watches her tongue slowly glide over her cherry red lips, and he lets out an almost inaudible moan. "I-Ive been trying to get him to sign off on the Peterson file ... He's being a dick about it," she says quietly.

"I don't like the way he looks at you," he says, breathing a bit roughly as his eyes move from hers, down to her chest, and then back to meet her gaze again.

"A-Are you jealous, Agent Coulson?" She tries to say it sexily but instead it comes out shaky and unsure. She hopes she's not reading into this the wrong way or it could be very bad for her career.

"Yes," he says, taking a step closer to her. His eyes glance down to her legs, and he notices she presses them together quite tightly. "Are you wet, Miss Lewis?" he says boldly, looking up at her with his eyebrow raised and a slight smirk on his face.

Darcy gasps slightly at his question, but she nods her head. "So fucking wet," she says quietly.

"For me?" he asks, stepping closer again, until his face is just an inch away from hers.

"Yes," she says in a cracked voice. She jumps a bit when he puts his hand on the small of her back and pushes her closer until she pressed up against him.

"You have no idea what you do to me, Darcy," he whispers.

"I think, I do actually," she says, her eyes shifting down to the front of his pants where she can feel his hardness pressed up against her. She takes her hand and smoothed it over the front of him, cupping his erection in her hand. "Fuck, you're so hard ..." she whispers.

He grits his teeth as he tries not to moan, but her touching him is all he wanted in a very long time. He takes his hand and reaches under her black skirt. His fingers go straight to her panties, and he strokes her. "Christ, you're soaked," he says as he lets his fingertips trail down to her slick inner thighs. He moves them back up to her panties and then pushes them out of the way as he inserts a finger inside her.

Darcy inhales a sharp breath when he pushes up inside her and slowly starts to move in and out. "Oh ... fuck that's good ..." she moans when he adds a second finger. "Oh, Phil, that's so fucking amazing ..."

"I want you to be mine," he practically groans. He smiles at her when she nods her head yes. "Good girl. God, you're so tight," he says as he crooks his fingers inside slightly, pumping them in and out.

Darcy can't stand it anymore, her vision is going blurry and she knows she can't hold back any longer. She wraps her arms around his neck to brace herself from falling over. He speeds up, moving his fingers in different angles, trying to find the right spot to get her off. She has no idea how sound proofed his walls are, so she bites her bottom lip to keep from screaming. When she comes, it's harder than she's ever come in her life. It's like waves of hot white light clouding her vision and jolts of electricity racing through her body. And he did all that with just using his fingers–She can't wait to see how his cock makes her feel. Just when she thinks this moment can't get any hotter, he pulls out of her and licks her juices off his fingers as he watches her panting against the wall.

"You're gorgeous," he says, looking at the red flush across her face. Honestly, he didn't think things were going to get this far today, but god, he was so happy they did. "Are you okay?"

Darcy nods her head yes. "I didn't get to-"

He knows what she's going to say and answers her before she says it. "You can come over to my place tonight and return the favor," he smirks.

She grins and nods her head yes, then she bends down and slips her panties off.

"What are you doing?" Phil asks, his eyebrow raised.

"You can't expect me to work the rest of the day with wet underwear, can you?" she smirks as she holds them out towards him. "Would you like to hang on to them?"

He's dumbfounded and nods his head yes, grinning stupidly. "I think I can hold on to them for you," he says, taking them and tucking them inside his pants pocket. "I can't make a promise you'll get them back, though."

"Consider them a gift, bossman," she winks, and then checks herself out in the small mirror hanging on the wall and runs a hand through her hair. "How do I look? Does it look like I've just been fingered by my boss?" She asks with a playful smirk spread across her face.

Phil chuckles softly as he looks her over. "You look perfect," he says, watching her walk over to the door.

"So, I guess, I'll see you tonight? Want me to wear something sexy?" she asks, putting her hand on the doorknob.

"You're sexy just the way you are," he says as he watches her open the door. "Miss Lewis, don't make me jealous again," he adds in a stony tone.

Darcy stops and looks back at him. "But you're so fucking hot when you're jealous and possessive, Agent Coulson," she winks at him again and then exits his office, leaving him there with a grin on his face.