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Natsu's POV

Once him and his team transformed into the opposite gender of themselves, Natsu seriously hated it. When he meant hated, he meant that he hated it more than transportation, which was saying something. Transportation was one of the things that he truly hated, from the bottom of his heart.

"Lucy, I hate being a girl," Natsu complained. "It's so hard to get used to!"

"Hey," Lucy said, grumbling. "I switched too, so it's hard for me to get used to also. But we all have to deal with it."

"Yeah, but it's so hard... If Gajeel sees me like this he'll definitely die of laughter." Natsu said, realizing that Gajeel hasn't seen Natsu like this. "...On second thought, I don't want to go to the guild anymore..."

"I know what you mean," Lucy said, looking around his room, frowning.

"Anyway, can I stay here or something?" Natsu asked. "Since I'm a girl now, this is my room, right?"

"No it's not!" Lucy said, shocked. "Well, it's still mine because it's been mine from the start!"

"But Luce~ You're a guy, it'd be weird to find you sleeping in a pink bed~" Natsu complained.


"Even when you're a guy nothing really changed about you."

"WHAT'S THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN?!" Lucy exclaimed. "Anyway, fine, you can stay, whatever!"

"Yeah!" Natsu said, grinning at the boy Lucy, who was raising an eyebrow.

"Right, whatever." Lucy said, collapsing on his bed.

"Meh, you're meaner as a guy too," Natsu frowned. "That's not very nice, y'know."

"Sorry, then." Lucy sighed. "It's been a long day, so I'm going to sleep now. It's sunset, you know, right?"

"I thought you were going to teach me," Natsu said, confused. "About being a girl, duh."

"Oh, that's right!" Lucy then said, sitting up. "Well, since you're a girl now, you'll have to act like one!"

"I do?" Natsu said, curious.

"Yup," Lucy nodded solemnly. "Well, first, girls mostly do lots of girly stuff, like shopping."

"Wait, what?!" Natsu yelled. "I don't want to go shopping! I mean, it's really really girly!"

"Augh..." Lucy facepalmed. "This is going to be harder than I thought..."

"I'll teach you how to be a guy first! Cause you seem mostly like one already!" Natsu said cheerfully.

"WHAT?" Lucy said, frowning. But Natsu ignored him.

"Well then! I guess you can say that you'll have to act strong, reckless, and impatient! Be impulsive and such!" Natsu said.

"That's your personality!" Lucy said. Then he leaned back on the wall and sighed. "I think we'll learn to be a guy or girl when we get used to it..."

"Yeah, like Gray, cause she was already an ice princess." Natsu scowled.

"Oh, then do the nicknames you call each other change too?" Lucy said, curious.

"Now that you mention it..." Natsu thought. "I guess I'll have to call her an ice prince!"

"Well, don't get used to calling her that because after she turns back to normal, she'll be a guy again, right? So you'd be saying that as a freaking compliment." Lucy pointed out.

"I'd never compliment that stripping pervert!" Natsu protested.

"I don't think Gray strips much now since she's a girl."

"AAAAAAAH! I want to change back..."

"All of us do, believe me."

Natsu sighed. "I'm tired..."

"Well then, you should go to sleep." Lucy said, tossing her a blanket as Natsu caught it. "I'll get the couch and you can get the bed." Natsu took the blanket, but gawked at Lucy in shock as he looked at her, confused. "What?"

"Oh gee, Luce." Natsu's eyes widened. "You never let me take the bed."

"Oh... Right. Well, this is an exception. I don't care anyhow." Lucy said, laying down on the couch, relaxing. Then Natsu could hear Lucy's heavy breathing as he fell asleep.

Wow. Natsu thought. That would never happen in a million years, but it did.

Natsu sighed as she took the bed and instantly fell asleep.

Natsu woke up before Lucy the following morning. "Good mornin'!" She said, stretching her arms out. Then, remembering that she was a girl, she sighed.

"Oh, you're awake too?" Lucy said. "Let's go to the guild, I'm sure the Team's all assembled there."

"Augh..." Natsu sighed, but she followed Lucy towards Fairy Tail.

... (means timeskip)

"We're here," Lucy said as he went over to where Mira was and sat down on a bar stool, sighing.

"Hello you two!" Mira said, calling out to Natsu and Lucy, while Natsu stormed off to find Gray, and found her conversing with Gajeel and Juvia, whereas Gajeel was trying hard not to laugh and Juvia seemed upset.

Seeing Natsu, Gajeel instantly burst out in fits of laughter while pointing at her and Gray. "PFFT-So, you've turned into a girl too, Salamander?! BWAHAHAHAHA!"

"Shut up, damn you!" Natsu yelled, while fire engulfed her fists as she punched Gajeel, but the iron dragon slayer blocked it with a pillar.

"Looks like you got a tad weaker." Gajeel smirked, while Gray sighed.

"Juvia is... Juvia can't stand this nonsense!" Juvia wailed. "Juvia wants her beloved Gray-sama to turn back to normal!"

"Uh..." Gray said.

"Oh, that's right." Wendy then said. "Since Juvia... Er, likes Gray, she's so upset he's a girl now."

"Juvia can't stand this at all! Juvia wants Gray-sama to turn back to normal this instant!" Juvia cried, her tears flooding the whole room.

"It's alright, Juvia." Levy reassured her. "But I really am still shocked of how this happened... It's merely... Unbelieveable."

"Yeah, I agree with Levy!" Lucy said.

"I hope you and the rest will all turn back to normal. Lu-chan..." Levy smiled at the celestial spirit mage.

Then Natsu had an idea. "Hey, Lucy, your spirits are all switched too right?!"

"Unfortunately." The celestial spirit mage frowned. "Looks like I need to get used to that also."

"That means... Even Taurus and Sagittarius?!" Levy gasped.

"THAT HORSE GUY TOO?!" Gajeel said, bursting out laughing.

"Yeah, even Loke and Aquarius!" Lucy said, ignoring Gajeel. "I can't even stand to call another spirit out knowing its the opposite gender..."

"Why don't you call Gemini, then?" Natsu said.

"Oh, good idea!" Gray said, ignoring Juvia's waves of sadness and tears. "Gemini can turn into anyone, regardless of what gender!"

"Which means..." Wendy said, finally getting it. "...That Gemini can change into all our regular versions!"

"I call FIRST!" Lucy declared, pulling out Gemini's key. "Open, gate of the twins! GEMINI!"

Instantly, Gemini appeared, as Lucy's female form. However, when Gemini looked at the male Lucy, she shrieked. "What happened to you and your team?"

"Well, a request did all this." Lucy explained.

"Ah, I see!" Gemini said. "Why did you call me anyway?"

"Can you transform into me?!" Natsu said. "Into my guy form!"

"I can try to," Gemini said, as she transformed into Natsu's regular form. Everyone looked on, impressed.

"It's me again~!" Natsu yelled, looking at her regular self. "Actually..." Natsu sulked, "I want to be normal right now..."

Gemini laughed Natsu's old laugh. "Well then, who's next?"

Pretty soon Natsu's team told Gemini that they wanted to see themselves, and they did. Everyone seemed pretty happy that they saw themselves, but disappointed because they were still transformed. Then, Gemini bid farewell to all of them and disappeared.

Meanwhile, Gajeel was still laughing about Natsu and Gray transforming, which really pissed Natsu off.

"I can't believe it!" Gajeel cracked up. "Seriously, I'm stronger than you now! HAHAHA!"

Juvia continued on sulking. "Juvia wants her Gray-sama to turn back to normal, quick..."

Gray backed away nervously.

"And it's only barely the second day!" Lucy yelled in frustration.

"Right now would be a nice time for someone to invent a time machine," Natsu agreed.

"I don't know why but I'm not craving any cakes or sweets..." Erza muttered to himself. "Is that strange?"

"I want to turn back, quick!" Wendy complained, while Carla sighed.

"Aye, its too weird." Happy agreed.

"Maybe I can speed up the process!" Levy said. "I'd like to see the request, please!" Lucy handed Levy the request sheet of the gender magic and the bluenette started to read it.

"All right, I think I know how to solve this!" Levy said. "But these writings are kinda hard to decipher..." She put on her reading glasses and instantly started to read the request sheet.

"YES!" All of team Natsu cheered.

"Don't worry guys, I'll probably get all of you out of this in no time!" Levy said, picking up several books and laying them on the table.

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