"I don't get why you're so nervous." Draco said. Moving to stand behind Hermione, he wrapped his arms around the witch and planted a soft kiss on her cheek. "Compared to my parents telling the Weasley's about us should be a walk in the park."

"I just don't want them to think badly of me." Hermione sighed. "Having an affair with a man who's engaged to someone else is hardly the type of behaviour Molly and Arthur would approve of."

"That's all in the past." Draco said, trying to reassure Hermione. "Besides, we were in love." He added, dropping another kiss to her cheek.

"Maybe by the end, but we certainly didn't love each other when we started." Hermione pointed out.

"The important thing is we love each other now." Draco shrugged, unconcerned that they wouldn't be able to use being in love as an excuse for their affair. "Although if they look as though they're going to be problematic we'll just introduce them to Scorpius, that worked wonders with father."

Hermione chuckled, remembering how Lucius had suddenly became a different person with the introduction of his grandson. "Who would have thought the best way to get Lucius to behave like a human being was a baby."

"He did seem rather taken with Scorpius, didn't he?" Draco smiled at the memories. He had been worried that Lucius would want nothing to do with him or Scorpius so he was relieved that his father had acted pretty reasonable in the end.

"At least he was taken with someone." Hermione muttered. "He made it perfectly clear he didn't approve of me."

Draco turned Hermione around in his arms and lifted her head before he spoke next. "It doesn't matter if father approves or not, we're finally together and nothing is going to change that."

Hermione smiled before wrapping her arms tightly around Draco's neck and pulling his head down to hers. Draco pulled Hermione closer to him as the couple's lips met in a passion filled kiss. As Draco deepened the kiss his hands began to wander under Hermione's top, causing her to reluctantly pull away.

"We don't have time for that." Hermione scolded. "Harry and The Weasley's will be here any minute."

Right on cue the sound of the floo network activating echoed around the room. Draco gave Hermione a reassuring smile before quickly leaving the room, seconds before the green flames lit up and the first visitor stepped out of the fire. As Hermione turned to greet her guests she wasn't the slightest bit upset that Draco had left her alone, they had decided it would be best for her to speak to everyone before he made an appearance.

Harry was the first one out of the fire and he grabbed Hermione in a tight hug the second he laid eyes on her. Harry had barely let go of her before Hermione was swept up into Ron's arms, he had arrived seconds after Harry.

"It's so good to see you two." Hermione said, smiling at Harry and Ron.

"It's good to see you, too." Harry grinned.

"We've really missed you." Ron added.

"I've missed you too." Hermione said, turning back to the fireplace as it lit up yet again.

From the brief delay in between Harry and Ron's entrance and everyone else's, Hermione was figuring that the Weasley's had deliberately given the trio a few moments alone before they all descended.

Ginny was the first to arrive after the boys, closely followed by Molly and Arthur. Hermione hugged all three Weasley's in greeting and all three mentioned how well she looked. Bill and Fleur were the next to arrive, followed by Charlie, Percy and George. Like the rest of the family they all hugged Hermione and welcomed her home.

Once everyone had arrived Hermione settled everyone into seats while she used magic to prepare some refreshments. Once everyone had a drink Hermione settled into her own seat and watched the family she still considered to be her own. After her parents hadn't been located in Australia after the war it was the Weasley's love and support that had gotten her through the pain of losing them.

"So you're back." George said, breaking the silence in the room. "Are you staying?"

"Yes, I'm back for good." Hermione answered, much to the obvious joy of the family.

"This is a nice house, it looks expensive." Fleur commented. She was currently looking around the large room and she had spotted several pieces of furniture and a couple of paintings that looked as though they cost a lot of money.

"Fleur." Bill hissed, appalled at his wife's manners. She had a tendency to just say what was on her mind and could often end up sounding rude.

"It's alright, I think the house is pretty expensive." Hermione chuckled at Fleur's outright nature.

"You think? You mean you don't know?" Percy questioned. "How much money do you have if you can buy a house and not know it's value?"

"I don't own the house." Hermione said, realising she had been given a perfect opportunity to mention Draco early on. "My boyfriend does."

"Boyfriend? So it's a man that's brought you home." George smirked. "A rich one at that."

Hermione spotted Harry and Ron exchanging looks, so she waited for one of them to speak. She was guessing that they were putting two and two together and realising who she was living with.

"Is it him?" Harry asked. "Is it Malfoy?"

"Yes, it's Draco who I'm with." Hermione said, noticing that no-one seemed surprised by Harry's mention of the blond Slytherin.

"He was telling the truth." Ron sounded slightly disbelieving as he spoke. "Damn, I thought he was lying."

"Well that's nice, Weasley." Draco's voice sounded from the doorway and everyone turned to watch as the blond entered the room and made his way over to Hermione, sitting down on the arm of her chair. "I threw myself on your mercy and pleaded for information and you still thought I was lying."

"Well it didn't exactly seem likely, you and Hermione." Ron said, looking slightly uncomfortable as Draco had put his arm around Hermione's shoulder and she had moved closer to him.

"I told you, they had been together." Ginny crowed at her brother. "It's not my fault you chose not to believe me."

"Nobody believed you, Gin." Ron scoffed.

At Hermione and Draco's confusion, Harry explained that after Draco had first visited him and Ron they had discussed his visit with the entire family. Ginny had admitted that he was telling the truth about the affair but no-one would believe her. She had however convinced Harry to tell him what they knew about Hermione's whereabouts, which wasn't much.

"So I take it this was your real reason for leaving." Molly said, gesturing to the couple.

"Yes." Hermione nodded. "I couldn't stick around while Draco married Pansy, so I left."

"So how are you back home and back with him after two years?" Bill questioned.

For the next ten minutes Hermione and Draco explained running into each other on the Isle of Wight. Hermione had a bit of explaining to do regarding her lie about travelling but luckily everyone understood her reasoning for wanting to be alone.

"Does this mean you two are officially a couple?" Harry asked as the explanations drew to a close.

"What gave it away?" Draco muttered sarcastically. "The fact we're sitting here together explaining our relationship or the fact we're living together."

"I was just checking that you weren't planning on keeping Hermione as your dirty little secret again." Harry glared at the blond. It was obvious that Hermione was happy but that didn't mean he wasn't going to be looking out for her.

"Harry, it wasn't like that." Hermione said, feeling the need to defend Draco and their past relationship.

"The answer to your question Potter is yes, we are officially a couple." Draco told Harry. "And I have no intention of hiding our relationship, we're together and we don't care who knows."

"Does that include your parents?" Arthur asked. "I can't imagine Lucius would be too pleased with your relationship."

"He's not overly impressed but we found a way to convince him we're serious." Draco said.

"How?" Harry asked, curious as to how they managed to get Lucius to accept their relationship.

"We introduced him to someone special." Hermione said. "Our son."

As the questions started flying Hermione did her best to explain the situation while Draco stood up and slipped out of the room. Less than five minutes later Draco re-entered the room with Scorpius contentedly nestled in his arms. The minute Draco entered the room everyone fell silent as they observed father and son walk over to Hermione.

"Wow, talk about a mini Malfoy." George broke the silence. "You'd never be able to pass that kid off as anyone else's would you, 'Mione?"

"No, that was one of the reason's I never told you lot where I was." Hermione said. "I knew all you would need was one look at Scor to recognise who his father was."

"I wish you had told us, Hermione." Ginny sighed, watching as Draco pulled faces at his son. "If I'd know I could have told you Malfoy wasn't married and you three could have been together all this time."

"There's no point dwelling on the past." Hermione told Ginny. "There's a lot of things we could and probably should have done different, but the important thing is we're together now and Scorpius has both his parents."

"He also has all of us." Molly declared. "Hermione is part of the family so that means her family is our family."

"Thanks Molly, I really appreciate it." Hermione smiled at the older witch.

"I wasn't just talking about Scorpius you know." Molly said, directing her words towards Draco. "If you and Hermione are serious then I expect you to be part of the family too."

"I'd be honoured." Draco told Molly. The best he had been hoping for was for the Weasley's to agree to tolerate him, he never for one minute expected to be considered part of the family. "Would you like to meet Scorpius properly?" He asked the witch.

"I'd love to." Molly beamed as Draco walked across the room with Scorpius and placed him in her arms.

After Molly had held him Scorpius travelled to Arthur's lap before the rest of the Weasley's got to know the little boy. Hermione had initially been wary of everyone's attention being on her son but it turned out Scorpius loved being the centre of attention, in fact several times when he wasn't being made a fuss over he caused a commotion until the attention was firmly back on him.

As well as getting to know Scorpius the Weasley's all made an effort to get to know Draco as well. While Hermione knew that at times it would still be awkward between Draco and the Weasley's, everyone was making an effort and she was hoping that more often than not everything would run smoothly when they all met up.

As Hermione sat watching Draco talking with George while Ginny made a fuss of Scorpius, Harry and Ron came to sit either side of her on the sofa she was now sitting on.

"It's good to have you home, Hermione." Harry said.

Hermione smiled at Harry and Ron before she turned to observe the flurry of activity in the room, sighing in contentment. "It's good to be home." She said, still smiling.

The End.

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