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Warren squinted out of the rain splattered windshield. The windshield wipers screeched as they stretched across Warren's view, no really keeping the rain off. The dark forest land to his sides smudged away in the rain. The pitter-patter of the rain echoed softly in the empty van.

It was about one year after ZZyzx, the demon prison, was opened. The society had died down slowly, but now, they were completely gone. Warren and the rest had stayed in Fablehaven, but he missed the adventure. On top of that, Seth had been driving everyone crazy. Right now the house was a little... heated. Seth and Stan were not on good terms and their bad moods were making everyone else angry. Warren had had the last straw when Seth 'accidentally' wrote Newel and Doren's name in the book to allow them in the yard. The house was an uproar. Warren had had enough and decided to take a long drive to cool off.

A pair of headlight reach the black van as a car roared by. A small, quick movement caught Warren's attention. Warren pulled to the side of the road, hoping for a distraction he needed after such a long time without anything. He quickly got a few items, a small healing potion, a sword, and a flashlight. He flicked it on and shined it around. Not six feet in front of him sat a shivering mass of a frozen body. Draped over her was a small, black, moth-eaten blanket, or more like a rag. "Are you OK?" Warren asked cautiously, resting his hand on the hilt of his sword.

A young girl, not yet fifteen turned around, and Warren gasped at the state the the girl was in. She had blood and mud smeared on her face and worked into her hair. Her face was hung down and looked full of heartbreak and sorrow. She crouched it at an odd angle, her back bending in way's it shouldn't She had on a small, rag of dress and no shoes over her scratched up and bloodied feet. She muttered a word, her voice mangled beyond recognition. Warren leaned in close to hear, "Sorry" She rasped, pulling out a broken piece of glass, already stained with the blood of the girl's crimson-stained hands. Warren backed away from the girl. He didn't want to hurt her, but she looked pretty determined. She took a small step toward Warren, ready to strike, but stumbled, her led badly twisted. She attempted to stand up, scrambling wit her torn hands until exhaustion took her over and she passed out. Warren quickly tied her up, just in case, and gently place the broken girl in the back of his car.

Warren took off to Fablehaven. He tilted his mirror so he could check on the girl. She was practically invisible. All that showed was the black cloth over her mouth and her eyes. They store unblinkingly at Warren, staring right through him. Warren closed his eyes and shook his head. But all he saw was those eyes, one green and one violet, piercing their way into Warren's nightmares.

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