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Lucy's POV

When Lucy opened her eyes again, she frowned. Something was definitely different, and she didn't like it one bit. For one, she felt stronger, taller and more muscular. When she felt her hair, it was no longer long. It had shortened.

"Oh crap." Lucy said. "Tell me this isn't what it feels like." Her voice also felt strangely deeper...

"Lucy, what are you saying?" An unfamiliar girl's voice piped up behind her. When she turned, Lucy gasped. So did the girl, who had pink hair and a familiar dragon scaled scarf and the familiar clothing...

"NATSU?!" Lucy gasped. "Y-You're a GIRL!"

"YOU'RE A GUY!" Natsu screamed. "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED!?"

"Don't ask me, a light freakishly appeared and this happened!" Lucy frantically said.

"Well, where's Erza?!" Natsu screamed. "I wanna be a guy, not a girl!"

"I'm right here. And your voices seem different... What happened?" Erza said, and when Natsu and Lucy saw her, they screamed and pointed as well in shock.

In Erza's place was a teen with short red hair and with boyish eyes. The boy Erza now had a different designed armor, much like a guy's, and was wearing dark blue pants instead of Erza's blue skirt. He was wearing dark boots.

"OH. MY. GOD." Lucy screamed, tugging at her now short hair. "WHAT HAPPENED?!"

Apparently Erza noticed as well, because she was staring at Natsu and Lucy with her mouth opened. "A gender switch?!"

"Oh shit, where's Gray?!" Natsu asked in that unfamiliar tone. "I WANNA BE NORMAL!"

"What's with all of you?! You look different!" Gray's female voice then said. Now in his place there was a girl with the same hair color but it was longer, like up to his waist. But since the boy Gray stripped earlier, he had no shirt on.

"AAAAAAH! GET ME A SHIRT!" Gray frantically yelled, picking up the white t-shirt he was wearing earlier.

"Ah, Gray-san?" Wendy's voice said, and when Lucy, terrified, looked at her, she had spiky dark blue hair and had a boyish face.

"AAAAH! WE ALL CHANGED GENDERS!" The whole Team Natsu panicked, pointing at each other in utter shock.

"Oh, my!" Mira gasped. She was still a female, however, which made Lucy confused.

"Mira, what happened? Why aren't you changed?" Lucy asked, wondering why.

"Oh... I didn't close my eyes." Mira apologized.

"DAMN IT, I SHOULD'VE NOT CLOSED MY EYES!" Everyone who changed genders wailed.

"Ah..." Mira sighed. "Well, I'm really baffled as well... What kind of request was that?"

The boy Erza handed Mira the request which was now fading. It read: Gender switch Magic will erase a week from now.

"WHAAAAAAAT!?" Team Natsu screamed.

"I can't wait a week staying like... THIS!" Lucy yelled, waving her arms around frantically.

"I want to change back!" Gray and Natsu wailed.

"Ugh, stupid request sheet!" Erza growled.

"Oh no!" Wendy said, disappointed.

"Well, now that's that." Happy said. "At least I'm still male. Aye!"

"STOP MAKING THINGS WORSE!" Team Natsu yelled at the blue cat in frustration.

"Well, I think you'll have to get used to it for a week until it wears off. You'll have to do missions like that too." Mira said, frowning at the request. "Oh, and lets still call all of you your regular names before you all switched so we all wouldn't get confused."

"A week as a girl?" Natsu sighed. "I hope my powers haven't weakened..." She summoned fire and it was still red-hot, so she felt satisfied.

"What pronouns do we use?" Lucy then asked.

"The regular pronouns, after all of you switched." Mira said. "It'll have to do for a week only, so I'm sure all of you will be fine."

Everyone though Mira said reassuring words, team Natsu all started sulking in a corner, obviously depressed they were like that.

"Wait, does that mean my spirits are switched too?!" Lucy panicked. "Open, gate of the lion! LOKE!"

When Loke appeared, Lucy yelped in surprise, because Loke was indeed a girl. Instead of wearing his suit and tie he wore a black formal dress. Loke's once spikey hair was now curly and long, but he still had his glasses on.

"Yo Luc-Who the hell are you?" Loke said, obviously confused.

"I'm LUCY." Lucy said, pointing to herself. "Stupid request sheet did this."

"Then I'm a girl?" Loke said, looking at a mirror, looking strangely pleased.

"Um, yes. Why are you so freakishly happy and why do you have a creepy smile on your face? That's really creeping me out..." Lucy said, worried.

"I look good for a girl." Loke said in awe.

"WRONG!" Lucy yelled in frustration, kicking the girl to the side as she disappeared.

"Damn it, I want to turn back NOW!" Gray screamed. She kicked everything around and actually accidentally kicked Natsu as well, who yelled at Gray to cut it out, which led to another fight.

"Now that you think about it, I wonder how my requip outfits look?" Erza said.

"Oh, right, cause you're a guy now..." Wendy said.

"Requip! Purgatory Armor!" Erza said, as a light formed around him.

When it cleared, the outfit looked a bit the same, just a few minor adjustments. "Hm... Not bad..." Erza said, pleased there wasn't much change.

"I miss my old me." Lucy sulked. "Now my spirits are freaking switched too."

"Now, now," Mira said, smiling. "I think you look okay as a guy."

Sighing, Lucy collapsed on the bar table, still not feeling convinced.

"Yeah, Luce, she's right. You look okay as a guy!" Natsu said, grinning.

Normally the girl Lucy would've blushed, but instead Lucy sighed and muttered thanks to the fire dragon slayer.

"I guess I'd say you look pretty cool." Lucy said to Natsu, whom the dragon slayer turned a faint shade of red.

"Aw, they liiiiiiiiike each other!" Happy giggled, resulting in the two mages to knock him out with frying pans.

Wendy sighed. "I think my powers are the same still."

"True, but its better than it being switched too." Lucy grumbled.

"Never mind that guys, how about a job?" Erza asked, holding up a request sheet.

"Good idea!" Everyone else said, agreeing.

"It'd be perfect in getting your magic used to." Mira said as well. "It's a great idea."

"Thanks, Mira." Erza smiled. "Now, let's all go!"

"Yes sir!" Everyone else said, hustling out of the guild at once, bidding farewell to Mira.

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