Nick Mallory's Words of Wisdom

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Chapter 10: Nick Mallory on Laney Penn

Nick Mallory was seen hanging upside down on a tree, looking at Laney Penn inside Corey's garage. She was killing time reading a magazine, waiting for Corey and the rest of her friends to get back. Knowing that he was being filmed on camera, Nick took his binoculars off and spoke.

"The next topic Nick Mallory wants to cover next is Laney Penn. She's one tough chick and she lets her words do the talking. Nick knows it doesn't make sense, but it's the truth. Let's see how Laney lives up to those words Nick Mallory said."

After he was finished talking, he looked through the binoculars and saw Laney looking at the left.

Of course, it indicated that Corey, Kin and Kon were here. And with the brand new instruments they got at the Peaceville

"Hey, Lanes... can you do me a favor?" Corey said with a deep breath.

Hearing that question, Laney let out a cute blush. She would answer his question, but all she did was nod pleasingly. Her thoughts got to her brain.

"Please ask me out, Cor... please ask me out...!"

Corey let out a deep breath and revealed the rest of the question.

"Can you grab me a soda from the cooler?"

Once again, Laney was pissed off. She would have expected Corey to at least ask her out, but how dare he bark orders at her! If Laney had one reason, it was to kick Corey's ass! But she decided to let it pass in secret.

"Sure Corey... I'll get you a soda..." Laney muttered, feigning a bleak smile.

With her silent, yet soon-to-be-unleashed rage, Laney dug onto the cooler, searching for a can of Coke.

For amusement, Laney shook the can of soda up furiously, and shut the cooler. As the rest of the bandmates, minus Laney, were sitting in their usual couch, Laney approached Corey nicely.

"Here you go, Corey..." Laney said, raising her voice angrily, "Enjoy your nice can of coke, ya hobo!"

Laney opened up the soda and splashed it all around Corey in a bullet of fizz! Corey was getting sloshed and slobbered with liquid stickiness. Luckily for the frontman, his orange hat prevented his blue hair from getting wet in the process.

After all the sloshing was done, Corey felt a little wrinkled and was lost for words.

"Lanes? Why on earth did you splash soda onto me?" Corey cried out.

"You disappoint me, Cor... again!" Laney declared, as she sat back on her seat with a magazine in her hand.

Corey would have shot back with something so offensive as a cussword...

...but he couldn't help but smile at Laney's toughness.

"That's how I like my Lanes!" Corey said, relaxing with Cola around his body, "Telling it like it is."

Away from the garage, Nick chuckled nicely, impressed of what Laney did to Corey.

"Nick Mallory has words of advice for those watching at home." Nick suggested to the camera, "Never treat your lady like crap. You may find yourself with cola poured all over you along with your balls looking wrinkly like a old man's ass. Nick Mallory is too young to say 'ass' in this show, but Nick hardly cares nonetheless."

Corey will never learn about the needs of girls. So typical.

What will Nick talk about next? I'm not telling you until next chap. Until then, later. (;D)