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This is an addition to my line of (probably most if not all unrelated) stories based on lyrics from every Default song.

"Live A Lie"

I Can't Seem To Find Out What I Feel
Burned Out Dreams Of Others Which I Can Steal

Buffy had been both down and out to a pain in the ass with this whole job fair thing they were doing at school. It just rubbed it in deeper that she'd never be just a normal girl out in the world. No, she was the chosen one. She went beyond all of that.

Yeah, lucky, lucky Buffy.

To a point, her friend's got it. Giles, again, to a point. And Angel... he did too, maybe more than they did, but no one truly knew how it felt to be her, to be The Slayer.

Take Or Leave This Way I Seem To You
It Eats Right Through You

Buffy was a little cheered up at seeing Angel in her room earlier, and with a promise of a date to go act semi-normal, have a date at the ice rink. But it would never be the same.

Ripped Up Parts Of Things I Should Do
I'll Run Around And Tell You Screaming
Oh, I Live A Lie

Then, of course, there were those who had no idea who she really was, what she did. And it made this life so much harder on her.

There were teachers, other students, her family.

Basically anyone she would ever meet, non-demony, would see her as the lie, the front, the one under the mask.

More and more often she found herself wishing she could just be that girl.

Still Don't See Much Of Me Giving In
Much Too Strong To Live Outside These Sins
Feels Like I'm Taken Lightly
Think You See Right Through Me

But that wasn't up to her to decide. This was her destiny.

Those around her would just have to go on thinking and believing what they wanted. And she would just contuing on, doing what she'd been chosen to do.

She could hide it, fake it... from most everyone. Those closest would always have a sense, but that wasn't exactly a bad thing. They knew and did their best to make things better.

That's as good as anything, right?