I know what you're all thinking..."jeez, this is some depressing stuff...I'm not sure how I feel about this thing anymore"...well, don't get too discouraged...the HUMOR is back in the hizzouse! I don't know why I did that...-_-

This story will be particularly humorous because it's a collaboration with my rad awesome friend AizenLover529! She's so hilarious! I know you'll all enjoy the next installment:)

Title: Boys Will Be Boys
Song: Time to Dance by Panic! at the Disco
Genre: Romance/Humor
POV: third person

Give me envy, give me malice

Give me your attention

Give me envy, give me malice

Baby, gimme a break...

Grimmjow stared down at the shorter boy with contempt in his blue eyes. Who the hell did this kid think he was with that obnoxious fucking hair? The little bastard had no right to come up to him like he owned everything. Like seriously. Who the hell was this kid anyway?

"Listen kid, I don't know who you are but that guy over there is not interested in someone like you. He wants someone as hot as me." he told the orange haired kid. This argument started all because they both just so happen to see the same guy walking in their direction. The kid commented something about him going to go talk to him and well things got out of hand.

The whole argument was centered around Renji Abarai, the school's resident hottie and star quarterback. He was tall, tanned, and gorgeous with magnificent tribal tattoos that he acquired from his uncle who was a tattoo artist. His eyes were a splendid shade of auburn and his hair fire engine red, making him stand out even if he didn't want to. He did want to stand out, though, and he always did. It was no secret that Renji swung both ways. He wanted attention, and he got it from both sexes wherever he went. Grimmjow was convinced that only somebody on Renji's level could be with him. This obnoxious little shitstain had other ideas though.

"Look, my name is not kid! Hell, I'm older than you. So you might want to check your tone, ass breath." The kid just stared at Grimmjow. Grimmjow stared back; the kid must have thought he would back down. Well, he had another thing coming.

"I really don't think you know who I am." The shorter boy gave him an indifferent look as he explained himself. "I'm Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez. The sexiest motherfucker to ever walk this earth." he said, with a smug smile.

"I'm Ichigo Kurosaki. The guy who doesn't give two fucks about who you are. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go talk to that sexy piece of meat right over there." He said to Grimmjow. The boy known as Ichigo turned and walked in the opposite direction they were facing to go talk to Renji. Grimmjow just wasn't having that shit. He grabbed the boy's shoulder and pulled him back a few feet.

"You mind not touching me? I already don't like the fact that you breathe my air so please keep your hands to yourself, you creep." Grimmjow was two seconds from wiping the smug look off of his face.

"Kurosaki. You're makin' a death wish, and I can and will grant it for free."

Ichigo deadpanned and turned right back around, heading in Renji's direction. The redhead was laughing with two of his other friends, completely oblivious to the fight that had almost broken out because of him. Grimmjow watched as the orange-haired nuisance sauntered up to the quarterback with enough confidence to make Kanye West look insecure.

"Excuse me, but I don't think we've met. I'm Ichigo Kurosaki, and you are?" Renji turned around and smiled down at Ichigo.

"I don't believe we've met either, cutie. I'd certainly remember someone as hot as you. I'm..." Before Renji could even tell Ichigo his name, the orange head was being tackled to the ground by the blue haired idiot from earlier. Renji seemed taken aback by the action but made no means to stop it.

"Didn't I tell you he wouldn't be interested in someone like you Kurosaki." Grimmjow said to Ichigo as he pinned him to the ground. Ichigo pulled his leg up from up under the larger male and kicked him off of himself as he sat on top of Grimmjow.

"And I said to mind your own damn business, you ass licker. He was just about to talk to me about how hot I am! You are such an idiot!" Grimmjow laughed a little at Ichigo's outburst before turning towards Renji, who immediately took a step back.

"Grimmjow, what's all this about?" he asked, shifting his gaze to the still fuming Ichigo.

"This persnickety little shit was trying to creep on my territory and I'm going to teach him to think better of it." Renji's eyes danced in his head before he let out a sigh.

"God, Grimmjow, what are you, a cat? I'm not your fucking territory." He turned back towards Ichigo and extended his hand. "I'm Renji Abarai. Are you new here?"

Ichigo smirked and stuck his tongue out at Grimmjow before shaking the redhead's hand.

"Yes, I am new. Would you mind showing me around later? I got pretty lost earlier." the boy said. Renji gave a dazzling smile before nodding.

"Sure, no problem. I can show you around right now." He directed his attention back at the intensely vexed bluenette. He laid a hand on his shoulder. "Chillax, Grimm. I'll see you at practice, alright?" Grimmjow mumbled a good bye to Renji as he ran back to the group of friends he was talking to earlier.

"Don't think you're hot shit just because he said he'd show you around." Ichigo smiled at Grimmjow and chuckled lowly.

"You mind if I have some?" Grimmjow raised a perfect blue brow.

"Some of what dumbass?"

"Some of that haterade you're sippin' on!" Ichigo laughed hysterically as he walked away to join Renji, leaving Grimmjow to stand in shock.

"The fuck just happened?" he said to himself.

Grimmjow sighed before leaning against his locker. He hated that piece of shit, Kurosaki, he really did. He waited for Renji after school so they could go to practice as usual but he was freakin' late, because of that stupid orange haired brat. He's not helpless, he can find his way around the school just fine. He just needed an excuse to talk to Renji. The little chickenshit.

"Why the long face, Grimm-kitty?" a disgustingly annoying voice asked. Grimmjow turned his head to see none other than the newfound bane of his fucking existence standing with a snickering Renji.

"Grimm-kitty? Rich, man, rich."

"Oh Kurosaki, what a pleasant surprise. Not..." Renji made a face at Grimmjow before shaking his head.

"Oh come on Grimmjow, he's not that bad. You're just pissy because you don't know how to share."

"Why the hell should I learn to share? Fuck sharing. Sharing is for pussies. And I for one, ain't a pussy." Ichigo began to laugh.

"Could've fooled me."

"The fuck did you just say?" Renji stepped in between the two boys before Grimmjow could attack Ichigo. Ichigo wasn't the least bit worried about Grimmjow. He could handle himself no problem, however he didn't want to make a bad impression on the red head.

"Come on now, play nice, Grimm. We better get goin', anyway. Coach will have our asses if we don't hurry up and get to the field. Later, Ichigo." Grimmjow nodded his head at Renji before the buff red head ran off.

"Umm, dat ass..." Ichigo said, lowly. Grimmjow glanced at the obnoxious boy standing next to him. That Kurosaki was like a piece of gum stuck to the bottom of a shoe, fucking annoying. "Don't stare too hard, darling. You might catch some feelings." Ichigo snickered as he walked off. Grimmjow glared at his retreating form before heading towards the exit.

Once outside, the bluenette groaned when he saw that Ichigo had decided to stay to watch their practice. He rolled his eyes. Fucking beautiful. Grimmjow just walked onto the field, deciding it would be better if he didn't pay any attention to the annoying boy sitting on the bench.

"Alright, fuck-nuggets! Since our fearless leader and his lackey have decided to finally show their asses, let's start." Coach Zaraki yelled. Renji hopped in the middle of the huddle and began to yell, like he did before every game and practice.

"Alright guys, we got a game against the Soul Reapers in less than a week. We gotta work hard and improve our team work even more. The more effort you put in, the more I'll put in. Now let's get out here and have a good ass practice!" Renji said as he held the football high in the air. The men around him cheered and made their way to the middle of the field to start the play. Renji looked up and waved at Byakuya, who was watching from behind the oblivious Ichigo on the bench. Of course Byakuya didn't wave back but at least he saw the red head.

Grimmjow saw how eagerly Renji waved at the older male but didn't pay much mind to it. He made his way to the end of the line so when Renji got the ball he would run it towards the end zone. He was the wide receiver after all.

He watched as the redhead called the play, just as he always did. Once it was time for him to run it, he looked up just in time to see Ichigo grinning like a fucking moron. The fuck is this shit? Then he saw Renji showing off in the end zone. "Hey, monkey face! Quit showing off and throw the goddamned ball!"

Renji laughed and looked over to the sidelines again. He looked disenchanted for a second, and then he returned to normal and threw the ball forcefully in Grimmjow's direction. The bluenette caught it effortlessly. Once he ran it, he returned to Renji's end of the field, where the redhead was staring wistfully at the sidelines.

"Jesus, Renji, is the Kurosaki kid distracting you, because I can get rid of him." he said. Renji chuckled humorlessly before punching Grimmjow's arm playfully.

"Don't worry about things you're too stupid to understand, Grimm-kitty." Grimmjow rolled his bright blue eyes and jogged back to his starting position. Renji, however, took forever to get back to where he was. Grimmjow sighed before glaring at him. "Any day now would be great." Renji gave him the finger and called in another huddle.

"Okay the play was good. We need to keep our muscles loose so let's do a couple laps and then we'll do line drills. If you need water, get some. If not start your laps." Renji said as he walked towards the side lines where the water bucket was. Ichigo looked up from his phone where he'd been playing Candy Crush to see Renji coming his way.

"Hey, I saw your little end zone dance. It was cute." Ichigo said. Renji smiled up at the boy.

"Yeah, apparently Grimm-kitty didn't like it." They laughed as Grimmjow made his way towards them.

"You mind not telling the world about that nickname, thanks." Renji rolled his eyes slightly but he complied. Renji was about to turn around to go towards the track that surrounded the football field but stopped as he looked back at Ichigo.

"Hey, you wanna get something to eat after this? I mean if you're not busy?" Ichigo looked at Grimmjow and grinned.

"I'd like that but I think you better go run your laps or something. Your coach looks like he's about to explode." Renji turned to face his coach and shrieked and ran off once he saw Zaraki coming his way. Grimmjow still remained in his spot taking slow sips of his water.

"I don't know what Renji sees in you Kurosaki."

"Geez touch-y. A little green with envy Grimm? You know, jealousy is the ugliest trait, Kitty." Grimmjow glared at Kurosaki from his spot on the ground and threw his cup of water on the ground. Ichigo smirked at the action.

"Ooh I'm shaking. You think I'm supposed to be scared just because you threw down a cup of water? Ha! Big deal."

"No you should be scared because I'm two seconds away from detaching your head from your shoulders." Grimmjow said as he walked on the track and started running. Grimmjow rushed past people quickly, even with his heavy football equipment on. Renji took notice to this and made it his personal job to catch up to the blue haired running machine.

"Any particular reason you're running like you're competing in the Olympics?" Renji asked.

"Cause you asked that safety cone on a date. That kid sucks gorilla nuts and you know it. Just look at him, he's a dork!" They looked towards the stands and found Ichigo playing with his drawstrings on his jacket, tying them on his face like a mustache.

"Oh come on, that's kind of funny." Renji said in Ichigo's defense.

"No it's not! The kid is just plain annoying and I wish he would just go away." Grimmjow said. Renji ran next to him in silence before he just decided to talk to him.

"Look, if it bothers you so much, why don't you just come along too?" Renji suggested. Grimmjow slowed his pace down as they reached the end of the track. He looked at Renji and replied almost immediately.

"I thought you would never ask, Renji." Grimmjow said as he let an evil grin spread across his face.

The boys decided on something laid back since Grimmjow and Renji had just finished a strenuous practice. Grimmjow sighed as he pulled up at the Dave & Busters in his sky blue Camaro. He was not looking forward to being around that little terror called Kurosaki, and it was made worse because the little mutt had to hitch a ride with Renji. The thought alone made it hard to accept. That damned Kurosaki really should know how to mind his own business.

Once they were inside, they got their table and waited for their orders to be taken. Ichigo raised his head from his menu and glanced at the table across from them. Grimmjow and Renji had been too busy to notice the dark haired male staring at him. Ichigo kicked Renji lightly under the table.

"Hey, I could be wrong but don't those guys go to our school?" Ichigo questioned quietly, trying not to add on to the attention they already had from their strange hair colors. Renji slightly looked in the direction that Ichigo was talking about and blushed a little. Renji was lucky no one noticed at his table.

"Yeah that's the soccer team. They must be celebrating their championship game." Renji said as he stared at the soccer team's dark haired captain, Byakuya Kuchiki. The older male smirked as he noticed Renji looking at him. Renji quickly turned away and faced his own table.

"I know what I'm getting!" Grimmjow said with a wide smile.

"I know who doesn't care!" Grimmjow glared at Ichigo and kicked him under the table. Ichigo yelped and kicked Grimmjow back. Renji sighed and rubbed a hand across his face.

"Guys, please don't start this here. Let's just have fun, okay?" Both boys stopped their kicking and gave one another a half assed apology. Renji smiled at the both of them and proceeded to order his food, along with the other two boys.

Once they'd ordered, they decided to play a few games. Of course Grimmjow and Ichigo couldn't get through one game without turning it into some kind of petulant competition. Renji rolled his eyes as Grimmjow nudged Ichigo as the latter tried to play Temple Run. Ichigo cursed loudly as his character was obliterated by demon monkeys.

"You spitfuck! What the hell, you made me lose!" Ichigo yelled, punching Grimmjow in the chest. Grimmjow laughed heartily as he recoiled.

"Wow, baby got back. Sorry, Ichi, didn't mean to kill you." Ichigo felt his face heat up a little. He shook his head to get rid of that shit.

"Don't butcher my name like that, you buttwrench. I'm done with this shit anyway." Ichigo walked back to the table where Renji sat staring at his phone. "Hey, snap out of it, Big Red." Renji looked up as if he was seeing Ichigo for the first time.

"Oh, sorry, Ichi. Guess I got lost there for a second. Grimmjow still being an assdick?" he asked. Ichigo rolled his eyes at the mention of the blue haired ignoramus. He sighed a little as Renji returned his attention to his phone. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all. It had been hard keeping the redhead's attention ever since the soccer team had left. Renji didn't even seem remotely interested in anything the trio had said they were going to do. It's seemed Grimmjow had noticed too. They had been there for a while, so maybe Renji didn't want to be there anymore.

"Hey you don't seem too interested in the games anymore so how about we cash in our tickets and get out of here, huh?" Grimmjow said to Renji. Renji gave a half smile and nodded his head. When they got to the line, they cashed in their tickets and picked up something they wanted. Ichigo got some candy, Grimmjow found some stuffed Panther that he thought was cute, and Renji got some sour candy and a small soccer ball. They received a bag for all of their items and made their way to the door.

They went their separate ways, Grimmjow went to his car and Renji went to his own car along with Ichigo. Grimmjow was still displeased that Kurosaki got to ride with Renji but what could he do? They had decided they'd just go and hang out at Renji's for a little while and Grimmjow would take Ichigo home since they lived close to each other.

Renji drove with Ichigo and the car ride was pleasant. The radio was on but they didn't really listen to it, it was just kind of background music as they drove. Renji looked in his rearview mirror to see if Grimmjow was still behind them, and he was. Ichigo sat quietly in the seat next to Renji's as he rummaged through the bag of stuff they had got at Dave & Buster's. Ichigo found the sour candy Renji had bought with his tickets and opened it. He squirted a few drops of the sprayable candy on his tongue and instantly cringed at the taste. It wasn't nasty or anything just...sour.

"That's what you get for opening things that aren't yours."

"God how can you eat this stuff. It's way too freakin' sour." Ichigo said as he squirted more on his tongue.

"If it's too sour then stop eating it!"

"No way! It's good." Ichigo said to Renji as he pulled in his driveway. Renji reached across the seat to grab his candy from Ichigo.

"Hey! Don't eat up all my candy. You got some too, eat that!" Renji exclaimed. Ichigo laughed as he reached over and placed a hand on Renji's lap.

"Everybody knows everything tastes better when it's not yours. Right Renji?" Ichigo said as he leaned closer to capture Renji's lips in a kiss. It didn't take long for Renji to respond. Renji grabbed the back of Ichigo's neck deepening the kiss even more and Ichigo moaned as he did so. Ichigo moved his leg over the armrest to get closer to Renji as they kissed. The car was filled with panting and groans as the two kissed. Renji ran his hands under Ichigo's shirt and Ichigo shrieked lightly at the sudden feeling. He didn't complain though. Just as the two teens pulled away from each other, Grimmjow opened the door and pulled Ichigo out.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing!?" Ichigo responded with harsh breathing as he held on to Grimmjow's shirt.

"I was kissing Renji until you pulled me out of the car, dick for brains." Renji came over to where Ichigo and Grimmjow were and pulled Ichigo from Grimmjow's grip. Renji's face was flushed and he had a noticeable bulge in his pants.

"You. Inside my house. Now!" Renji said to Ichigo as he pushed the orange haired young man against the door, kissing him sloppily while he reached in his pocket for his house keys. Once the door was open, Renji pushed Ichigo back on the couch that was stationed in the living room. Ichigo groaned loudly as Renji nipped at his neck roughly. Renji was glad that no one was home or else they would've heard Ichigo. Ichigo pulled Renji's shirt off of his toned body and attacked his neck and started to make his way down Renji's body. Ichigo made sure to trace every tribal tattoo with his tongue. Ichigo then looked up at Grimmjow who was standing next to the couch, looking at the two men with envy.

"You know Grimm..." Ichigo said as he licked Renji's abs while looking up at Grimmjow. "It doesn't just have to be me and Renji having all the fun. You're more than welcome to join the party too." Grimmjow studied Ichigo's face; his face was flushed, his eyes were glazed over, and he was letting out short pants. Even if Kurosaki was annoying as shit, he still looked hot as hell. Just as he was about to give Ichigo his answer, Renji's phone went off. Renji groaned but when he saw who it was he made no hesitation to answer it, much to Ichigo's displeasure.

"Uh hey Byakuya. Oh, what am I doing? Um nothing. Come over? Hell yeah. I'll be there in 5 minutes. Yeah, bye!" Renji hung up the phone with excitement and slid his shirt back on and turned to face the two men. "Uhh, sorry about this, guys, but...I've kind of been just leading you on. I know I was wrong for that and I'm sorry, but I've been in love with Byakuya since eighth grade. The reason I've always been so free-spirited is because I got attention from everyone except him. I guess all it took was having you two fighting over me. So...thanks, I guess."

Grimmjow and Ichigo stood looking at the redhead with "dafuq?" expressions. Renji gave a semi-apologetic look before grabbing his keys. "Lock the door when you leave!" he yelled once he'd exited the room.

Grimmjow turned towards Ichigo who looked like he was about to go apeshit. He studied the orangette thoroughly, noting the gorgeous swimmer's physique, god-like bone structure and sun-kissed skin. Not to mention that hair. When Grimmjow really looked at him, he couldn't figure out what bothered him so much about the orange-haired male. Plus, red and orange are in the same color family, right?

"Can you believe that thundercunt? Fucking leading me on? I should punch him in his mouth so hard he'll have to pull his pants down to fucking eat! That putrid little-"

Ichigo's barrage of creative cursing was cut off by Grimmjow's lips on his own. The orangette fought for a minute amount of time before he moaned into the kiss and wrapped his arms around the taller male's neck. Grimmjow's hands quickly slid from the small of Ichigo's back to his firm round backside. Ichigo bit lightly on the bluenette's lower lip, then pushed his tongue inside; it was met with absolutely no resistance. Ichigo traced a detailed pattern over Grimmjow's mouth with his tongue, not missing a single spot. Grimmjow felt like his head was going to explode; who knew the little shithead was such a goddamned good kisser? After a few more minutes, Ichigo pulled away panting. His cinnamon eyes were glazed with desire and Grimmjow reveled in the fact that he was the cause of that gaze. He smirked deviously before running his tongue along Ichigo's long neck to the base of his ear. The smaller male shivered and let out a ridiculously sexy moan.

"You're so fucking hot, Kurosaki." Grimmjow groaned, giving Ichigo's ass a squeeze. Ichigo kissed Grimmjow again roughly. He grinned once he pulled away again.

"And you know this, Grimm-kitty." he said, cheekily. "Now, how's about we leave a little present for Big Red to come home to?"

Grimmjow's smirk turned into a full-on leer as Ichigo descended to his knees in front of him. He watched as the boy slowly unbuttoned his jeans and unzipped his zipper. He hissed as Ichigo palmed his semi through the fabric of his boxers. In his opinion, the orange head was taking too damn long to get to the goods. He was about to express this fact when Ichigo suddenly reached into his boxers and fisted his now full-on erection.

"Shit!" he cursed. Ichigo snickered a bit as he began to move his hand along Grimmjow's shaft in slow, tantalizing strokes. He slowly inched the blue haired boy's boxers down until his erection was in full view. Ichigo stared at it, seemingly watching his own hand as he stroked it slowly. Grimmjow bit his lip; Kurosaki was too hot for his own fucking good. Ichigo glanced up at Grimmjow, mesmerized by the look of pure pleasure on the other boy's face. Grimmjow was fucking beautiful. Why didn't he like him before? He couldn't even remember now.

"Does it feel good, Grimm-kitty?" he asked, huskily, running his long wet tongue up the underside of Grimmjow's length. Grimmjow let out a strangled groan.

"Shit, so good Ichi..." Ichigo smirked and rubbed a circle around the head of Grimmjow's dick with his thumb before teasing the slit a little. Grimmjow almost doubled over at the intensity of the pleasure.

"You gonna cum for me, Grimm-kitty?" Ichigo teased. Grimmjow couldn't take the torture; Ichigo sped up his strokes and Grimmjow let out a string of curses. "That's it, Kitty. Cum for me."

Ichigo moved out of the way as Grimmjow shot his load right onto Renji's couch. He laughed as Grimmjow panted from the intensity of his orgasm. Boy, was Ren-Ren gonna be in for a surprise or what? He sobered from his laughing spell as Grimmjow fixed his clothes. Once the bluenette was resituated, he fixed him with a heated stare.

"Shall we move this to the homefront, gorgeous?" he asked. Ichigo smiled at Grimmjow.

"I'd thought you'd never ask." Grimmjow led Ichigo out of the door before he locked it and unlocked his car so Ichigo could get in. Grimmjow hurried down the steps to get to his car but it seemed like he couldn't get there fast enough. Once in the car, he put the keys in the car and turned it on, hearing the roar of his engine. He looked over at Ichigo who was panting heavily in the seat next to him. The kid just didn't know how sexy he was. Grimmjow was inwardly happy that he didn't live too far away from Renji at this point. Grimmjow backed out of Renji's driveway and sped off in the direction of his own home.

The drive was long and drawn out and honestly it was starting to get on Grimmjow's nerves. He had a raging hard on and on top of that Kurosaki thought it'd be a great idea to jack off in his car. It was hard trying to pay attention to the road when you had a hot piece of ass moaning next to you. Grimmjow could see Kurosaki rubbing slow circles around the tip of his dick. And the sounds the kid was making were driving him closer to the edge.

"Grimm, can't you go any faster? I really want you to fuck me..." And that was all it took for Grimmjow's patience to shatter into a million pieces. Grimmjow pulled over on the side of the road and unbuckled his seatbelt and did the same to Ichigo. Ichigo seemed confused at first but he eventually caught on to what they were about to do. Grimmjow practically threw Ichigo in the back seat as he took off his shirt.

"I'm gonna fuck you so hard you'll forget your own name." Grimmjow said dangerously. Ichigo knew he should be worried but something inside of him really didn't care. Grimmjow pulled himself towards Ichigo and sat with his back against the glass. Ichigo made himself comfortable on Grimmjow's lap. Ichigo grinded his hips into Grimmjow's and smirked when a groan released from Grimmjow's lips.

"Take these off. Now, Kurosaki." Grimmjow growled as he tugged on Ichigo's jeans. Ichigo did as he was told and only remained in his boxers. Grimmjow did the same and pulled off the rest of Ichigo's clothes as well. Ichigo shivered slightly at the chill from being completely naked but that could easily be overlooked right then.

"You got any lube or something? Cos' you are so not taking me dry." Ichigo told him as he moaned out as Grimmjow shifted a little. Grimmjow reached in the pocket of his front seat and retrieved a small bottle of lube.

"Grimmjow is always prepared." He popped open the cap and poured a generous amount on his finger tips and circled around Ichigo's entrance.

"Quit referring to yourself in the third person and just get on with it." Without further hesitation Grimmjow plunged two fingers inside of Ichigo.

"Holy fuck Grimm!" Ichigo screamed as Grimmjow's fingers enter him. Grimmjow thrusted his fingers in and out of Ichigo. And by the sounds the orange haired man was making, he was doing a pretty good job.

"Ha ha fuck, FUCK! There asshole!" Grimmjow smirked at Ichigo's reaction and decided to tease him further.

"I'm sorry I couldn't hear you. You gotta speak louder, Kurosaki."

"Grimm, t-this isn't fun-funny. Just get on with it. Ahh, please?" Ichigo begged. Grimmjow stopped his teasing and poured lube on his dick and lined it up with Ichigo's entrance.

"You ready?" Ichigo simply nodded his head. Grimmjow then slammed Ichigo down on his cock with force and repeated the action. When Grimmjow studied Ichigo's face he couldn't help but feel a little smug about it; he was the one causing the boy to make such a face. Grimmjow thrusted faster into Ichigo.

"Shit, you're so tight Kurosaki."

"Ahn, ah ahh. Harder!" The boy moaned. If it was harder the boy wanted, it was harder he was gonna get. Grimmjow switched their position so that Ichigo was leaning over the middle arm rest and Grimmjow was directly behind him. Grimmjow pulled out all the way and gave a mighty thrust. Grimmjow was having a hard time controlling himself; it had been a while since he had a fuck as good as Ichigo.

"Fuck Grimm. So good. It's so good!" Ichigo continued to scream. Grimmjow could feel Ichigo's insides twitching. Ichigo was probably close to cumming then. Grimmjow wouldn't last much longer either with the way things were going. Grimmjow reached around to stroke Ichigo's erection in time with his thrusts.

"Can't Grimmjow. I-Fuck, fuck. Grimmjow!" Ichigo screamed as he climaxed in Grimmjow's hand. It didn't take Grimmjow much longer as Ichigo's insides squeezed him dry of everything he had. He came with a roar and did a few more thrusts before completely pulling out of Ichigo. They lay there panting and Grimmjow leaned back across the back seat, completely drained after their sexual activities. Ichigo was the first to speak up.

"Fuck, that was good. Really good."

"Damn right. I know I don't disappoint." Ichigo looked back at Grimmjow and snorted.

"I'm starting to remember why we didn't get along earlier, you cocky bastard."

"How am I to blame? You're the one who's annoying as fuck."

"Oh whatever, just drive me home buttmunch."

"Nope, too tired to drive." Grimmjow mumbled with sleep lacing his voice. Ichigo punched him.

"C'mon, asshole, I want to take a shower. You think I like having your fucking jizz in my anus?" he yelled. Grimmjow groaned.

"Fine, we'll go to my place and have a nice, long shower." Ichigo seemed to ponder this suggestion before he responded.

"Alright, cool. I have to show you that your ass is mine now." he said with a lecherous grin. Grimmjow scoffed at this.

"I believe I'm the one who Christopher Columbus'ed that ass, my good man."

"Exactly right. You certainly didn't discover anything new over here."

Grimmjow laughed at the boy's smug comment. Yeah, Kurosaki wasn't so bad after all.

There you have it...a rad awesome story written by rad awesome friends...a thousand and one thank you's go to AizenLover529 for agreeing to write this with me...I had the most fun ever collaborating with her:) Thanks for reading...until next time ^_^