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The New Girl.

They were all thinking the same thing. Who was the woman in Hetty's office? She was there when Eric and Nell came in this morning, an hour before Callen or Sam.

When Kensi and Deeks walked in together that morning, bickering about God knows what, she was still there. In Hetty's office.

The all-too familiar whistle interrupted the teams' conversation, and the team made their way up to ops.

Halfway through the briefing, the doors to ops slid open, and in walked Hetty, with the mystery woman in tow.

"Please, continue, Mr. Beale, Ms. Jones." Hetty said, breaking the silence.

As Nell continued the briefing on the new case, about the murder of a Naval Intelligence Analyst in Malibu, Callen could not take his eyes of the mystery woman, who stood before him.

She was striking, to say the least. Her hair was the colour of dark chocolate, almost black, and it fell down to the middle of her back.

Her dark hair was a brilliant contrast with her alabaster skin, which showed from beneath her bright-red blazer.

After Nell and Eric concluded the briefing, Hetty spoke.

"Before anyone goes anywhere, I would like you all to meet Dr. Ava-Joy Connors, the newest addition to your team."

As everyone shook hands and exchanged pleasantries, Callen wondered why Hetty had failed to inform him about a new addition to his team.

" Ms. Connors will be assigned to this team indefinitely. I hope you all will make her feel welcome. She will be partnered with Mr. Getz, upon his return from the CIA in a few days."

Kensi spoke up next. " Does this mean Nate's coming back?"

"Yes, Ms. Blye. Mr. Getz is returning to NCIS as a field agent." answered Hetty.

"Awesome." Deeks said.

"Until the return of Mr. Getz, Ms. Connors will be going into the field with Mr. Hanna and Mr. Callen." Hetty said, looking disapprovingly at Deeks. " I trust you will treat her well." Hetty continued as she turned to the two senior agents.

Sam nodded while Callen remained still, eyeing Hetty.

"Now go! You have a case to solve!"

As the team filed out of the ops centre, Callen turned to Hetty. " Hetty. A word?" She nodded.

When they arrived in her office, she sat down, while he remained standing.

"Why wasn't I informed?" asked Callen.

She sighed. "I knew she was coming, and last week, I was informed that Mr. Getz will be returning next week. It seemed like the perfect time to bring in a new addition to the team"

"Resources are spread thin already, Mr. Callen. A new person, along with Mr. Getz, will be of great use to your team."

"But, why wasn't I informed?" he repeated.

"I wasn't aware she was starting today. Assistant Director Granger sent her in a week early, for unknown reasons" she shook her head."Mr. Callen, she is among the most intelligent and capable people currently employed by NCIS. You need to accept her as part of your team."

"I never said I wouldn't." and with that, he left.

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