By Muffyn1

"Willow Rosenberg. … Yes. … Yes. … what? ... No, with an E. … Yeah. … No, R-O-S-E-N-B-E-R-G. … No – There's two E's in the whole thing—"

Buffy watched as Willow calmly spoke to the woman on the other line, but she could see the frustration in her redheaded friend's eyes. Buffy wondered how Willow was always – no, almost always – able to keep her cool in annoying situations like the one the Wiccan women was in, now. You could see the anger there, but she was holding it in and not going to let it out any time soon. The last time Buffy could remember Willow ever really coming remotely close to losing it, was that day they met Willow's vampire double, and she was all upset about being a reliable-dog-geyser-person or something.

"Listen, mister – oh, uh, miss – I've got other stuff to do- … H? ... No, no H after the G … I said no H after the G. … yes—"

Buffy admired this about Willow. Not the fact that there was no H after the G in her name, but the fact that Willow could keep from snapping at people no matter how much she hates them. Whenever Buffy gets upset, she's stay-clear-of girl. And sometimes I-need-to-kill-something girl. When Oz left, Willow just sort of moped around. Well, okay, she did do that spell thing that made Buffy and Spike...y'know... But then she made a ton of cookies afterward. Willow should do evil things more often, actually, since those were some really good cookies…

"Not 'B-U-R-G-H' that's, like, a Scottish town or something … Rosenberg. It's not uncommon, I think, and with an E is probably the only way to spell it, so…"

And of course, Willow never held grudges. She was always nice to Spike, no matter what he did. Apparently, he once threatened to shove a glass bottle in her face, and once came into their dorm room and tried to bite, her, but Will was always so nice to him, anyways.

"Alighty, then. … Right, … Thanks." With a small smile and a sigh, Willow placed the phone back in its cradle, and laid back onto her bed.

Buffy smiled at her, "So, what were you talking about for duration of that exceptionally long phone call?"

"I was ordering some books."

"You have to order books? Did a giant snake eat our huge campus library?"

"Magick books."


The next day, a package arrived at their dorm room. Willow signed a thing and the delivery guy hurriedly left with a tip of his hat, possibly scared of the contents of the box. Or just paranoid when around college students. Willow studied the box for a moment, and her face turned horribly grave when she caught sight of the white sticker on the top.

There it said, in huge, bold, black, printed letters on a piece of white sticker tape: