In the year 100,000,000 A.D. on the Time Squad satellite Larry 3000 wore a pink, frilly apron and put a plate with a sandwich and a plate with a turkey on a table in the dining room.

"Tuddrussel! Otto!" Said Larry. "Dinner!"

Tuddrussel and Otto entered the dining room.

"All right." Said Tuddrussel. "I've been hankering for a meal."

"Thanks Larry." Said Otto.

"Your welcome Otto." Replied Larry. "At least you are polite unlike Tuddrussel."

"Enough talking!" Said Tuddrussel." "It's time to eat!"

Tuddrussel, Larry, and Otto sat down.

"Oh boy." Said Otto. "A beef, lettuce, and mayonnaise sandwich."

Otto took a bite out of the sandwich.

Tuddrussel didn't say a word and proceeded to take bites out of the turkey. After eating ten percent of the turkey Tuddrussel stopped.

"There's not enough gravy Larry." Said Tuddrussel.

"I put in enough gravy." Replied Larry angrily.

"Well you didn't."

Larry and Tuddrussel sat up and angrily glared at each other and Otto looked worried.

"Calm done guys," said Otto, "I'm sure..."

"You never appreciate me!" Larry yelled at Tuddrussel. "All you do is take from me and never give any thanks!"

"Maybe I'd thank you if you were actually good at cooking!" Tuddrussel yelled at Larry.

"Stop this pointless fighting." Said Otto.

"Quiet Otto!" Said Tuddrussel and Larry.

Otto began to cry.

"I'm sorry Otto," said Larry remorsefully, "We didn't mean to make you cry."

"Don't worry Otto," said Tuddrussel, "We won't fight again."

"Thanks Tuddrussel and Larry." Said Otto happily. "Now we can keep eating.

The siren for a new mission went on.

At the computer an image of Phineas and Ferb sitting under their tree appeared on the main screen along with 20XX and the words "Phineas and Ferb Flynn-Fletcher".

"It's Phineas and Ferb," Larry said in amazement, "Also, it appears the screen is glitching, the last two numbers are appearing as Xs, and the location does not appear either."

Larry, Otto, and Tuddrussel stood silent for a few seconds.

"Well?" Tuddrussel said to Otto.

"What?" Otto asked confusingly.

"Now's the time you tell us all the boring history junk."

"I don't know who those two kids are. I come from the twentieth century while those two kids are from the twenty-first century. I have no idea who they are or how they affected history."

"Then how are we supposed to do the mission if we don't know who those kids are?"

"Those two kids are Phineas and Ferb Flynn-Fletcher you twit." Larry said to Tuddrussel. "They are two of the greatest inventors of the twenty-first century. The technology they invented formed the basis of today's utopia."

"I would have figured it out on my own." Said Tuddrussel.

"It sounds like Phineas and Ferb are major historical figures." Said Otto. "If we don't act soon then the future will cease to exist."

"Let's get moving then." Said Tuddrussel.

The trio walked onto the teleportation system and Larry typed the coordinates in. The three then disappeared in a ball of lightning into the past.