An Introduction From Mr. DeLisle

"Hello, I'm Jacob DeLisle. I'm an 18 year old wrestling fan from Palm Beach Florida. I've enjoyed the spectacle my entire life, and am a bit of a historian on the subject. About a month ago, I got together with my brother and a small group of friends, most of whom were wrestling fans. Together we decided to give backyard wrestling a whirl. While I have no interest in performing in the ring, and by interest I mean a lack of athletic ability. I prefer staying out of the ring, focusing on the backstage portion of it. At the end of the day we had a good handful of people interested. 13 people wrestling at the very least, and they're trying to recruit even more. The plan is that this is a trampoline fed, in the future, (when things hopefully pick up), will get some more people interested soon.

Our set is compromised of a standard 15'x15' trampoline. Usually, our matches will be held without the net enclosure, but on some cases we decided we can use it as a faux-cage. Outside of the ring, set up directly beside it, is a ladder. This is to make up for the lack of turnbuckles and ropes. While we do not have the funds at the moment, I have plans to make this ring look like an actual wrestling ring in the near future. This'll make for a more realistic look. My brother Todd made the entrance. He works at a scrap yard so he was able to dig out some good pieces of steel and got some wood from our dad's shed to make a solid looking set. Wrestlers will come out from under a steel arch (that was once used for weddings) that we've sprayed black and we have the some plywood boards on either side with the company logo on it. Finally, also around the ring, we have a conveniently placed camper and boat, just to slam your opponent into. We're also considering using the boat as our commentary booth, but this will likely be a game time decision. For lighting, as towards the main event, it will likely get dark, we have some floodlights that we can shine on the ring area and it should light up the area fairly well. Our sound system is an iPod dock I got for Christmas.

As we gather the money from shows, we hope to be able to improve the "arena". Right now, fans are encouraged to bring their own chairs because we only have a limited amount. We don't expect many fans at first, but hopefully, we're putting our names out to the right people. I'll be keeping you, the fans, and readers of this, up to date with those attempts. We will have a focus on storylines and matches, not unlike the WWE.

Our roster is comprised of 13 high school aged males and females from a multitude of areas. Some are drama kids, some are football players, we even have a cheerleader and dance team twins. Each gimmick is something they've created, their characters are up to them. My close friends are working with me, backstage, or anywhere away from the ring for this. Refs, commentators, writers, etc. To say I'm excited about this would be a huge understatement. I hope this has gotten you ready as well, for…