Nick Mallory's Words of Wisdom

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Chapter 1: The Introduction

Right around the backyard of a certain Nick Mallory came yours truly. He looked killer in his snazzy red jacket, along with his perfect brown hair shining through the sky. He was standing in front of a brown fence with the sign that said 'Nick Mallory's Words of Wisdom" with perfect lettering attached to it.

"Hey fans, Nick Mallory here. I want to welcome you to my little tidbit hour." Nick greeted to the camera, "It's a show where Nick Mallory thinks what he's thinking, and what opinion he's got on the topic. Nick Mallory will talk about scooters, footballs, steaks, the economy, everything in between. Whatever Nick Mallory thinks, he says..."

Meanwhile, while Nick was still talking to the camera, Trina Riffin (Corey's sister) managed to reach for the fence and shout at Nick far away. Her best friend/sidekick Mina appeared alongside her.

"NICK! NICK! CAN I BE IN YOUR SHOW!?" Trina shouted.

"Can't you ask him politely to be in his show instead? I mean, that sounds nicer than having to shout incoherently." Mina stepped in.

"Your opinions mean poop, Mina! Now off out of here, you ain't even in this story!" Trina snapped.

"You never let me do anything fun..." Mina sadly stated while she walked away from Trina.

"That's what I do, don't wear it out..." Trina muttered to herself while he used the rest of her strength to reach her body halfway the brown fence. Struggling to keep her balance, Trina shouted out to Nick quickly, "Hunky Nick Mallory, help me up! I wanna be on your shooooooow!"

While Trina was desperately trying to grab Nick's attention (which he didn't notice), a junkyard dog from out of nowhere eyed Trina like a piece of meat. Not even bother looking at the road, the dog crossed the street while he locked Trina in as the target.

"Nick! Let me be on your little tidbit show! I promise I can do stu-" Trina said right before she was cut off by a disturbing sound.


With her heart sank, Trina looked behind her lower feet...

...and saw that a junkyard dog infested with rabies was standing near her. Scared out of her panties, Trina tried to silence the crazed dog the best that she could.

"Uhhhh... good dog. Nice not-very-freaky dog!" Trina replied, smiling with fear. But there was nothing stopping the dog from unleashing it's full fury on Trina.

"RAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" The dog growled. Who knew a dog could growl like such an ogre?

Knowing that she couldn't get to Nick in time, Trina knew only one thing to do...



"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Trina screamed as she started running for her life. The dog was right on her tail while chasing her for a good block or so. While she was running, Nick still kept on talking.

"...Plus, I'll let you rub Nick Mallory's hair for the fun of it. I wish I could talk more, but I'll have to stop here..." Nick said with a sigh, "So make sure you come back after the break so that Nick Mallory will come to his first topic on his mind. Until then, Nick Mallory says 'stay tuned'."

After Nick winked to the camera deciding to close out on break, a running Trina was still waving up and down so that Nick could finally get her attention.

"Nick! Help me up! I don't want to be a slobbery smelly dog toy!" She screamed incoherently before the static was turned off on her for the time being.

Hmmmm, what shall be on Nick Mallory's mind come next chapter? Make sure you stay tuned for next chap. Until then, R&R.