The sound of the waves crashing against the shore drifted into the bedroom as the two lovers reached their climax. With cries of ecstasy the two people on the bed collapsed back onto the silk sheets, not bothering to cover their nudity.

Once she had caught her breath Hermione Granger propped herself up on her elbow and looked over at her lover, Draco Malfoy. Draco was still lying with his eyes shut but when he felt Hermione watching him he opened them and smiled cockily at her. Hermione smiled back before leaning down and pressing her lips softly against Draco's, normally he would have deepened the kiss but he left the kiss as a chaste one.

Pulling back Hermione sighed deeply as she looked into the eyes of the man she had never meant to fall in love with. What had started out as a one night stand eight months ago had developed into a full blown affair and Hermione had found herself madly in love with a man who was due to be married to another woman in a month's time.

Draco had never lied about the fact he was engaged and Hermione was aware of the situation the very first time they tumbled into bed together. At the time however Hermione was slightly drunk and reeling from a nasty break-up, the fact that Draco was engaged to Pansy Parkinson had never crossed her mind until the following day. When Hermione questioned Draco the following morning he admitted the marriage was an arranged one between the two families, he and Pansy didn't love each other, they were going through with the wedding because it was expected of them.

"This is goodbye, isn't it." Draco's voice pulled Hermione out of her thoughts.

Hermione nodded as she sat up in bed, pulling the sheets up to cover her still naked form. "We knew this day was coming." She whispered.

Every time the couple had met up over the last month there was an growing air of finality to their meetings. The minute they had stepped foot into Draco's beach house earlier that afternoon they had both known that when they left again they would be saying goodbye.

"I'm sorry, Hermione." Draco sighed, moving so he was sitting next to his lover.

"It's not your fault, Draco." Hermione said, leaning her head on Draco's shoulder.

While Hermione would have loved Draco to leave Pansy and be with her she knew that would mean throwing away his entire life. There was a good chance Lucius would never forgive his son for running off with a muggleborn and Hermione knew how hard Draco worked to make his father proud of him.

"It is." Draco whispered, wrapping his arms around Hermione and kissing the top of her head.

Draco wished he was brave enough to end his sham of an engagement but he was wary of leaving everything he knew behind when he wasn't even sure how he felt about Hermione. Draco thought he could quite possibly be in love with the brunette witch but emotions weren't his strong point so he shied away from them the majority of the time.

"We should go." Hermione said, although she made no attempt to remove herself from Draco's embrace.

"Five more minutes." Draco pleaded, tightening his hold on his lover. He knew that when they left they would likely never speak again and he wanted to drag out the time they had remaining.

"Okay, five more minutes." Hermione agreed as she tried to fight the tears that were threatening to fall.

Draco and Hermione actually remained curled up on the bed for another hour before they reluctantly parted and began dressing. Once they were dressed they stood awkwardly in the middle of the room, neither sure of what to say.

"Hermione, I …" Draco began to speak but Hermione moved forward to place a finger over his lips.

"Don't." She said quietly before removing her finger and softly kissing Draco one final time. "Goodbye, Draco."

Stepping back Hermione looked at Draco one final time before she pulled out her wand and dissapparated. As the bedroom disappeared from view Hermione tried to pretend she hadn't heard Draco's parting words of 'I love you'. While Hermione may have longed to hear her blond lover tell her he loved her, she would rather not hear it as she disappeared from his life.

The minute Hermione arrived home to her small flat she erected her wards so no-one could come in, then she curled up in bed and let the tears flow. Hermione remained in bed for the rest of the evening, eventually crying herself to sleep in the early hours of the morning.

All weekend Hermione remained in her flat with her wards erected, she had no idea if anyone tried to contact her but she really couldn't have cared less. Hermione spent the entire weekend in a pit of depression as she mourned her relationship with Draco. By the time Monday morning rolled round Hermione had made a monumental decision about her life and her future.


"YOU'RE WHAT?" Ron Weasley shouted at the top of his voice.

"I'm leaving, Ronald." Hermione replied calmly.

It was Friday night, exactly a week after her last encounter with Draco, and Hermione was telling her friends about her decision. For the last five days Hermione had been organising everything so that she was ready to leave the following morning. She had packed up her flat and put it on sale, she had quit her job and now she was saying goodbye to her friends.

"But, why?" Harry Potter asked bemused by the abruptness of Hermione's decision.

"I've told you Harry, I want to explore the world." Hermione said, not quite telling the truth. She had no plans on travelling, instead she had bought a cottage on the Isle of Wight and planned on trying to write a novel. "There's so much to see and do, I don't want to be stuck in London."

"Well I think it's a brilliant idea." Harry's girlfriend, Ginny Weasley said as Harry opened his mouth to protest some more.

Hermione shot the redhead a smile, knowing she had deliberately stepped in to stop Harry arguing. Ginny was the only person who knew of her affair with Draco and Hermione was pretty sure the redhead knew he was also the reason she was leaving.

"Don't look so sad, you two." Hermione smiled at her two friends dejected expressions. "I'll write all the time and I'll not be gone forever."

"We'll really miss you." Harry said, moving to sit beside Hermione.

"Yeah, what will we do without you?" Ron asked, moving to sit on the other side of Hermione.

"I'll miss you both, as well." Hermione sniffed, the tears starting to fall as the reality of what was happening kicked in. "I love you, both so much."

Ron and Harry both wrapped their arms around Hermione and gave the crying witch a hug. Ginny watched the trio with a tear in her own eye, ever since Hogwarts they had been a trio and she couldn't help but wonder how Harry and Ron would cope without their best friend to steer them in the right direction.

"When are you going?" Ron asked as the hug broke up.

"Tomorrow." Hermione replied, wiping at her tears.

"TOMORROW?" Ron jumped up and began pacing the floor in the flat he shared with Harry. "You can't leave tomorrow, we have to throw you a leaving party. If you're going, you're going in style."

"I don't want a party, Ron." Hermione insisted. "I just want the four of us to have dinner, like we planned. Tomorrow morning I'm going to visit The Burrow and say goodbye to your parents, then I'm leaving. I don't want a fuss."

"But." Ron started to protest but stopped when Hermione glared at him. "Fine, I'll not make a fuss."

Hermione stood up and gave her friend a peck on the cheek. "Thanks, Ron."

"Come on, let's go to dinner." Ginny said, dragging Harry up off the sofa.

Hermione quickly ran to the bathroom to make sure she looked presentable after her earlier cry before the four friends apparated to the restaurant in Diagon Alley where they had reservations. For the rest of the night Hermione's departure wasn't mentioned as the four friends just enjoyed spending time together.

The following morning when Hermione visited The Burrow she was shocked to find the whole family present. Ron admitted that he had gathered everyone so Hermione could say goodbye to the whole of the family. After yet another cry, Hermione spent the morning saying goodbye to the family she considered her own before she left, not knowing when she would return.


Hermione sat on her bathroom floor, staring at the small stick in her hand. She was pregnant, pregnant with Draco Malfoy's baby. Hermione stared at the muggle pregnancy test for several more minutes before throwing it into the bin and standing up. After washing her hands Hermione left the bathroom and wandered into her small garden.

Hermione had left London three weeks ago and was just settling into her new life on the Isle of Wight. Now she had a second life to consider, a baby she hadn't planned for. Hermione didn't even have to think about whether she was keeping the baby, planned or not it was her child and she would love it. The only thing Hermione had to decide was whether or not to tell Draco.

Normally Hermione wouldn't think twice of telling Draco about the baby, but the timing of her discovery left a lot to be desired. As Hermione was discovering she was carrying Draco's child he was marrying Pansy Parkinson. Hermione had been aware of what day it was all day and if she was being honest she knew she had done the pregnancy test that day so she wouldn't feel the loss of Draco so heavily.

Hermione sat in her garden thinking until the sun began to set. As darkness fell Hermione went indoors and made herself something to eat. Curling up on the sofa with a plate of pasta, Hermione flicked on the television so she didn't have to think. Ten minutes later she flicked it back off as had no idea what she had just watched.

Using magic to get rid of her dirty dishes, Hermione settled back down as she made her final decision. She had decided not to tell Draco about the baby, he had just gotten married and it wasn't fair to just walk back into his life now with a baby on the way. Hermione felt guilty of depriving him of the opportunity of seeing his child but she consoled herself with the fact he would have children with Pansy, his legitimate children that would have his name.

Sighing Hermione placed a hand on her still flat stomach. "It looks like it's just you and me, baby."

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