Phineas, Ferb, Candace, Otto, Baljeet, Buford, and Isabella watched as Edger Allen Poe, Abraham Lincoln, William Howard Taft, Robin Hood, and Julius Caesar beat up Tuddrussel and Larry.

"I was pretty sure I would convince them not to beat up Tuddrussel and Larry." Said Isabella while Larry and Tuddrussel making exclamations of pain.

"I knew Lincoln, Robin Hood, and Julius Caesar were tough, but who knew Taft and Poe could be such tough fighters?" Said Buford.

"I do not understand how Larry can feel pain since he is a robot." Said Baljeet.

"Words cannot describe what's happening right now." Said Candace.

"We have to stop the historical figures from attacking Larry and Tuddrussel." Said Phineas.

"Stop!" Otto said to the historical figures. "I understand why you don't like Time Squad but you are all remembered in history."

The five stopped beating up Tuddrussel and Larry. Tuddrussel and Larry moaned from the beating they were given.

"What are you talking about Otto?" Asked Lincoln. "Some of my choices in office were controversial."

"I am an outlaw in my time." Said Robin Hood.

"As president I have never done anything that seemed to have lasting importance." Said Taft.

"My works never sold well." Said Edger Allen Poe.

"I'm pretty sure I won't be remembered in history." Said Julius Caesar.

"That's not true." Said Otto.

"Otto's right." Said Phineas. "Abraham Lincoln is remembered as one of America's greatest presidents."

"The works of Edger Allen Poe are well known in modern times." Said Baljeet.

"People remember Robin Hood as a hero who helped people." Said Isabella.

"The Roman Empire is remembered as one of history's greatest empires." Said Candace.

"Everybody knows how William Howard Taft got stuck in a bathtub." Said Buford.

"While you may not be well known in your time you're legacy is known throughout the world." Said Ferb.

"Who knew my works would be so well known." Said Edger Allen Poe.

"I like the sound of being the founder of one of history's greatest empires." Said Napoleon.

"Being remembered as a hero sounds good to me." Said Robin Hood.

"At least I'm remembered for something." Said Taft.

"You young people have convince us." Said Lincoln. "We understand what Time Squad had to do. Also, we already had our revenge."

The five historical figures walked onto the machine and Ferb typed in the coordinates to send them back.

"I'm going to have sweet dreams after teaching Tuddrussel and Larry a lesson." Said Lincoln.

"Actually you won't remember any of this." Said Buford.

"What?!" Said the five historical figures in shock.

Before they could react a ball of electricity appeared and were sent back to their time periods.

At Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc. Perry was fighting a losing battle. Attila the Hun, Al Capone, Blackbeard, Ivan the Terrible, and Todd Washington Carver surrounded him in a circular formation.

"After we defeat you we will take our revenge on the Tri-State Areas as well." Attila said to Perry.

"Nothing can save you or the Tri-State Area now Perry the Platypus!" Said Doofenshmirtz.

A ball of lighting appeared out of nowhere and two figures emerged.

Before anyone could react one of the visitors leapt and tasered the villains, except Doofenshmirtz, before they could react, knocking them out.

"Who are you and what did you do to my historical villains." Doofenshmirtz asked angrily.

"I am Sheila Sternwell of Time Squad and this is my partner XJ5." Said Sheila.

"Greetings platypus and pharmacist." Said XJ5.

"Who's Time Squad?" Asked Doofenshmirtz while looking confused, as well as Perry.

"An organization from the year 100,000,000 A.D. that ensures history stays on track." Said XJ5.

"We have detected five figures have been pulled from the past before they could be corrected." Said Sheila. "I see the figures but where is the time machine?"

Perry pointed in the direction of the time machine.

"Thank you civilian." Sheila said to Perry. "XJ5 destroy the machine."

"On it." Said XJ5

Sheila put the villains into a pile while XJ5 used his robot strength to crush the time machine into a sphere.

"What are you doing?!" Doofenshmirtz said angrily. "I worked hard on that machine and you won't believe how hard it was to get that police box."

"You should appreciate that those you brought to the future lost their memories due to the tazer." Sheila said to Doofeshmirtz. "You are lucky that your plans being failed is the only punishment. XJ5 bring us back."

"Yes mam." Said XJ5

XJ5's wrist opened up revealing a keyboard. He pressed the keyboard and he, Sheila, and the villains were teleported back to the future.

"Come on!" Doofenshmirtz said angrily. "What just happened seems like something out of a story where the writer doesn't know how to end a plot and had to use a deus ex machina to fix everything!"

Perry leapt off the balcony and his parachute opened up and floated down.

"Curse you Perry the Platypus and Time Squad!' Yelled Doofenshmirtz.

At the Flynn-Fletcher Household Tuddrussel and Larry recovered from the battle with the historical figures.

"Thanks kids," Tuddrussel said to Phineas and his friends, "You and Otto saved me and Larry. If I had the authority I would make you honorary member of Time Squad."

"Which would mean breaking another regulation." Said Larry in a deadpan tone.

"No problem guys," said Phineas, "Thanks to Time Squad Ferb and I will keep on inventing."

"That's great," said Otto, "That means our mission has been a success."

"I still think the history divergences mentioned earlier do not make any sense." Said Baljeet.

"I thought they were pretty cool." Said Buford. "If they were shown on a TV show people wouldn't have mind as long as it was entertaining."

"What are you going to do now?" Isabella asked Time Squad.

"I guess were going to leave soon." Said Otto.

Linda's car drove onto the driveway.

"Mom's here!" Candace said happily. "Even if Time Squad and the time machine were to disappear the scorch mark on the grass will still be there."

Candace ran to the driveway.

"Is she always like this?" Asked Otto.

"Pretty much every day." Said Ferb.

"Candace's enthusiasm reminds me of Tuddrussel's trigger happy nature." Said Larry.

"Candace's enthusiasm reminds me of Larry's obsession with cleaning." Said Tuddrussel.

"Mom! Mom!" Candace said to Linda as she got out of the card. "Phineas and Ferb have built a time machine in the backyard, and there's a police officer, robot, and kid from the future, and there's a scorch mark on the lawn!"

"That's one of you craziest stories yet Candace." Said Linda.

"Come on!"

Candace ran toward the backyard while Linda walked slowly.

In the backyard a ball of lightning appeared and out of it came Sheila and XJ5.

"Hello Tuddrussel." Said Sheila.

"Hi Sheila," said Tuddrussel in a worried tone, "Just want to say I didn't gives some kids access to Time Squad technology.

"Scorch mark and time machine has been detected." Said XJ5.

XJ5's hand turned into a nozzle and sprayed a liquid on the scorched grass. The grass became green again. He then crushed the time machine into a sphere.

"Who's that?" Asked Phineas.

"That's Tuddrussel's ex-wife Sheila and her robot partner XJ5." Said Otto. "They're another unit of Time Squad."

"Who knew a guy like Tuddrussel was married to such a good looking lady." Said Buford.

"Excuse me XJ5," asked Isabella, "Can I see my family tree?"

"The information is classified." Said XJ5.

Sheila looked around.

"I heard there was an illegal time machine that used Time Squad technology but there is no functioning time machine here." Said Sheila.

"Phew!" Said Tuddrussel.

Sheila handed Larry a computer chip.

"Ooohhh!" Said Larry. "It is the new microchip the prevents scorch marks from being appeared while traveling to the past!"

Larry inserted the computer chip into his wrist.

"That is not how upgrades work." Said Baljeet.

"Keep taking care of Otto, Tuddrussel and Larry." Said Sheila.

XJ5 opened up his arm and he, Sheila, and the metal sphere teleported back to the future.

"Time to go!" Said Larry. "My soap opera is coming on soon."

"Bye guys it was nice meeting you." Said Otto.

"It was nice to meet you too Otto." Said Phineas.

"Can't wait to eat some turkey when I get back." Said Tuddrussel.

Larry opened up his wrist and typed the coordinates in. Larry, Otto, and Tuddrussel were teleported back into the future.

"See mom," said Candace, "here's the scorch mark."

"Once again your imagination has gone wild." Said Linda.

Candace saw the lack of evidence.

"You got to be kidding me!" Said Candace.

Perry walked toward Phineas in his mindless pet mode and made a chirping noise.

"There you are Perry." Said Phineas.

"What have you done today?" Linda asked Phineas

"Ferb and I were planning on becoming accountants but decided not to." Replied Phineas.

"Good for you." Said Linda. "Now lets have some snacks."

"Might as well." Said Candace.

Linda, Candace, Phineas, Ferb, Perry, Isabella, Buford, and Baljeet walked toward the house.

"It's weird how you two never finished the argument about gravy." Isabella said to Buford and Baljeet.

"Now that you mention it that is kind of strange." Said Baljeet.

"Sometimes you just forget stuff." Said Buford.

"Do you think we'll ever see Time Squad again, Ferb?" Asked Phineas.

"Since history does get unstable there is a likely chance." Said Ferb. "Or in other words only time will tell.